Well-Crafted Booking Confirmation Email Templates for Online Travel Portals

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The booking confirmation template should be well-defined in the required fields as that can help you for future referrals, promotions and customization. The use of mail gives first level of assurance to the booker along with the details of the service booked.

A travel online portal can have a list of services based on the expertise of the company. We have mentioned here the basic requirements, based on which the booking confirmation template will differ.

Huge International brands service multiple products through the same portal, so this confirmation mail and its contents should have all the basic information required for the combo service.

 Flights – Mandatory fields include the name of the traveler, date, from and to destinations, etc. and the name of the airline where the seat is allocated, etc.

 Hotel – The mandatory fields consist of the name of the traveler, date, occupancy, room category, meal plan, etc.

 Car Rentals – The mandatory fields include the name of the traveler, date, hours of usage, driving license of the traveler, etc.

Cruise – The mandatory fields include the name of the traveler, date, from and to destinations, etc along with room category, meal plan, etc.

 Trains – The mandatory fields include the name of the traveler, date, from and to destinations, etc along with room category, meal plan, etc.

Tours Car Rentals – The mandatory fields here include the name of the traveler, date, type of tour, no of passengers, etc.

 Transfers– If any, has to be highlighted.

Fields necessary for the making of the booking confirmation

Precise Header – The header should mention what exact type of booking the user has made. This is because there are multiple travel booking confirmation templates. This template depends on the type of service availed. The multiple tour options are based on the user choice and the popular tour options available at the destination. So, in case of a combo service, the header should mention each component.

Ø Thank the customer for their order

Ø Brand Name along with the unique alphanumeric confirmation code

Ø Conclusion of the confirmation, along with extending the Good news.

Ø Automated Booking confirmation to reduce human error and increase efficiency.

Ø Thank the customer for selecting your brand.

Personalize – It’s a feel-good factor when you can personalize from the time of the user starting to show his / her interest.

Booking Confirmation Email Template – Your booking confirmation email is the document for a client to find all the required information.

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Guest’s Name – The name of the lead passenger or group lead name is mandatory before proceeding further. This name is utilized for all future reservations related queries like amendment or cancellation.

Type of Service – The template should specifically mention the type of service booked. This is because the online portal offers multiple tour options and varied service types from a hotel booking to a car rental. Each of these services have their own mandatory fields.

Hotel / Tour confirmation Logo – Logo helps in visualizing the brand associated that is offering the service.

Hotel / Tour Contact Info – A minimum of two contact information is always provided. The first contact is for the information or query purpose is usually termed as the reservation manager. The second contact is an emergency if required.

Confirmation Number – This unique alphanumeric self-generated code is unique to your booking as per the agreed terms and conditions by both partners.

Hotel / Tour Name – This helps to know the hotel type or the type of sightseeing booked or a combination of two or more services.

Hotel / Tour Booking Details – All the required information like single / double, time of pick and drop along with location, meal plan if any etc.

Non-refundable payable amount – The minimum amount required to guarantee the service and the balance can be paid as per the plan chosen by the booker. It is also to be noted here that at certain times, the non-refundable amount becomes the same. That is because the selling price of the service and the cancellation charges are the same. Now this arises due to high demand or last-minute booking.

Total payable amount – This amount indicates the total of all the services booked based on the local currency or in USD.

Cancellation Policy – This policy depends on the type of service booked. The cancellation policy differs from hotel, tour and car rentals. If the booked service is a combo of more than one, the mandatory and generic policy of each of the service needs to be printed. It can also be displayed on the booking confirmation.

Relevant image – This could be of the hotel of stay or the type of the tour booked or kind of the vehicle booked. A maximum of a single image is enough for illustrative purposes, and will inspire customers and build anticipation.

Discount – This word is mentioned with the amount. It can also be mentioned as a ‘kind’ or ‘gift’ to showcase the booker his saving on this booking. It is also given to the customer to reconsider the portal for future bookings.

Foot note – Your booking confirmation template is a self-generated document. In most cases, it doesn’t need to be signed but must include relevant information such as Confirmation number, date and number of passengers.

Benefits of a booking Confirmation Email Template

  1. The booking confirmation will check from the source the availability, and not overbook. A template also clearly mentions the status of booking at all times.
  2.  Email template will help in tracking and report on your marketing.
  3.  Manage travel agents or group booking with their respective fund limits and accrued commissions.
  4.  The booking confirmation template is useful for new marketing opportunities or up-sell the existing buy.
  5. Automation and AI needs to be an inbuilt element of booking confirmation for better and constant monitoring. This will help us in facilitating flawless services.
  6. Booking confirmation automation also helps in increasing revenues by using effective tools.
  7. There are certain conditions like notifications which the host receives upon the opening of the mail. This is to ensure that the mail is well-received to the intended recipient.

There are several benefits to investing in a booking confirmation email template, and hopefully, this article highlights them effectively for you.

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