Heart-Felt Thank You Note Templates from Charities for Donations Received

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A Thank You note for donations is an essential form of acknowledgment. It is a form of an unofficial receipt which informs the donor that their donation has been received. A simple thank you for your donation can create a warmth and sense of bond. Special charities that rely upon donations to meet their operational expenses and thank you notes hold a special place.

There are different ways to say thank you for your donation. The note needs to be heartfelt, personalized, and have a positive vibe. The implications of a thank you note not only defines acknowledgment but also holds value to attract future donations. Here we list a few aspects which make a thank you note special when responding to donations.

1. Using the name of the donor

This is an important aspect and often holds considerable weight. When we write a “thank you for your donation” response, beginning with a generic “Dear Sir/Madam” may reduce the importance of the donor. It may reflect upon mass mailing response practice and fails to build a stronger bond between the donor and the organization.

Instead, if we begin the thank you note with a more personalized approach and directly refer the donor, it helps differentiate.

A simple example would e to begin the thank you note with, “Dear Mr. XYZ”.

2. Sending a thank you note promptly

Try to provide an immediate response post reception of a donation. A quick acknowledgment helps build a trust factor and also help subside any potential remorse that may set in upon the donor. Timing thank you notes is important to gain credibility among donors as well. It showcases the seriousness of the cause.

Do try to send your “thank you for your donation” messages within the first 48-72 hours of receiving donation. This will ensure:

  • The donor feels immediate appreciation, instant gratification
  • The donor would remember the organization and their donation
  • The donor does not get re-solicited again and are duly thanked for their donation

3. Sending you thank you note from another person

Any acknowledgment or any form of communication for that matter feels more special when they are delivered from another person. The community or company emails fails to live up to similar expectation and hype. Make a high ranking officer of your organization like a CEO or a senior director respond to donations. It helps build better relations. However, the senior official should be made to look like a volunteer and not just a signing authority. Also, the donor should be informed of the impact they’ve made with their donation.

An example would be like: “…..Thank Your for your donation. Regards Mr. XYZ, Senior Director(Volunteer)”

4. State The Impact Of The Donation

Once you thank your donor for the donation, it is also a right opportunity to inform them about the mission. Donors would want to know how their money is being used and impact of their donation in the society. Take the acknowledgment to talk about the progress of the mission, the impact of the donation.

An example would be, ” …I would like to inform you that your precious donation into the foundation has enabled us to expand our operations. We have recently adopted a new village thanks to your generous offering…..”

5. The Thank You Note Should Be Warm And Friendly In Tone

A thank you note for donation always feels good. Therefore, the notes should reflect a friendly and warm tone instead of a formal style of conversation. When a thank you for your donation theme note is written, it should be drafted to address a friend or family. Using strict formal language like “…..on behalf of XYZ Organisation….” fails to cut a deeper connection and feels more mechanical.

An example would be, “…Thank you so much for your donation. Me and my team members are really excited to have you on board…..”

6. Using a donor-centric language

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A thank you note should be about acknowledging donors and not self-praise. The focus should be kept solely upon the donor and the donation. The template should contain more “you” and “your” instead of using “we” or “us”. The main topic of discussion should be about the donor and the achievement of the donation than reflect overtly on the organization’s details. Some key phrases to include would be:

  • “Possible because of you/your”
  • “With the help of your”
  • “Your generous gift”
  • “Many thanks for your support”
  • “XYZ was made possible because of You”
  • “It would not have been done without you/your”

7. Avoiding half-hearted empty jargons

The non-profit sector has a plethora of industry specific jargon. They carry meaning if you are directly associated in the field and would mean absolutely nothing if you are not. Remember to keep such jargon away from your external communications. These would include the “thank you for your donation” letters.

8. Refer the History Of The Donor

Donors who are loyal and donate regularly are some really precious asset. Such donors need to be celebrated and always appreciated upon every opportunity. The “Thank You for your donation” notes must keep count of such loyal donors. Their loyalty must be appreciated and duly conveyed on every such note.

An example would be, “….Your previous donation for the cause has been a major support for us. Our team greatly appreciate your constant support over the years…..”

9. Adding A Personal Touch

Your thank-you note can be made more engaging by adding personal notes and messages. These details can include donor birthday to anniversary reminder etc. Also hand drawn illustrations, signatures, and other such additional touch makes the thank you note all the more special. The donor feels appreciated and special. The personal details can be accessed by using the profile database from the organization.

10. Offering Better Contact Details

Often a thoughtful and friendly thank you note impresses the donors, and they would be interested to know more about the organization. Make such tasks easy for the donor by adding additional details such as contact number, website link, email ids, and address to reach out to the organization. Social media details can be linked along such notes as well so the donor can follow the organization.

11. Don’t Ask Anything Directly

A thank you letter is fundamentally an unofficial receipt and an acknowledgment of appreciation. The thank you should never be used to demand additional donation and even remotely suggest such concepts. It is similar to you writing home during the holidays. You wish everybody well and pray for their health and well-being rather than ask about what they should give you next. It is very annoying and unethical to demand anything over a thank you note.

12. Including special quotes and stories

Testimonials from other donors are a very strong marketing tool They help establish credibility and inspire others to follow. When donor speak about the work your organization is doing, it provides greater impact upon others. Thank you for your donation notes can include such testimonials and quotes from other such donors. It helps build a drive around the movement and instills a sense of pride and emotion.

An example of such would be, “……now we would like to share experiences of some donors who have been a part of our team for a while now and have served many. Their stories are a great source of inspiration for many……”

13. Adding Appropriate Photos and Visuals

Use of photos, videos and other such forms of info graphics that focus upon the organization’s work and its impact. Visuals always leave a greater impact than mere walls of texts. Information and visuals together make a remarkable pair that helps people remember the details. Visual messages tend to stick more with donors and their impact lasts longer than usual.

Charts, pies, flow diagrams, videos etc are effective additions to your thank you note.

14. Keep the Thank You Note Short

It is useful when the thank you note is kept short and sweet. The purpose of the note is to convey acknowledgment and appreciation towards the donor. A note which speak clearly and briefly without unnecessary distraction is the best form. Additional details only tend to bore the reader, and it looses the purpose, which is gratitude. Always ensure the thank you note is kept brief.


The non-profit sector is very competitive and require a steady number of loyal donors to sustain. This makes thank you notes all the more important for such an organization. Beyond the scope of doing real socially important activities, acknowledging the support and provide a real value for money change into the society can help non-profits sustain. Ensure no money is wasted upon unnecessary activities, providing a detailed account of spending and acknowledging the support of loyal donors. These instances can surely help non-profits sustain and continue to bring change into society and its people.

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