Birth Certificate vs. Certificate of Birth: Differences, How To, Templates & Examples

It is important to understand the importance of a birth certificate

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There is a possibility that you are familiar with a document called Certificate of Live Birth or Certificate of Birth. However, are you aware of the use of this document? Are you wondering whether this document and your birth certificate are the same or not? We will discuss the certificate of birth vs birth certificate  in detail so that you know how they are different from each other.

You may get two different documents in the mail many weeks after your baby has been delivered. These are his/her birth certificate and certificate of birth. You could be confused after receiving both these documents. Are you thinking about whether both these documents are required or not? The answer is in the affirmative. However, both these documents are not equally important.

Certificate of birth 

The certificate is prepared shortly after a baby’s birth in a hospital or healthcare institute. You may regard it as the hospital’s way of documenting that a new human has stepped into the world. The certificate of birth typically includes the following information about the newborn:

  • Name of the baby
  • Names of parents
  • Hospital name
  • Names of doctors
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Date and time of birth
  • Name of individual who is completing this record

You may consider this certificate as the maiden unofficial document that verifies when the mother gave birth to a baby. The certificate of live birth is a record maintained by the hospital and should be documented after a baby arrives in the world. This certificate is then dispatched to the office of vital records. It is used to create a person’s birth certificate.

Birth Certificate

It is one of the most crucial documents owned by a person. The document is created many weeks after a baby is born in a hospital.  A birth certificate is a form of identification issued by the government.

Typically, a birth certificate includes the following information:

  • A person’s name
  • Date and time of a person’s birth
  • Country and city where the person was born
  • Parents’ names of a person, as well as, the maiden name of their mother

At times, a birth certificate could also include the following details:

·       Birthplaces of your parents

·       Ethnicities, occupations, and addresses of your parents

·       Number of siblings you had at that time

Certificate of birth vs birth certificate 

The main aim of documenting the certificate of birth is for data entry. It is imperative to note that it is not an official document. As such, this document is not considered to be your birth certificate’s replacement. Certificate of live birth just verifies that a person is medically alive. On the other hand, a birth certificate not only verifies a persons’ identity but also that of their parents. It also verifies your place of birth, time, and date of birth.

If you do not have your birth certificate with you, it is not possible to prove your identity. Not having it with you may lead to a lot of problems. A birth certificate is an extremely crucial document that should be stored in a safe place. You should keep it within quality plastic covering. Ideally, a protected envelope should be used to keep it. However, you can obtain a copy in case it gets damaged or misplaced.

Certificate of birth vs birth certificateWhy is a birth certificate and certificate of birth required?

To put it plainly, a birth certificate aims to prove who you are. You will need to produce your birth certificate in several situations. Some such scenarios are as follows:

  • Getting admitted to a school/college or for higher studies
  • Entering the military
  • To claim pension or insurance benefits
  • To apply for a passport
  • To apply for government benefits
  • To get the replacement of a social security card
  • Get your new driver’s license
  • Get a marriage license

Thus, there are many reasons an individual may require their birth certificates’ certified copies. Legal representatives or family members of a person or an official with a court order may also request a certified copy of the birth certificate of a person.

On the other, a certificate of birth is a fast way for a hospital’s medical staff to produce an informal draft of crucial information. After the details have been recorded and verified, it is then sent to the location where a birth certificate can be officially created.

All through your life, there will be occasions when your identity has to be established. Such occasions come for travel documents, identification cards, schooling, insurance, or taxes. You will require your birth certificate in all such cases. On the other hand, the certificate is simply an indication that a person is alive.

Tips to write a birth certificate request

Make sure your request for a birth certificate includes proper details

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You may have to communicate a letter of request to the relevant authority or department to issue a birth certificate. You can get basic details related to the issue from these departments apart from the information of the authorized individual who is handling it. Required details to be included in a birth certificate can be offered for verification.

This letter is a simple request to issue a certified copy of a birth certificate. In the next section, we will see some samples of this request letter or application to get a better idea about how to write them.

It is not quite tough to get your birth certificate’s certified copy. However, each state or country may have a marginally distinct procedure. On the other hand, the basic steps remain the same in most cases.

Before writing an application to get a copy of a birth certificate, a person can visit the website of (if living in America). Alternatively, they can also visit the website of that state where they were born.

All the details of the procedure, as well as, the expense associated with procuring their birth certificate’s copy can be found in detail on the website. The copy can be ordered online. Alternatively, they can send a request letter for a birth certificate to procure the same.

 Here are some of the details the letter should include:

  • Full name of the father
  • Full name of the mother or maiden name of the mother if requested
  • The full name, which is mentioned on the original birth certificate
  • The applicant’s gender
  • The applicant’s contact details
  • The actual reason for requesting a copy of the birth certificate
  • The hospital’s name and address
  • The address of birth including state, country, town, city names
  • The applicant’s birth date in terms of the year, month, and day
  • The applicant’s gender

Request for Birth Certificate

Sample request for Birth Certificate copy

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<Applicant Name>

<Applicant Address>

<City, State, Zip Code>


<Issuing Authority’s Address>

<City, State, Zip Code>

Subject: Request to issue Birth Certificate

 Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly treat this letter as a formal request to issue my birth certificate’s certified copy. I would request you to send it to my above address. A copy is required for applying for my passport. Also find the relevant details, which can help you to locate the document.

 Name and Gender: <Applicant Full Name mentioned on the birth certificate and Gender: Male>

Name of Father: <Father’s Full Name>

Name of Mother : <Mother’s Full Name>

Maiden Name of Mother: <Mother’s Maiden Name>

Date of Birth: <Date>

Birth Place: <Hospital Name>, <Hospital Address><City><State>

Kindly find enclosed a certified check amounting to <Fee Amount>. You can reach me at <Applicant Email Id> or <Phone Number>.  I can be contacted in case there is any requirement for further information or you have any other queries.

 Yours sincerely,

<Signature of Applicant>

<Printed Name of Applicant>

Sample #1 for Birth Certificate Request


To : <Authority Name>

<Name of Department>

<Address of Department>

Subject: Request for a copy of the birth certificate

Respected Sir/Madam

Please consider this letter as an application for the issuance of a birth certificate copy for my daughter. We require this copy of the birth certificate to apply for her passport.

I would thereby urge you to issue me the certificate as soon as possible at the address mentioned below. Also, mentioning her relevant details for your convenience.

Name of child <Child Name>

Age of child <Age>

Gender: Female

Name of Father <Father’s Full Name>

Name of Mother <Mother’s Full Name>

Birth Place < Full address of birth place>

Kindly oblige me by looking into my request. It is for your necessary action and kind information.

Yours sincerely,

<Name of Applicant>

<Address of Applicant>

<Contact Number of Applicant>

Sample #2 for Birth Certificate Request


Dear Issuance Authority,

My daughter <Name of daughter> was born around <Time> on <Date>. The child’s birth took place in your hospital <Hospital Name, Hospital Address>.

I recently tried to apply for insurance coverage and add my daughter to the plan. However, I am unable to find my copy of her birth certificate. I apprehend that I have misplaced my child’s birth certificate.

I would hereby request you to issue a new copy and have it delivered to my home address <Home Address>.

In case you have any further queries related to my request on the issue, I can be contacted on all days of the week at <Applicant’s contact Number>.


<Applicant Name>

Sample #3 for Birth Certificate Request



The <Relevant Issuing Authority>,

<Hospital Name>,

<Hospital Address>

Re: Request to Issue Birth Certificate of Newborn <Name>

Dear Sir/Madam,

This application letter is to intimate you that my son <Sons Name> was delivered on <Date> at your esteemed hospital. Kindly treat this letter as a request to issue the birth certificate of my child <child name>. The birth certificate should have details of his date of birth such as mother and father’s name, his date, and time of birth among others.

I need it for the application of his passport as we will be flying out of the country soon. I also require the certified document for getting the issuance of his Address/Identity proof done.

I would be greatly obliged for your help and support in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

<Signature of father and supplicant>

<Full Name of Father>

<Father’s Identification Number>

<Full Name of Father>

<Father’s Contact Number>

PS- Kindly find the following documents enclosed:

1. Father Address/ID Proof of Newborn

2. Mother Address/ID Proof of Newborn

3. Any other applicable document

Sample #4 for Birth Certificate Request



<Issuance Authority>

<Address of Issuance Authority>

Re: Request to issue a birth certificate copy

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due regards, I would like to mention that my name is <Full Name>. Kindly treat this letter as an application to issue my birth certificate copy.

I would also like to provide some other details to help you in locating my record. I live in <Residential Address> and need to submit my birth certificate’s copy at <State the purpose/Higher education>. Here are the details mentioned in my original certificate:


<Name of Parents/Guardian>

<Full Address>

<Registration Number for my Birth Certificate>

I would hereby request you to please issue a copy of my birth certificate as soon as possible. I will be highly obliged for the issuance of the same.


<Applicant’s Signature>

<Applicant’s Name>

<Applicant’s Address>

Sample #5 for Birth Certificate Request



<Name of Registration Authority>

<Name of Institute>

<Address of Institute>

Re: Request for Birth Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would respectfully like to state that my child was delivered at the <Clinic Name/Hospital Name> yesterday. I am writing to you to kindly register the newborn, as well as, issue her official birth certificate.

I am attaching the hospital documentation with this letter. Please process this application at the earliest as I would require the birth certificate for completing the insurance document of my family.

I shall be obliged to you for the same.

Thanking you,

<Applicant Name>

<Applicant Signature>

<Applicant contact Number>

Sample #6 for Birth Certificate Request




<Name of Principal>

< Name of School >

<Complete School Address>

Respected Madam,

When I joined the institute in <Year of Joining>, I had provided my birth certificate’s original copy along with other documents in the office.

As I am planning to apply for my passport soon, would request you to please return me the same. Alternatively, you may issue me an attested copy of the document.

Thanking you,

With Warm Regards,

<Applicant’s signature> <Applicant’s Full Name>

Sample #7 for Birth Certificate Request
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