Designing an Email Marketing Template in MS Word

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E-mail marketing is a high ROI marketing medium for businesses. It helps capture new leads and retain your old customers. In this article, we will discuss three things primarily-

  • Why your business needs e-mail marketing
  • Why you should use e-mail marketing templates
  • How you can create your own e-mail marketing templates using MS Word

So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to learn all you need to know about using e-mails to profit your business.

Why Should You Use E-mail Marketing to Promote Your Business?

Digital marketing strategies have innovated themselves over the years, and there are several platforms now available for marketing your business digitally. Is e-mail marketing still relevant then? The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Digital marketing may have evolved over time, but e-mail marketing continues to be among the most potent online marketing tactics to expand your business customer base. It also allows you to connect with your customers at a personal level and build a bond with them at a very affordable price. We believe that every business should make use of e-mail marketing to further their business, and enlist reasons in support below –

·  Keeps you in touch with your audience

You can use your marketing e-mails to keep your customers informed about any new updates on your business, such as new product/service development in the pipeline or discount/promotional offers that you might be running. Your customers enjoy the flexibility of accessing these marketing messages only when they check their e-mail inbox. If they’ve opted to receive your business marketing e-mails, it only means that they welcome any communication from your end and are not likely to dismiss and delete them without reading.

·  Allows you to reach your customers in real-time

Research has found that most e-mails are accessed on-the-go from mobile phones. If you can offer your customers mobile-optimized and well-designed business marketing e-mails, they are more likely to take the desired action you’ve advertised in your e-mail, to benefit your business.

· E-mails readily engage people

E-mails have been used to communicate with people for more than 40 years now. In fact, they have become one of the primary modes in which we communicate today. We might not realize it, but we have become accustomed to responding to the e-mails we receive. We could respond in various ways – by replying, by forwarding, by clicking through a link embedded in the body of the e-mail, by making a purchase, signing up for something or even deleting. Whatever it be, we make it a point to respond to the e-mails we receive. As a business owner or marketing strategist for a business, you can conveniently use your marketing e-mail to have them respond to your call-to-action. 

· You receive accurate metrics

The majority of e-mail marketing tools available online offer easy tracking of valuable metrics such as delivery rate, bounce rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, click-through rate and so on. You can reap the maximum results from your e-mail marketing by keeping track of these metrics and then discarding/adapting your e-mail marketing campaigns accordingly. These e-mail marketing performance metrics allow you to understand what is working favorably for your business, and which part of your e-mail marketing campaign is actually bringing harm to your brand identity. It is important to acquaint yourself with these practices unless you wish to have your email-marketing exercise fail.

· It is affordable

E-mail marketing is perhaps, one of the cheapest marketing media solutions available to businesses. You reach an overwhelming number of people by spending less than a penny per message. The possible cost for every conversion you make is also exceedingly low. Use e-mail marketing solutions available online to boost your business e-mail marketing campaigns at minimal cost.

Why Would You Want to Use Email Marketing Templates?

E-mail marketing templates save businesses a lot of resources. E-mail marketing is most effective when the e-mails are well-designed. In order for your e-mail marketing campaign to work, your business promotional e-mails need to be mobile optimized for viewing on-the-trot and well-designed. Research has found that 80% of individuals will readily delete an e-mail that does not render well on their mobile screens. However, if you can provide your customer base with a well-designed e-mail, you can register high click-through rates and improve your overall sales.

In this section, we familiarize you with the concept of e-mail templates first. Then, we inform you about all the reasons you should use e-mail marketing templates.

What is an e-mail template? An e-mail template is nothing but an HTML file used to build and develop e-mail campaigns. A template will enable you to copy-paste your content inside it, so you can use this to share with your audience on their mobile/desktop, across different e-mail service providers. You can re-use this same template multiple times for your different e-mail marketing campaigns using fresh content. If you wish, you could also utilize live e-mail templates. Live e-mail templates auto-populate content gleaned from your business website or API, such as information on product inventory and current sales, for your maximum convenience. What this means is, you barely have to put in any effort to update your e-mail template afresh to provide novel content for your subscribers. It cuts down on your marketing e-mail production task considerably, leaving you with more time to focus on other aspects of marketing your business.

Let’s underline the various reasons why you should utilize a pre-made e-mail template design below –

  • Provides time-economy – You don’t need to have your design team create a design from scratch for your marketing e-mail production every time. You can use an existing e-mail template design to insert your content. It will help you conserve your time and spend it more effectively in creating content for your e-mails, than having to busy yourself with the design.
  • Helps maintain consistency in branding – Your audience is more inclined to consuming content when you are able to maintain brand consistency. With an e-mail template design that is already present, you can incorporate your brand’s logo, design and colors within the chosen template. What ensues is a positive experience for your audience in the form of a consistent brand presentation. 
  • Allows you ease of personalization – Offering personalized content is integral to the success of your marketing endeavors. With e-mail templates, you can include personal information for your individual customers to extend a personal touch that likens them more to your business e-mail communication. 

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How to Create Your E-mail Template Design with MS Word

Did you know that you could use basic Microsoft Office tools such as MS Word to design your marketing e-mail template? Learn how below. The procedure also involves the use of MS Excel. So, you will need knowledge of both facilities.

  • Open a blank Microsoft Word document
  • Begin typing the e-mail message that you want to send to your customers
  • Now, open a blank Microsoft Excel workbook
  • Fill the Excel workbook with name and e-mail ID. You may also choose to add further personalization message template if you’ve added the name field.
  • Save both your MS Word and MS Excel files. 
  • Track down the mailing option in MS Word and click on this.
  • Notice the “Start Mail Merge” option in MS Word, and head on over to the “E-mail messages” option on the drop-down menu
  • Now, find the “Select Recipients” option beside the “Start Mail Merge” button. Use this to import the recipient list that you had saved earlier in the previous step. 
  • You can choose to use the option for greeting line to personalize the message of your e-mail content
  • You also have the freedom to use “Insert Merge Field” to add any personalized field that you might like between your e-mail content
  • Use the “Preview” result option to view your message 
  • Once you’ve reviewed that you are satisfied with the output, finish and merge

Always remember to use a catchy Subject line to receive a high open-rate.


If you want to save time on your marketing e-mail production and wish to receive guaranteed returns from your e-mail marketing campaigns, you might want to consider using a pre-made e-mail template design. It will help you enjoy measurable returns from your marketing e-mails without having to have a ready design team to curate these marketing e-mails for your business.

You can choose from the available variety of e-mail template design offerings and have your content team plug in valuable content within these. Your business will be able to provide effective e-mail marketing campaigns for your customers without having to spend on a design team to design your e-mail communication. Using this cost-effective e-mail marketing design strategy will not only prove to be more budget-friendly, it will also save your company a significant chunk of time and effort.  As we have highlighted in this article, it is wholly possible to use basic Microsoft facilities such as Word and Excel to design your own marketing e-mail templates. You don’t even need to have any experience in design. All you need to do is use the steps we’ve listed out above, and you will be able to run successful e-mail marketing campaigns effortlessly, with minimal effort on design.

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