Who made this?

@djshiow & @isnav

I have feedback …

Send it to

What do you do with my email ID?

  1. We verify every email before someone can use the service, so no one else can spam you.
  2. We don’t use your email for any “promotional emails” or any kind of spam. Ever. We don’t pass it to anyone else.

Can anyone else access the links I've shared?

We use a third party email service called Mandrill by the people who built Mailchimp. As such, we are bound to their Privacy Policy.

Also the service keeps a log of the mails sent for 30 days — we've reached out to them to ask to reduce this log to a few hours (so we have some info for troubleshooting). This is not the ideal scenario and we're trying to figure out a way to obscure this information completely from ourselves. We wouldn't want to give access to anyone about the links we share, we don't want to have access to the links that you share either.

When we are able to update this, we will update this page.

I want to remove my email from the service…

We are adding a way to do this from the app. In the meantime, just send us an email to from the ID you want to remove and we will remove it for you.

What's the font used in the app?

The nice font we're using is called "Titillium". It can be found on Google Fonts here.