Attractive Event Email Templates to Up Your Promotional Strategy

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Email is a great marketing tool to promote an event. It is great for analytics that is really useful. It is easy to track conversions, clicks, as well as, gain a deep understanding of your audiences via emails. Emails also come in handy to personalize your marketing initiative in a manner, which most other marketing channels do not.

Last but not least, email marketing or an effective event email can integrate seamlessly with various social media channels. Thus, an effective event marketing campaign can be easily created across various channels. You would be able to figure out who registered at the event using email data. You can also track who did not register for the event. Thereafter, it becomes easy to retarget those users on LinkedIn or Facebook with relevant content.

Tips and tricks -Best practices to follow while writing an event email for event promotion

Are you serious about your email marketing for event promotion to be successful? It is not only about inviting more people to register at your event and mail them details related to the event. You need a proper email campaign, which includes some of these top tips and tricks:

So, focus on these tips while creating and implementing an email marketing strategy for promoting an event:

1. Make sure that the emails are sent at the right times and days: it will not be the same for all industries. However, typically, Tuesdays and Fridays are the most suitable days to send such emails.

2. Make your email more personalized so that the open rate goes up: Many marketers claim that their email open rates have gone up after implementing email personalization.

3. Try to automate email marketing: It has been proven that the click rates of automated emails are higher than compared to emails, which are not included in the automation workflow.

When a marketer uses the best practices and the right tools for email marketing, email open rates can improve. It can also improve click rates and eventually have more participation at your event.

Best practices for email marketing to promote an event

Whenever it is about formulating and implementing an effective event email, each element of the campaign should be approached individually. Check out these best practices you should follow to get success:

1. Include exclusive offers to invite the recipients of the email to your event

Was your pre-launch was successful, and you wish to leverage on the existing email list? You may incorporate exclusive offers so that people feel encouraged to register for your event. The offer can be as small as offering them complimentary, promotional merchandise. Alternatively, a discount code can be included with a date of expiry so that there is an element of urgency among the survivors.

When you create hype that the subscribers should use the discount quickly, the email inspires subscribers to sign in early.

2. Use a launch campaign to create interest in the event

Similar to a product launch campaign, an event launch can begin with informational emails enabling recipients to be aware of what is coming. They are also aware of when they should expect more details. When the campaign is simple, only a handful of people may join the event. However, when the campaign is robust, it can include media and promotional content to generate hype.

3. As the date of the event comes closer, people should be made aware of crucial details

You may send two kinds of emails related to details. For instance, the first one is an email to all those people who have already bought the tickets. They require particular details about your event. On the other hand, the second email should be sent to those people who are yet to purchase tickets. The required information related to registration and price.

A robust email campaign can send more than one of them. The email, for instance, can contain in-depth details about the whereabouts of the retailer at an event. It may also give insights about what will be available in their booth.

4. Include vibrant content in your event email to inspire people to share the event

Many people overlook the importance of referrals in events. In real life, word of mouth plays a major role to create awareness about the events. Even social media can achieve the same goal. Emails, which inspire the subscribers to invite their family and friends, can create awareness about an event. It is a great idea to include links to social media shares to encourage sharing. Many consumers in the United States of America, for example, depending upon their family and friends as an important source of advice for making their purchasing decisions.

5. Send a follow-up email to thank your subscribers for participating in your event

Once you successfully wrap up an event, you should thank the participants including your vendors, for making it a grand success. You may utilize the chance to share some event statistics. Alternatively, simply show you appreciate their presence and tell them that you would like to see them once again. When you send thank you emails, people will get the opportunity to provide their feedback.

Instead of including the event highlights in your mail, the thank-you email may include a call to action, which motivates recipients to know more about your event.

6. You should remind your subscribers about the event before the expiration of the critical dates

When the date of your event approaches closer, you would wish to get the maximum number of registrations. It denotes that you have to send them reminder emails with an attractive CTA and an element of urgency.

The CTA should point them to register for the event. If the event is a big one, it signifies that you have to send around a dozen emails during the week the event is slated to happen. You may find it a great idea to remind subscribers attending that the event will take place soon.

An ideal email should describe the event in simple terms. It should also include a link, which enables the recipients to register for the participant list.

7. Your email should facilitate ease of asking questions about the event

Your event might have a landing page and you have sent several emails already. Yet, some people will always ask you questions. These are the ones who are typically interested to attend your event. Your email can include an FAQ to answer such questions. You can also get your contact form highlighted and motivate subscribers to ask any queries they have while responding to your email. You can also use the social media platform for inviting questions.

Some email templates for promoting events

1. Include features and language to create exclusivity and urgency

If you plan to use a pre-event email template, a tone with an element of excitement, exclusivity, and urgency will work very well. For instance, live countdown timers can be included inside the email to build urgency. These emails can be used for the event itself and also for offering early bird tickets.

Here is an email template of how Typecast did a great job to build exclusivity and urgency:

Source: Really Good Emails

2. Segmentation is a great way to ensure that your message goes loud and clear to your subscribers

Once you have made an announcement for your campaign, your email list should be segregated into groups. Divide them on the basis of who opened the campaign and who did not.

You can then make up your mind on which users will get resends and who will receive the next email based on your sequence. Segmentation can be also done based on different demographics. Make sure to personalize each promotional campaign. For example, Marianne Williamson sent this particular email to all those subscribers who did not register for her event. It also had a timer for the live countdown.

Source: Gmail

3. Determine a particular color scheme

It makes sense to design a dedicated branding format for a specific event. For instance, your email can include a particular logo or even have a consistent coloring to create trust and generate familiarity. Such a strategy can allure skeptical subscribers.

For instance, yellow and red may come in handy for creating urgency. On the other hand, purple can trigger creativity. In this particular email, Live Nation has used pinks, purples, blues, and reds to create excitement in this personalized email.

Source: Gmail

Final words

Whenever it is a question of formulating the best practices for creating an even email for promoting an event, all the above techniques should be covered. When you put more effort for the campaigning of your event, your email performance will be better. So, you should remember the following tips while conducting your event promotion in the future:

1. Generate hype for the event by sending pre-launch emails- You should send these emails so that people are aware of the details about the registration and venue.

2. There can be a boost in engagement using tools for email marketing- You can use marketing automation tools boasting built-in best practices to create word of mouth.

3. Number of registrations will go up via informational emails- When more people are aware of an event, more are likely to commit and attend.

Your event promotion will be effective when you follow the above-mention email templates and follow the best practices we covered here.

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