How Can You Send Large Videos Through Email?

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It is always a challenge to send across large files, especially large videos in a secure and fast manner. Sometimes the task of sending large videos across an email can be next to impossible for a lot of people. However, sending such files is easy to figure out. As more companies are going online and adopting digitization, it becomes important to know how to send videos through email quickly.

Mainstream email providers always have a 25 MB size limit for all files which you want to attach on mail. As a result, any video made on a smartphone would naturally exceed this limit. If you are a video editor who has used expensive professional equipment, it is difficult to send such videos on mail.

Although it seems impossible, there are several ways through which you can send large video files. Some mainstream and popular ways to share videos through mail include:

Creation of a ZIP file and sending it

There exists a quick solution to this problem. You still have an option of creating a ZIP file of your video if the file exceeds the limit of 25 MB.

Many people are unaware as to what a ZIP file is- it is the compressed/short version of the actual file. All you have to do is create a ZIP file of the video you recorded and send it to the concerned person. The receiver of your mail can then open the ZIP file which will restore your file to its original size.

A lot of third party options are available for this and macOS and Windows also provide this feature of unzipping and zipping files.

The creation of ZIP file is easy. On window, create a ZIP file and them find the file you want to compress to send across email. All you have to do is right click on it then select the option of sending it to the compressed zipped folder.

On macOS, you have to create the ZIP file and then again right click on it. After that, you select the compressed items options from the context menu.

Again it is possible that even the compressed ZIP file would exceed the maximum 25 MB limit. This is more likely to happen if the file is high resolution and a long video. In that case, you can’t send the video via mail through ZIP and will have to use other options.

How to send videos through email with the use of cloud

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Nowadays, some free-form of cloud storage is provided by mainstream email service providers. This cloud storage comes in handy when you want to send large videos exceeding the maximum limit.

If your video file is too big, Gmail and Outlook will automatically give you the option to upload your file to their own clouds. After that, you have to attach the file in the cloud onto your mail and send it to the concerned person.

All the recipient of the video has to do is download your video file directly from the cloud. There is also another option where the recipient doesn’t have to download the file onto their device- they can simply watch the video in the cloud.

How to send videos through email using Yahoo mail

The maximum limit for yahoo mail is again sizes up to 25 MB. If the video is smaller than the max limit, all you have to do is attach it to an email message. If the video exceeds the max limit, all you have to do is add a link to the video from cloud.

How to send videos through email using Apple Mail

The maximum size limit for Apple OS mail is 20 MB which is quite less when compared to other mail providers. If the video is smaller than the max limit, you can attach it to email message. In case of videos exceeding the max limit, all you have to do is use Mail Drop to upload your video to iCloud. From here, the recipient can access your video file easily when they want.

Some third party apps which can be used to send videos through mail include:


The best app to send large videos mainly on Android is an app called WeTransfer. What this app does is collect and combine all files from all your other apps. This makes it easy to save any files of other apps on WeTransfer such as links, videos, and images. This app does not require a sign up and you can send the link through a text, mail, Facebook and any other channel from this app. It is the best file sharing app which lets you share media files easily and safely.


Another app to use while sending a large video via email from phone is file mail. Through email, this app gives you the option to send files, pictures, music and other files easily from Android device. It is quite easy to share via this app and it will tell you how you can send videos through mail. The recipient of your video will get a mail with the link of your video after you send it. Filemail is also completely free making it user-friendly, having the option to send and download unlimited files.

Send Anywhere

While IOS has Airdrop to easily share files, on Android you can use the app Send Anywhere. You can send all files especially large videos to anyone easily and these files are also encrypted. The maximum size limit for sharing videos via this app is 50 GB. Now, you no longer have to worry about sharing the largest of videos if you can’t send them using the mainstream method. All these options show you how to send videos through email in a quick and secure manner. Try using these six simple as well as cost effective options to send your files in minutes to the concerned person.

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