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Growing a brand is undoubtedly an exciting process. After all, the entrepreneur has to constantly try out innovative measures to design and pitch their brand so that it looks alluring for their target audience. However, pitching a brand will only be successful when there is a strong and carefully planned marketing strategy behind it.

A major aspect of pitching a brand by any small or business brand is its marketing process. Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective digital forms of marketing the brand. The Return on Investment an entrepreneur can accomplish through a well-designed email marketing plan can be more than a whopping 4,400 percent.

The percentage is a higher conversion rate as compared to the combined percentage of all other available digital channels. The next pertinent question is how to make sure that the email marketing strategy is highly effective for your marketing plan. It should also help you to get a better conversion as compared to your business rivals.

Today, every business is using emails to promote their brands and maximize their revenue. So, it is imperative for you to contemplate how to utilize them distinctly in comparison to the other players in the market. An email template is an excellent option to do so.

It has been proven that quality email templates can help a small or medium-sized business to increase brand visibility and increase customer reach. Such templates can also give an edge to the business as far as its sales are concerned.

An email template can boost your brand, improve your marketing campaigns, as well as, assist you to enter a higher number of inboxes. Such a template can also convert your campaigns into saleable clicks.

What is the importance of a brand pitch email template?

By now, you must have realized the importance of email marketing is done in the right manner. However, if you still feel apprehensive, here is another piece of interesting statistics to convince you how rewarding it can be. Around 81 percent of the e-commerce ventures claim that email has increased their customer acquisition and assisting them to engage their target audiences better.

There are various reasons why many businesses opt for this particular marketing mode. Email marketing is effective, inexpensive, as well as, simple to create. If you choose an easy email marketing setup, several customers can be reached at the same time by simply clicking a button.

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Additionally, another attractive feature of email marketing is the possibility of personalizing and customizing your email marketing campaigns. It denotes that you could easily do your audience segmentation into different lists, as well as, send customized messages to every customer.

Best brand pitch email templates for small and medium businesses

Have you ever been highly impressed by the way an email has been penned? We have shortlisted some excellent yet simple email templates in this article, which can boost your brand. Choose a brand pitch email template from our recommendations below and see the difference you can make to your brand visibility and sales conversion.

1) Dribble

Dribble is known for offering excellent email design templates. It is known for having one of the largest communities of designers globally. Dribble features some fabulous email templates. You can create, discover, explore, experiment with them and send out emails that can grab eyeballs easily.

The templates are fantastic as you will not only get an opportunity to work closely with talented designers but also leverage some beautifully generated illustrated templates. These email templates can stand out in any inbox, as well as, are perfect for companies generally and e-commerce ventures in particular.

2) Themezy

It is another well-known website that offers you the chance to work with some great email templates, which can be easily and directly downloaded. It is possible to go through the various templates, download, and then choose any template, which meets your requirements. Themezy is an excellent choice for your business if there are budget constraints and you require some good design templates with useful track records.

All these templates may be used for boosting your sales, newsletters, and for introducing new products. You can choose across certain email templates depending on your requirements and then put them out.

3) Venngage

Did you know newsletters can be an excellent way to remind your target audiences that you look beyond selling? If you have to engage in brand building endeavors, Venngage is an excellent website to opt for. The site features more than 50 email templates for events and marketing your brand and offerings.

4) ProductHunt

In case you are in pursuit of highly-curated email templates you have arrived at the right place. ProductHunt enables you to curate fresh offerings. Plus, it is a great tool for e-commerce businesses to find out more about the recent trends, as well as, features some of the finest templates available in the market today.

The templates available here are also related to queries and enable you to look for something, which can work most smartly for your specific brand. You may put distinct products into a single template. They can stand out distinctly in the inbox of the user.

5) SendX

It is one of the well-designed websites for email software. SendX offers several fine templates you can take your pick from. These range from certain sales-oriented ones to responsive templates. The templates can be customized for any kind of online sale and will stand out distinctly when the recipient opens it in their inbox.

6) Email Octopus

It comes with a free plan and is also known as “Shrimp”. The tool enables a user to send limitless emails to a maximum of 2500 subscribers. Additionally, a user can send emails from many email addresses. There are multiple email templates to explore and experiment with.

However, there is no automation functionality available for free subscribers and is only meant for its paid subscribers. However, if you are not interested in signing up for an account, you can still choose from one of the 11 free email templates, which can be easily downloaded from their website.

7) EmailOut

It provides as many as 12,500 free emails to a maximum of 2,500 subscribers every month. You can choose from a wide range of classy professionally designed email templates, modify them, and use them according to your specific requirements.

8) Zoho Campaigns

Likewise, Zoho Campaigns enables a user to send a maximum of 12,000 emails to two thousand subscribers every month. The plan is known as “Forever Free.” The tool features hundreds of templates for customization apart from some cool features. Some notable ones include clear analytics and an A/B testing function.

9) MailChimp

The tool comes with a free service, which enables a user to send up to twelve thousand emails to a maximum of 2000 subscribers every month. While its free plan offers limited analytical tools, there are multiple easily modifiable “drag and drop” templates. It also offers segmentation features to segregate your procured email addresses onto personalization lists.

10) Zurb

It comes with some easily adaptable and fabulous email templates, which are highly responsive. There are three free tutorials to know about their expert advice, which can be easily downloaded. While social media can be attractive to boost a small brand, choosing a proper business email template can do wonders for your brand visibility. The above websites and tools can help in effective email campaigns and help in pitching your brand.

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