Effective Abandoned Cart Email Template for E-commerce Businesses

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Running a successful e-commerce business is no easy task. Several things need to be taken care of. If you want to maintain the inflow of profits, you have to take care of and stay updated with inventory tasks, the traffic your website registers, how you market your products and more. All of it determines the overall success of your brand.

Do note, sometimes, your e-commerce business might be failing to turn in profits, even when you’ve managed to ensure quality for the above aspects. Perhaps, it is because of abandoned carts. Online cart abandonment can impact your business revenue a lot more than you can imagine! Cart abandonment is the customer practice of abandoning carts after adding products to it on an e-commerce site. It is when you are able to move your customers seamlessly through the sales funnel right up until the moment where they actually convert their interest into sales and profit for your business. Now, while some of these customers might never have intended to complete their transaction, others might have simply forgotten or been interrupted while they were close to converting. You could always try to re-engage these customers with an abandoned cart email, intended to remind them about their added cart on your website.

Let’s Talk About Why You Should Use Abandoned Cart Messages

You might be surprised, but according to research, around 80% of customer carts are abandoned before finalizing the transaction. What it essentially is, is a lot of sales lost. We don’t go into analyzing the customer behavior behind this, but we do provide you with statistics regarding why you should use abandoned cart emails.

  • 45% of customers choose to open abandoned cart follow-up emails
  • 21% of these emails register a click-through
  • Approximately 10.7% of these customers who have received follow-up abandoned cart emails return to complete their purchase

Abandoned cart emails can help you retrieve this potentially lost revenue and boost the ROI of your marketing exercise. Abandoned cart emails also help enhance customer retention and enable you to serve your customers more efficiently.

If we were to delve into the psychology behind the abandonment of shopping carts on e-commerce websites, we would probably trace it to reasons such as high cost of product, webpage crash, complicated checkout procedure and so on. Of course, some people only visit your website to compare the products in your online store against that of your competitors.

Abandoned cart emails let you gain valuable user feedback pertaining to why they abandoned their carts. You can use this, in turn, to make changes to your operations in ways that can remedy the issues they noted.

Elements to Include in Your Abandoned Cart Email Template for Maximum Effect

Find below a list of best practices for including into your abandoned cart email template to serve your e-commerce business –

  • Use a well-crafted subject line – An eye-catching and attention-grabbing email subject line will ensure that your customer opens your abandoned cart email. Businesses sometimes fail to take into account that their customers receive countless emails in the course of a day. If they wish to attract their attention and have their email stand out from all the other emails in their inbox, they need to craft an effective subject line. What use is a well-written abandoned cart email if it never sees the light of day?

An effective email subject line is direct, concise, personalized, uses emoji and is successful in creating a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind.

Example: “You forgot products in your cart.”

“(Insert Name), did you forget about your cart?”

  • Insert customer ratings and reviews for the products carted – Customers always respond to social proof. Businesses extend social proof for their customers in order to win over their trust, which consequently helps them build a long-lasting bond with them. Even if your customers have abandoned their cart, you can use your abandoned cart email template to remind them that the products they had expressed interest in, were verified and highly sought after. As it is, nearly 95% of online shoppers read up customer reviews before finalizing their purchase. When you insert reviews left for your products by other customers in your abandoned cart email, you increase your chances of re-engaging your customer back into your sales funnel.
  • Offer a discount – On several occasions, customers abandon their online shopping carts due to high prices. So when you offer a strategic discount for the carted product in your abandoned cart email template, you stand improved chances of wooing back your customer. Focus on making this offer unique, so your customers find a genuine interest in returning to complete their transaction. You can tempt your potentially lost customer to make a swift return by offering to waive off shipping charges and so on. Make sure you do not offer excessive discounts and lessen the cart value by a great margin. Customers are more likely to open your abandoned cart email when you promise them rewards in return!

When Should You Schedule Your Abandoned Cart Email?

As per research conducted on the matter, abandoned cart emails should be scheduled to be sent to your customers an hour after customer cart abandonment. It will provide the highest conversion rate. Of course, you can always schedule more emails to follow up after this.

Automating your abandoned cart email messages is also a good idea. It lets you send your customers emails for their abandoned cart on your e-commerce website automatically, into their inboxes, without having to do so for every customer individually.

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Rounding Up Our Actionable Abandoned Cart Email Template Content Advice

We highlight here, all the actionable tips and suggestions we have provided above, and a handful more, to include into your abandoned cart email template for assured results –

  • Create a promising subject line, so your audience feels compelled to open your abandoned cart email for them.
  • Refer to the abandoned product. You will benefit from supplying a high-quality photo of the product your customer has left abandoned in their cart, to refresh their memory.
  • Include a well-written and persuasive copy. Use this to remind your customers about the value of the product they’ve abandoned in their cart. Persuade them into completing their transaction by letting them know how owning it would add quality to their lives.
  • Try to manufacture a sense of urgency. Don’t over-use this strategy needlessly. Only use it to engage your customer if your products are really on the brink of running out. Manufacturing FOMO is one of the most effective strategies to use to persuade your customer back into making a sale for your business in your abandoned cart email template.
  • Extend additional discounts and loyalty program benefits. Your customer will feel incentivized to complete their transaction on your e-commerce service when you do so.
  • Don’t play around with words needlessly; provide a clear Call-to-Action. You don’t want to confuse your customer with respect to their next steps, you want to make your desired action as clear as possible in your CTA.
  • Automate a series of abandoned cart emails. If you wish to maximize your chances of customer conversion, don’t stop at one follow-up abandoned cart message. Auto-schedule at least a handful of them to be sent.
  • Optimize your abandoned cart email for mobile viewing. Email open rates now record higher when assessed for mobile phones than for desktops/laptops. You want your abandoned cart email template to be mobile-optimized to offer your customers a comfortable and hassle-free UX.


Don’t let customers who have abandoned their shopping carts on your e-commerce business webpage walk away scot-free, chase them! No really, abandoned customer carts can lead to a significant margin of revenue loss for your business. It is worth your time to try to re-engage these customers back and incentivize them somehow back into your marketing and sales funnel.

All you need to do is employ an effective abandoned cart email template. We have discussed in this article all the ways in which you can create an abandoned cart email template that works for your e-commerce business! Simply follow the tips and suggestions laid out, and you should be able to inspire your customers back to their carts.

We also suggest automating your abandoned cart email template for the best results. If you are a well-performing e-commerce business, you likely already have a sizeable chunk of customers making up your customer base. It is not possible to individually send every customer who abandons their shopping cart a message manually, asking them to return and complete your transaction. What you can do, however, is automate this message flow and schedule them at optimal time intervals, so they perform as best as they can. Still considering whether you should be incorporating abandoned cart emails for the abandoned carts on your e-commerce site? We recommend you hurry! You are losing out on a lot of crucial business by not sending abandoned cart messages to nurture these customers back. It can be easily remedied by utilizing an abandoned cart email template. You will find many available online. If you’d much rather DIY it, the tips listed in this article should effectively help you along. Just get to it already!

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