Warm Merry Christmas Email Templates For Your Loyal Customers

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Leading businesses and brand entities thrive on customer bases, more importantly, the number of loyal customers. The following and patronage help businesses become leading value providers. Such loyal customers should be nurtured through various benefits and communication efforts at regular intervals. Every business should thoughtfully invest in knowing their customers at each level. Initiatives of sending Christmas email communication will help in retaining people who admire the value provided by the business. In addition to this, such an initiative to communicate with the customers will yield visible results by increasing sales.

Importance of communication for sales and marketing

Sending Christmas email, friendly or celebratory communication can work wonders in changing customer’s take towards your business. An email with a special mention of a loyal customer will make them feel valued. This email can also contain a customized offer for the customer, further enhancing their experience with the brand. That is why your sales and marketing initiative must include such efforts that lead to customer satisfaction, and eventually, business success.

The Christmas email communication should be attractive as well as carry value. Sending promo offers, coupons for discounts,s or gifts is the best idea to engage the interest of loyal customers and new email subscribers. The communication should present a holiday theme in rich media or interactive formats such as gifs.

Understand your loyal customers

Millions might be using the services, but there is a base of customers, which utilize your services and comes back for purchase. They repeat the act and also refer to your brand name within their groups. These are loyal customers who should be rewarded and acknowledged for their love. At the time of special occasions, loyal customers look for occasion-specific purchases and are more likely to make use of offers.

Overall, about 67% of loyal customers make a repeat purchase due to the positive customer experience they get. In comparison with the new customers, the loyal ones offer more value.

How Christmas time is beneficial for your business

Christmas is an ideal time to extend gratitude and acknowledge people of every quarter for their contribution. Loyal customers and the long time patrons of your business also deserve special treatment around this time. And extending communication through Christmas email will lead to more footfalls.

For large companies and business owners, Christmas should be more than merely celebrations and gifting. It is an occasion to recognize those loyal customers who have played a key role in adding to the annual success of your business. Since Christmas takes place by the end of the year, it provides an opportunity for businesses to carry out special rewards for customers during the annual round-up. Simultaneously, the New Year celebrations also stand around the corner, which provides an added opportunity to create special offers to boost sales efforts.

During Christmas, millions of customers throng online portals for making purchases. The rate of purchases is higher during Christmas, in comparison with normal occasions. According to research, the majority of customers in the US and all over the world use the online platforms to make purchases. The usage of online mediums jumps high during Christmas, and thus, the efforts to boost sales during the holidays also peaks.

Engaging the loyal customer, as well as new subscribers with holiday-themed emails, has many benefits.

  1. Customers relate with the brand and services, become loyal.
  2. They can take advantage of the holiday season purchases and discounts.
  3. The purchase leads to a better customer following and a vast customer base.
  4. Often many customers share positive reviews and leave feedback for improvement of services.

Christmas or the holiday season is for making most of the celebrations. Most companies have identified, that at this time new subscriber base also grows to a considerable extent. Thus, communication for sales and marketing should be lucrative and provide festive value. Such programs can help level up business revenues at a rapid pace. Most of the time, it also helps build a large following and escalate sponsorship also.

Elements of Christmas email templates

Loyal customers are the ones who are critical to turning your business. Christmas email marketing becomes an instrument, which can make them feel valued and connected. While, most sales and marketing initiative also work all year round, covering repeat customers have a long-term influence on sales. For Christmas email marketing, your email should evidently contain the holiday wish along with other important components.

Christmas email need not be lengthy letters for readers to read. But, an extension of Christmas greeting with the right amount of marketing mix works well. In addition to this, the design should be rich but not confusing for customers to decode. Design plays a key role to grab customer engagement. It can multiple CTAs depending upon offer and elements.

Here are some suggestions on elements before formulating your Christmas email template:

  1. Header
  2. Logo
  3. Tagline
  4. Main body with Christmas greetings
  5. Caller to action
  6. Footer

Sample Christmas email templates for customers

Most email sending mechanisms have transformed with the arrival of digital channels. Email marketing tools have become popular options to create Christmas emails. The level of interaction is high when an email is created through a digitally automated tool. With this, the freedom to choose a design and placing elements has also widened.

It largely depends on the business goal to decide on the form of communication. Some communication may include the majority of the textual messages with CTA (call to action) while can be graphically rich with lesser text.

Below are sample designs for the Christmas email templates for customers.

Sample 1:

1. Header: It should be in symmetry with the overall design of the email, especially the footer.

2. Logo: Every email template should contain a company logo.

3. Tagline/Title: The title or tagline is where the headline of the email should be placed. The tagline can be like Wishing you a Merry Christmas etc,

4. Main body with Christmas greetings: Main body copy should contain the main purpose of sending the Christmas email.

5. Call to action: Will have a link to direct the customer towards the brand website or obtain an offer code.

6. Footer: The footer can have multiple elements like brand name, physical address, social media links, etc.

Sample 2:

1. Logo: Starts with a company name or product name

2. Title/Tagline: Tagline or title can be – Spread the holiday cheer this Christmas.

3. Gif or video-based Christmas greetings: An interactive eye-catchy gif or video.

4. Call to action: It should contain some offers or gift coupons for your loyal customers

5. Footer: Can have many elements.

Sample 3:

1. Logo: Starts with a company name or product name.

2. Salutations: Should have customary ‘hello or hi’ with the customer’s name for personalization.

3. Title/Tagline: Tagline or title can be – Here’s Sending You Warm Christmas Wishes.

4. Gif or video-based Christmas greetings: A graphically rich presentation of Christmas time.

5. Call to action: It should contain an option to redeem gift coupons for your loyal customers.

6. Footer: Pick and choose various elements like social media links, website URL etc.

Best practices for making Christmas email templates

Christmas emails are used for sending warm Christmas greetings to loyal customers. These emails are also a promotional tool for specific marketing purposes. Some of the objectives for sending the Christmas can be –

  1. Interactive greetings
  2. Promotion and marketing emails
  3. Sharing new product launches
  4. Information and updates about loyalty programs
  5. Discounts, deals, offers, and coupons on Christmas

These objectives can be combined or formulated as an email with one single message. While, Christmas is a widely celebrated festival in the US and abroad, today it has become synonymous with doing promotions. The occasion has rightly helped in stimulating the brand connection and valuing loyal customers with benefits. Since it is an opportunity to make customers realize that they are part of the brand.

Using Christmas email marketing has become a viable option, additionally. As many people are using online channels to get connected with their product makers, emails are serving as the catalyst for using this objective. Helping customers reach out through a greeting is also a great idea to build a customer following.

With promotional tools like Christmas email, many firms have launched their product and created positive customer impressions. This has helped them build a decent social media following as well online reputation. One of the main goals today, with every global organization, is to chalk out a promotional and marketing plan, which directly results in a sale. Digital means like email marketing in their essence, have become a popular instrument. Specifically, on occasions such Christmas, people like to order and make use of gifts, which are available online. Attaching a promotional strategy with Christmas can prove highly beneficial for any business in the digital era. This is not all, some companies have made Christmas email their primary means to communicate with customers. And this initiative is reaping many positive rewards, in terms of creating a positive customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

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