Best Survey Email Templates For A Better Response Rate

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Businesses once they reach a stage of saturation require to devise new strategies and concepts to diversify their growth. A market survey can help businesses with valuable market information. This can be crucial to plan future project and calculate prospect.

Emails are a great way to communicate with the masses. They are non-invasive, economic and efficient tools to interact with the consumers. Emails also serve multiple benefits which further add to the value. For companies looking to interact with consumers, email are still the most efficient method. They are highly cost effective and can improve readability.

Email Templates And Why Do We Need Them?

The email marketing campaigns, being economic and efficient, also makes it a highly saturated one. The exchanges of emails have crossed epic proportion mainly owing to it being adopted by almost all the major companies in the world. Daily billions of emails are exchanged across the world in the World Wide Web. Therefore, on an average, a person would receive 10 to 15 emails daily. With more brands emerging, these number would continue to grow. So it is very likely that your brand may get lost amidst the crowd. A new strategy needed to be devised in order to stand out amidst thousands of mails being exchanged daily. That’s when email templates becoming popular.

Email templates are specially curated templates serving a purpose. The idea is to send email with an objective and trying out variables to make the objective lucrative to stand out. There are specific templates catering to special needs like sales pitch template, survey email template, benefit and offers etc. These templates are always evolving with market response.

In this article, we will discuss some popular survey email templates that are widely used by companies globally. This survey email templates are market tested to deliver better response rate.

Survey Email Templates

Survey emails are sort of questionnaire which the consumer fills up. The purpose is to gather information regarding an aspect of the consumer. Survey email templates help companies get information which can be part of their planning, research and development. Companies and brands need to conduct survey to understand market sentiments. It improves their goods and services, address shortcomings and grievances and help develop the brand.

  • Survey emails help gather a large amount of response with the most efficient method
  • Help get honest response(the anonymity of survey help customers express thoughts more freely)
  • It helps reach out to consumer on a single channel they’re connected to and engage

Some popular survey email templates and tricks are as follows :

1) Offer, Lucky Draws, Discount and Coupons

Usually filling up of a questionnaire is a very uninteresting task. The consumer would most probably skip the process as they have nothing to gain from such endeavors. Therefore, to make things little interesting, marketers have mixed the process with a little incentive. This works to keep the consumer engaged. Lucky draws, offers, discount coupons provide an incentive for consumers to take the survey.


Hi There,

We’re partnering up with for a survey upon their products.

It’s anonymous and you stand to win $50 upon successful completion.

To enter Take Survey

2) Deliver Engaging Survey Email Subject Line

Keeping the user engaged is the most important aspect of any survey email template. The average attention span of consumers is approximately around 8 seconds. The subject line is the first introduction of the email. It creates the initial interest for consumer and need to engage. Interesting subject lines can help peak interest and lead the consumer to read the email. Creative, out of the box subject lines goes a long way to get better response.


Subject: Are you looking to save 20% extra annually? Take our survey to find out more.

3) Inform The Time Frame Of The Survey

Time is of maximum value. It is a thumb rule or marketing that consumer do not have time. Most consumer are busy with work and family life. A survey may lose out opportunity if there is no clarity about how extensive and time taking it could be. Therefore, for an effective survey email that works, it is best to inform the surveyor of the time frame of the survey before they choose to begin. It can help the consumer plan their time before beginning. It also helps stop consumers from quitting a survey in between.


Hi There, We are conducting a survey for our products. The survey would take just 5 minutes.

4) Inform The Reason For Conducting The Survey

When a survey is done with a purpose, informing the consumer of the purpose can work to get better response. For brands conducting survey to improve their services, the consumer would be more interested to be part of the process. This builds a form of credibility in the part of the consumer as they stand to gain from such surveys in the long run. Other examples would include surveys which are done for social causes. Consumer would be interested in being part of surveys conducted in order to improve social conditions are shed light into them.


Hello User,

The recent pandemic has left many stray animals starved with no help. We are conducting a survey to protect these animals.

5) Make The Survey As Short As Possible

Short survey emails are the most popular ones. The template works on the similar time concept as we discussed earlier. The shorter the time frame of a survey email, more likely that consumer would choose to participate in one. This require a very to the point, minimal survey template which focuses on the most important aspect of the objective. Short survey emails have higher penetration and conversion rate. The less time needed to complete the survey also stimulates the consumer to opt for it. The chances of consumers who take the survey and finish it also increases with short formats.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our service?

6) Keep A Survey Deadline

It is very obvious, the more urgent the need, greater the chances to get response in a stipulated time frame. This template works best when conducting urgent survey which require immediate response. A time frame such 24 hours or next 5 hours would further allow consumer the incentive to take the survey email immediately. These coupled with offers and discounts as mentioned earlier can work best to create a demand.


Hello Dear,

Do not miss the opportunity to gain $500 worth voucher by completing our survey. The offer lasts on 48 hours.

7) Inform The Consumer How Valuable Their Feedback Is

Consumer feedback is valuable and this needs to be informed to them. It can help consumer value the brand as the brand values them. Acknowledging the value of consumer allows brand to garner honest review and information. This can be achieved by sharing the pride of the brand in its consumers and how they have led the growth of the brand. The value of the consumer and its acknowledgment creates a bonding opportunity between the consumers and the brand. Being facilitated for our opinions always inspire us to improve. The sense of entitlement helps get better and honest response.


Hi User,

Your feedback is valuable to us. Thank you for taking our survey.

8)Create An Attractive Survey Invitation Design

Looks are important and in survey emails design are utmost important. A good design always craves attention and grab eyeballs. Having a creative and outstanding layout with visuals help create interest. An attractive design layout which funnels consumer interests towards the survey works best to improve response. Let your creative juices flow and make the survey email template as innovative as you can. The design and layout of a survey email is also a representation of the brand and its business. Creating a niche with a unique design helps differentiate the brand in the consumer’s perception.

9) Survey Email Invitation Reminder

Reminders are always required. Not always does all marketing efforts yield the results as we expect. In spite of the best efforts to make the survey email invitation as interesting as possible, consumers tend to miss them. Consumers are busy most often and the chances of your email being missed is obvious and high. Survey email invitation reminder emails remind consumer of the pending invitation. It reminds those interested consumers who may have missed out on taking the invitation earlier. Reminder emails always improves the response rates of a survey campaign. It also works to inform the consumers who may have missed the invitation email altogether.


Hello There,

You have a survey email invitation pending.

10) Share Results, Photos and Videos

When conducting survey email invitation campaign for products or services, it helps the campaign by including photos, videos of the said product or service. It helps paint the objective to the consumer and visualize their response. Photos and videos help market the product to the consumer as well. Visuals always make emails more interesting rather than them reading a wall of texts. Photos and videos also remind the consumer of the exact product or service the survey is referring to.

Once the survey is conducted, an acknowledgment or a thank-you note is a right way to conclude. In surveys which are tallied, sharing the results keeps things moving. It prompts an instant gratification and preps the consumer for future surveys as well.

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