How Can I Get My Email Address Off Spam Lists?

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The problem of spam emails clogging up inboxes is something we have all faced. The spammers are always coming up with new solutions and finding a loop hole to bypass all sorts of spam filters. The legitimate businesses are quick to block any email ID they perceive to be spam. This can lead a big loss in lead generation and marketing. The companies that maintain spam id’s follow strict protocols and it is very difficult to get off spam lists once you’re on it. But even though the process is difficult, it is not impossible. This article will discuss all the aspects of spam emails and how to get your address off a spam list.

Understanding How Email Blacklisting Works?

A blacklist system in a real-time scenario works to list out and identify IP address and domains that have a history of sending across spams. They are used extensively by various organizations such as internet service providers (ISP’s), anti spam vendors and free mailbox providers to prevent incoming spam into your system. Any individual or a ESP can find their IP addresses or domains on multiple blacklists. The blacklisting depends heavily upon the type of emails you have sent in the past.

While your carefully crafted email getting rejected may seem to be really annoying. That too when the mails get rejected even before it reaches your subscribers. But in reality, blacklisting is actually very helpful. A recent study has pointed out that close to 5% of email which are exchanged daily are categorized in the spam section. Therefore spam filter is important for consumers in order to avoid their inboxes getting filled up with these notorious mails. Major internet service providers have their in house system to detect and filter any spam mail. There are several companies who also maintain systems which detect spam mails.

How The Process Of Blacklisting Works?

While the idea of your IP address making it onto a blacklist category could seem rather very arbitrary or technical, the truth is it is neither of it. All it takes are a high count of spam related complaints and couple of bad email listing for the IP address be categorized into the blacklist zone. Here we present some such instances that may lead to your email getting blacklisted.

  • Excessive Spam related complaints – When the consumers who receive your email often report your email to the spam category. The internet service providers would go on to perceive post such complaints that your email content is wrong or vulgar. Even if the lists are clean and opted for. If spam reports exceed beyond a count, your email would be considered a potential spam account. As the number of complaints increase, so does the likelihood of your IP to be put on blacklist.
  • A host of bad list and addresses – If email are getting bounced at regular intervals, it is a signal that the email is sent to non-opted address. These addresses are therefore placed in the blacklist. Some of the blacklist service providers also use a spam trap. The spam traps are email addresses which do not belong to anyone but are publicly available. A spam trap accounts receiving emails from non-opted emails often result in the sender being categorized as a blacklist and spammer. The spam trap email ids are typically old addresses from earlier sets.
  • A sudden surge in the size of the lists – An organic email branding and marketing list tend to grow eventually over a period of time. As new leads of customers are received or new sign ups are made to receive emails. If there is a sudden increase in size of email list. When a list grows beyond a possible level in a very short span of time, the ISPs and also the email services groups will perceive it as a suspect of a purchased list.

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How To Get You Email Off A Spam List?

Let us discuss the whereas ways in which we can get our email addresses off blacklists.

First Step

Determining as to the legitimacy of the company that had sent you the alleged spam email. Question the authenticity of the mail. It is easy to recognize the details and names of completely legitimate businesses. Such businesses are expected to have an online presence or a brick-and-mortar premise for their business. The chances of you already knowing about it would be high as well. It you do not recognize any of the names of dubious and questionable businesses, chances are they are sketchy. Such businesses would often sell dubious items like male enhancement products, prescription drugs, fake designer products, and get-rich-quick schemes.

Second Step

Black list and unsubscribe off any such spammer email addresses. This is an obvious step to avoid receiving any such spam emails in the future. By unsubscribing you automatically avoid any auto generated emails from cluttering up you inbox. There are various blacklisting databases available whereby you can see the information about such spam emails ad ensure against receiving emails from such id’s.

Third Step

Ensure that you adequately report any such spam mails from known or reputable companies. Let their internet service provider know the above email id had been used to send spam emails. Experts also suggest that such spam emails come with the unsubscribe button which must not pressed as well. This is a signal to the spammer that your email id is active and it may lead to more such emails in the future. The unsubscribe buttons from such dubious spammers may also redirect to a malware induced website. The best option is to report so that the internet service providers can eventually choose to block the email address.

Fourth Step

Protecting your email address to avoid getting blacklisted or on a spam list. There are several antivirus and anti-malware software available which protect email addresses against the onslaught of potential spammers. Make separate email addresses for separate activities.

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