Email Sign Up Sheet Template for Sales Professionals to Create a Mailing List

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Do you run a business or perhaps, are tasked with marketing a business? An email sign up sheet is a no-brainer marketing strategy that you should have already applied for your business marketing efforts. In case you still haven’t gotten around to it, there’s no better time than now to begin. If you want your business to grow, you should have a list of all your clients ready and in one place. The only way to keep track of your clients effectively is to provide an email signup sheet on your webpage/blog/social media profile. Of course, e-mail marketing is also indisputably the most effective form of digital marketing with the highest ROI-spend ratio. What are you still waiting for then? Make drafting an email sign up sheet for your business the foremost priority. You are unlikely to regret the decision.

Tips on Designing an Efficient Email Sign Up Sheet

When you set about designing an email sign up sheet for your company, you need to pay attention to the following for maximum gains –

  • Make it Prominent – If you want visitors to your webpage/social media page/blog to fill in their details to your email sign up sheet, make sure it is centrally placed. Nobody has the time or patience to hunt for your business email sign up sheet. Similarly, the sheet could be placed across all the pages of your web profile. Top-right corner and across the top of the page is also an effective placement. Nowadays, pop up light-boxes are on-trend for featuring email sign up sheets too. So, you might want to look into those.
  • Offer Value – You want to entice the visitors to your online media to provide their email addresses. How do you do this? Nobody wants more junk mail to pile up in their inbox. Offer them with valuable content/information in return for their emails. It also serves well to let them know beforehand how often they can expect email communication from you.
  • Don’t Ask for Too Many Details – Email marketing benefits from personalization, but this does not mean that you try to collect all the information you need from your clients using the email sign up sheet. Stick to asking for the basic details and they will be more willing to fill it for you.

Sample Email Sign Up Sheet Templates for You to Use


We would love to keep in touch with you. Sign up to receive emails from us!

Please complete all information below:

Salutations –

First Name * –

Last Name *–

Email * –

Phone – (Area Code) (Phone Number)

Address – Street Address

Street Address Line 2

City              State

Zip Code          Country

Comments/Suggestions/Queries –

[Submit Button]

  • Free [Insert Your Value Add]!

Enter your personal details below to enjoy immediate notification from us!

[Dialog Box to Enter Your Name]

[Dialog Box to Enter Your Email]

We never share your private information with any third-party.

[CTA Button]

  • Receive Free Email Updates!

Join our mailing list for FREE to receive immediate email updates regarding anything new on our end!

[Dialog Box to Enter Your Name]

[Dialog Box to Enter Your Email]

Any information you share is kept confidential.

[Join Us Today!]

  • Get Free Email Notifications!

[Enter Names of Services You are Offering in Exchange]

[Dialog Box for Entering Your Full Name]

[Dialog Box for Entering Your Email Address]

[Dialog Box for Entering Your Phone Number]

[Sign Up Button]

  • [Dialog Box to Enter Name]

[Dialog Box to Enter E-mail Address]

[Subscribe Button]

  • Sign Up for Our Free Emailers

Fill this form out to sign up for our mailing list today!

Name – First Name, Second Name

Email –

Address – Street Address

Street Address Line 2

City               State/Province

Postal/Zip Code          [Drop down menu to choose Country]

Confirm that you wish to receive emails from [Insert Company Name] to the mailing address you have provided? –  Yes/No

  • Registration Form to Join Our Mailing List

Please fill the form provided below to join our growing email list today!

Name – [First Name] [Last Name]

Address – [Street Address]

[Street Address Line 2]

[City] [State/Province]

[Postal/Zip Code] [Drop Down Menu to Select Country]

Email –

Phone Number – [Area Code] [Phone Number]

The email sign up sheet templates shared above should help you get an idea how to begin crafting an email opt-in form for your clients, with the goal of growing your mailing list. You can choose from the lengthier formats or settle for the short and simple email registration form templates provided. The decision rests with you. Below, we share a handful more tips that you ought to keep in mind when creating your business email sign up sheet from scratch.

Highly Effective Email Sign Up Sheet Design Strategies

Don’t forget to implement the following tried and tested practices if you want your email sign up sheet to attract visitor attention –

  • Use Bright and Contrasting Colors. Contrasting colors stand out on your webpage and catch visitor eye more easily than email registration forms with neutral colors.
  • Play on User Intent. Live up to your promises. If you offered your webpage visitor a certain value on their website visit, try to meet this expectation. They will be more willing to convert if you have lived up to the claims you made to them.
  • Understand that your conversion rate might not be the issue. You might need to improve the overall flow of visitors on your website. The email sign up sheet might not be at fault for the low registrations received on it. If you wish to remedy your low email opt-in form conversion rate, you might want to address the low website traffic problem first.
  • Monitor website metrics. You will be able to implement necessary conversion rate optimization when you can gather data on the conversion rate of your email opt-in form.
  • Place your email sign up sheet on high traffic webpages. You want to maximize visibility for your email registration form. The only way to do this is by identify the pages of your website which are the most popular and then placing your email opt-in form on them. There’s no use placing your email sign up sheet on a webpage nobody visits.
  • Experiment with different offers. If one offer does not bring the desired results in gathering visitor emails, don’t hesitate to replace it with another. Keep monitoring your metrics and email sign up sheet conversion rate until you realize the combination that works best.
  • Minimize friction. Keep the number of form fields proportional to the value-added services you are offering your clients in exchange for their email contact.
  • Reduce the number of forms and CTAs you place on one page.
  • Use pop-up forms. When used correctly, pop-up forms report high conversion ability and lead generation for businesses using them as preferred format to provide their email sign up sheet in.
  • Utilize a smart form builder with smart field capacity. Smart form builders can remove information fields on a form if they’ve remembered the details submitted before, for a second time user. These forms help reduce friction for users and make the experience of filling in your email sign up sheet more convenient for them.
  • Test your form before releasing it. The only way to improve your gains from anything is to test and improve upon the basic version.

We hope this guide comes in handy, and wish you all the best in increasing your business mailing list!

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