Effective Conversion Email Sequence Templates to Convert Your Leads

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People who have run campaigns have always asked themselves the questions as to how one can improve conversions. This leads us to the question of how one can craft a great email that will help you realize your goals.

It has been well proven that a sales email is way more effective than social media interaction. This is the same case as to how SEO and search results pages of a search engine will lead to almost 90% of your traffic.

So, if this tactic is so powerful, most of the company’s mail ends up in the spam or trash folder. This simple but major failure can be attributed to poorly written emails. As one gains experience in the industry, they can easily rectify such situations very easily.

Here are few pointers as to how you can avoid such a thing from happening to you –

  1. Follow Up – Most of the people working in sales won’t follow up. Studies have shown that it takes at least 5-7 followup to convert a prospect into a sale. So anyone quitting after a few follow-ups essentially loses a client.
  2. Call to action – There should be a call-to-action in your email so that the prospect can go to your website or call you right from the email itself. It should be clear and easily visible and must have their attention as soon as possible.
  3. Subject Lines – Try out various subject lines as people are more likely to respond to an email that has their own name in the Subject. Try as many lines as possible and make sure you keep track of the ones that convert.

A few Email sequence templates to get you started

1) Cold Outreach,

This is your opportunity to make a great first impression on the prospective client. Using relevant questions that demand a response other than a yes or a no is a great way to get over the awkwardness.

For e.g.

Hi Greg

A steady flow of good quality leads is essential for any and every business. This is a crucial step but excruciating at the same time.

We at our XYZ company understand your pain and that is why we are hosting a live webinar for all people facing problems with their growth trajectories.

Join dozens of people and me where we brainstorm ideas and I give you insider tips on how you make your business the best version of itself.

Sign up right now – Link

Hope you make that growth chart as steep as possible.

See you soon (Hopefully)


Founder and Ceo

XYZ Company

A good follow up to the above email would be a discount code to further sweeten the deal

Hi Greg

We thought you are having second thoughts about our webinar. We totally understand this, and we would like to give you a 20% discount code for it.

This is just so that you know that we value your presence. For us at XYZ Company everyone is important.


Sign up Link



Founder and Ceo

XYZ Company

2) Trigger Events

For email outreach to be successful one must be able to connect with the prospective client at the right time. Keep a check on people on their social media and reach out to them when they post about a promotion or a happy thing.

Here is an email sequence template for this situation

Hi Dave

I see that you have been promoted to Head of Operations and I’d like to congratulate you on your feat.

Your new position is going to have a lot of different challenges and great things in one simple package.

As someone who has gone through the same process, I would like to extend my help if you ever need it to you. It would be great to get on a call and discuss things out.

Pick a date and I’ll make myself available for a chat.




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3) Common Interests

Personalizing an email is a great way of getting people’s attention. This means that you haven’t copy and pasted the same email that you usually send out. This may sound like borderline stalking but you are only using the information that they provided to the public on social media themselves.

Hi Ron,

I just checked your LinkedIn profile and found that you are also a big Arctic Monkeys fan. In my years as a Data Analyst in London, I had the opportunity to see them live a couple of times.

They are coming to town next week. Would you like to go to the concert and talk about Data careers beforehand?

Or is this too far-fetched

In any case, do let me know



4) Promote

In the B2B industry, content presentation and educating the people on it is everything.

Here is an email sequence template for this situation

Hi Natasha

July and August are the slowest months in a year for people in sales.

Has that summer slump hit your business badly too?

Here is our blog “10 Things That A Company Can Do To Avoid A Summer Slump”.

Here is an excerpt from the blog

  • Give old deals one more chance
  • Automate your marketing and sales efforts
  • Prevent scheduling conflicts

The full Blog – Link

Signing off


5) Sending Helpful Content

If you only promote your brand and sales letters. You might be sidelined by other businesses. Everybody likes to be on top. But people who reveal how to be on top are loved even more.

Make sure you reach out to partner businesses and share key information on how you can improve themselves. Links of resources are also greatly appreciated. This could be anything from links to blogs or just data. Make sure you send them in a cordial tone.

6) Follow-Ups

A follow-up email can make a huge difference as we have stated earlier. It takes 5-7 follow-ups to make a prospective client into a client.

Here is an email sequence template for just this situation


We noticed that you received our previous email but didn’t respond. We know people are busy, and we might have slipped from your mind.

We really hope that our product can be of great use to you. Since you have been so keen till now we would like to give you a complimentary gift with our product too.

Sounds like a good deal. Then – Link



7) Response Email

This is an email where you elicit a response one way or the other. This might sound like a follow-up email, but in this, you are giving the customer a chance to decide whether they want your product.

Since you’ll get an answer one way or the other we suggest that you keep this tactic for last.

Here is an email sequence template for this situation

Hi Davis,

We see that you have been receiving and reading our email but not responding. Hope everything is alright.

As we offered our various services and tried to reach out to you for a while to no avail. We would like to know whether you would like to be off our mailing list.

This will help us streamline our mailing list and for you, it will mean that you won’t get our exclusive deals, news and offers.

Unsubscribe here – Link

Regards Jack

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