Top Order Confirmation Email Templates for Online Stores

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There were times when the whole world used to run on fossil fuel. Today, the fuel has changed its form and turned electronic. The evolution of electronics into the internet has changed the way we communicate, message, and even conduct business. You can buy or sell products ranging from a tiny needle to bikes and cars just from the comforts of your home. E-commerce has turned the world upside down, and today, it is a multimillion-dollar industry. It has made starting a business easy, and even gives an option to distribute your product worldwide with the click of a button on your computer.

The main aspect of the e-commerce business is receiving orders and making sure that the intended products reach the customers on time. Normally, when you receive an order on your website, you send a confirmation mail to the customer telling him that the order has been confirmed, and he would receive the product soon. Some business establishments use this opportunity of sending a confirmation mail to advertise other products or educate customers with upcoming discounts and offers. They even design a confirmation email template to make the email attractive.

You might have never thought of designing a confirmation email template or you might have ignored it in the past. Today, we are going to discuss a few things about confirmation mail and look into a few of the templates by different business establishments.

Definition of Order Confirmation Email.

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An order confirmation email is a medium through which a merchant confirms to the customer that the purchase has been made on his platform. It is sent immediately to the email address after a customer makes a purchase on the e-commerce platform. It usually contains details like product name, number, customer name, address, price of the product, including the taxes levied, and estimated date of delivery.

Confirmation emails fall under the category of transactional emails. Most of the big e-commerce platforms use the help of automated emails that are triggered when a customer makes a purchase on the platform. The automated email is immediately sent to the email address of the customer confirming the purchase. These confirmation emails often employ marketing automation features, which enable programming of the email according to the purchase made. This also includes designing of confirmation email template, keeping in mind the purchase history of the customer. Once the customer receives such emails, he might be prompted to purchase products listed in the confirmation mail.

Components of Order Confirmation Email

As mentioned before, an order confirmation email contains the basic information of the customer. Below is the list of main components of an order confirmation email.

· A few lines confirming the purchase of the product or products.

· The amount of money spent on products.

· Customer name and address to deliver the products.

· Estimated date and time of the delivery.

These are the basic information an order conformation email contains. But a well-designed order confirmation email template includes other information as listed below.

· A heartfelt and emotional thank-you message.

· A list of upcoming offers with pictures of the products.

· Exclusive and limited-time discount offers for the particular customer.

· Promotional information on the mobile app, benefits programs, loyalty rewards, and partner program.

· Request to subscribe to social media pages or channels.

· Request to leave a review of the purchased product.

The above components are considered as promotional requests. But if you find an opportunity to insert such requests in order confirmation email templates, there is no harm in it. You may even find the same customer placing an order for a product listed in the order confirmation email.

Top Six Order Confirmation Email Templates

Designing of order confirmation email templates is a recent phenomenon. Big e-commerce platforms design their template. But you can take the help of third-party companies who design order confirmation email template according to your requirements. Below are some of the best order confirmation templates to get inspired from.

1. Fitbit – Exciting Order Confirmation Email.

 Fitbit is a leading brand which sells fitness gadgets. Their order confirmation email template is one of the best designs you can find in the market. Right from the color (light green) of the template, it attracts the eyeballs of the customer. Apart from the details of the shipment, the template contains fewer but attractive words. The tag line ‘Are you smiling? You are totally smiling’ confirms the youthful appeal of the brand. The words are specially targeted at the customers and make sure that they bring smiles on their faces after reading the mail.

Other sentences like ‘No need to camp out of the mailbox!’ ensures to the customer that the brand has enough varieties of gadgets to buy from. The scattering of different types of fitness gadgets on the template drags the customers’ eyes to take one final look for the products.

If you are not interested in the products, then you can always find the details of the shipment at the bottom of the template.

2. Toms – Feel Good Order Confirmation Email.

What if you find out you are helping a cause to take shape when you purchase a product? Doesn’t it make you feel good? That is exactly Toms does when you purchase a product on their platform. Their order confirmation email template consists of a beautiful picture of two African girls exchanging fruits. It shows that the company is committed to charitable works and a portion of your purchase goes towards it.

‘Thank You for Your Order and Being Part of the Movement!’

These words, written in bold letters, welcome you to the order confirmation email. It instantly fills your heart with gratitude. The tactic of imparting knowledge that the company is involved in charitable works through order confirmation email is an innovative idea. It makes sure that the customer feels good about the purchase and may come back for more.

At the bottom of the template, you will find the details like the name of the product, price, quantity, subtotal, etc.

3. Boden – Spectacular Order Confirmation Email.

You can never take your eyes off something beautiful. And when you design a beautiful order confirmation email template, you certainly go back to see it repeatedly. Boden, the British clothing line and shop has made sure that their order confirmation email stands out of other emails.

They have used light brown colors to produce a soothing effect on the minds of the customer. The design looks sleek and has elements of the British in it complementing the brand. The words ‘Order Received’ written in bold letters shows that the company takes their orders seriously. They also have words ‘And Understood’ below the bold ‘order received’ words, which shows their effort to give importance to each order.

You can find the shipping details embedded in the design. These details complement the entire design making it one of the spectacular order confirmation email templates.

4. Cinetech – Making Customer to Post the Product on Social Media.

Cinetech is one of the largest selling home theater brands. With more people opting to watch movies and shows on the OTT platforms, home cinema is gaining popularity. Cinetech is leaving no stone unturned to sell its product, and they make sure people announce the arrival of the product on social media. Their order confirmation email consists of an appeal to customers, which urges them to post the product on social media using hashtag #mycinetech.

This tactic generates User Generated Content (UGC) on social media. UGC allows more people to see the product even though they might not be searching for it. It creates social media footprints and increases brand awareness among social media users.

Apart from shipping details, the order confirmation email template also consists of a tracking link to track the movement of the product.

5. Chewy – Art of Animation.

We all love watching animated characters. The advent of different apps has made it easy to create an animation using GIF files. The idea of including animation in the order confirmation email is not only attractive but also innovative at the same time.

Chewy, the brand, which sells dog products, has incorporated GIF animation in its order confirmation email. The template starts with the brand name and has ‘Your order is on its way’ written boldly below it. What catches your eyes is the animation of the truck carrying the product you have ordered. Along with the animation, shipping details, and pictures of the products you have bought are also printed. This gives a fair idea that you are going to receive what you have ordered online.

You can also track your order by clicking on the link and also call customer care in case you find any difficulty using the number mentioned in the email.

6. Gilt – Throwing an Incentive in the Email.

Making a customer come back to you to buy products repeatedly is an art itself. One of the ways is to incentivize the customer so that he feels special. Gilt showers its customers with free shipping incentives as soon as they make a purchase. Once you buy a product on Gilt, you will receive an order confirmation email that asks you to make another purchase. It offers an incentive of free shipping if you make the purchase within an hour of receiving the order confirmation email.

This tactic certainly boosts their sales and makes the customer visit the platform repeatedly to buy products. Offering incentives in the order confirmation email template is your best bet to gain the confidence of the customers.

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