Can I Schedule An Email To Be Sent At Midnight In Gmail?

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Emails are a popular marketing and interacting medium. Businesses globally prefer emails over other medium to connect with their consumers. Emails can serve a variety of roles, from marketing and sales pitch to reminder and notifications. The versatility of emails and the non-invasive nature makes emails a highly sought after tools in the world of business and networking. On an average, 280 billion emails are exchanged in the world, a number which is constantly on the rise. With the internet penetration at an all-time high, the numbers are expected to swell even more. The result is a very cut-throat and saturated email campaign. An average individual would receive anything from 15 to 20 emails every day. This makes email campaign a very competitive yet advantageous option for brands.

Why The Need For Schedule Delivery

The need for schedule delivery is most applicable for multinational businesses. Some examples would be:

1) Different Time Zones

Often email campaigns target audiences from across the globe. This is particularly applicable for multinational companies. As your target audience reside in different time zones, it is important to reach out to them in their office hours. There are also specific time periods when consumer response rate are the highest. So brands and marketing teams would want to reach out to their consumers in opportune time. Earlier this meant that marketing teams need to be working in off hours to reach out to their specified consumers. This made the process very taxing and cumbersome.

2) High Cost Of Planning

With the lack of scheduling, the email marketing process became expensive. Companies had to outsource their marketing campaigns to local marketing companies or associates. This enabled the companies to better target their off shore consumers, but increased the marketing budget by a lot. The resultant of hiring more workers for the purpose of marketing would often not result in profit.

3) Low Response Rate

The additional cost of hiring extra brains to facilitate your marketing process would often result in losses for brands. The marketing sphere has evolved over the years. Now brands prefer effective marketing in regard to conventional methods. The focus is on maximizing output with the minimum input. Due to lack of scheduling options, the process of planning and executing email campaigns would turn out to be expensive.

Need For Email Scheduling For Individuals/Freelancers/Entrepreneurs

For individuals, the lack of a schedule option would be a big hindrance. This would mean for small businesses or freelancer, if they had to contact a client overseas, they would have to stay awake in odd hours just to send their email responses. Individuals do not have the means or the money to hire specialized services abroad which can communicate on their behalf. Moreover, the costs of taking up services which deliver your emails for you are not the most ideal and safe options either.

So the need for email scheduling was also important for individuals/freelancers.

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Schedule Delivery: Gmail Delay Send

As discussed earlier, a very popular and effective tool in email marketing is the option for scheduling. So now users can schedule to send their emails at a later time and date. This is very handy little tool to manage multiple campaign. It help save time and effort on the marketers part. Campaign can be planned and their templates and content can be made in advance. The email delivery can be scheduled based upon the geolocation and time zone of consumers.

Advantages Of Schedule Delivery

  • Easy delivery of emails to overseas clients and vendors
  • You can choose to write emails at a time you prefer. No pressure of deadline of delivery
  • You can choose the time delivery as and when you like
  • Plan campaign in advance, create multiple campaigns at the same time
  • Access clients in their most preferred time
  • Schedule multiple campaigns for future, choose time when output is maximum
  • Automate the process of marketing, be rest assured of delivery

Setting Up Your Gmail Delay Send

In order to set up your Gmail delay send, the “delay send” needs to be activated and set with the details of the delivery. The process is very easy and can be done by everybody. Let us look at each step of the process in more detail to understand.

1) Compose Your Email – The first step towards scheduling your delivery would begin with composing your email. This quite obvious and the most important part of an email campaign. The content of the email is the key to a successful email campaign. The success of any campaign is dependent upon the message. Use various templates for an effective content of your email campaign. Now with scheduling option, marketers can write their email campaign well in advance. This gives them ample to research and create the right email content with right template for maximum efficacy.

2) Choose Send Later/Schedule Send Option – So once your email is ready to be posted, you have the choice of scheduling your delivery. Gmail has added the feature of send later/schedule send to every mail you compose. You can decide the time and date of your schedule. This is where you provide they date and time of your choice. The process is very easy. Just next to the send button you may find the “send later” button. Sometimes the option may be available as a drop down in the “send” button. Once you click on the schedule button, you fill the option to choose time and date. Simply put the time and date of your choice.

3) Edit Your Schedule Details and Send – The last step to scheduling your email campaign is where you choose your carefully chosen time and simply click schedule. Your chosen and date time will be saved for the email and will be delivered at the said time and date. It is very easy and quite a convenient little tool google has added to their email facility.

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