How to write a heartfelt reply to your sweetheart’s letter of goodbye [With Samples]

Writing a reply to the letter of goodbye

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As members of the human race, we all have some very basic weaknesses. Goodbyes are one of them. The gush of emotions that we feel when we hear a goodbye is hard to explain on paper. But it is so universal that somewhere, it reminds us that underneath all our differences, we all are the same. The basic nature of all humans is the same when it comes to pain.

But what if your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye to you? Would it not be really overwhelming? Letters are in themselves, such intimate things. It is almost magical how ink, making certain patterns on a sheet of paper can connect two people to such an extent. Letters bring people closer. Letters make love more special. Letters, well, make the goodbyes more emotional. And to receive a parting letter, well, it will be really tough.

What are letters of goodbye?

Letters of goodbye are the letters which are written when a person decides to change his/ her course of life. It can be in a job, in a relationship or even in some cases, in a friendship too. These letters are generally very sad as they symbolize parting. Parting is never easy. Even if you have not been on good terms with your girlfriend or boyfriend or your better half, it takes a lot of courage to get separated to part ways. So, goodbye letters can be exceptionally emotional.

In case of leaving a job, letters of goodbye are written to tell your colleagues and bosses how you felt about them. It is written to thank the people in your organization for their support and co-operation. These letters, generally, end with wishing the company and its employees, a bright career ahead. 

We will be focussing more on the former one in the article.

Why should you reply if your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye?

The reply to a goodbye letter gives both people a sense of closure. Human beings crave closure. Closure shows that this part of your life may bring some difficult memories, but it will still be a part of a journey that will not hinder your growth. 

Without closures, it may take years to realize the reason for splitting. It makes moving on more difficult. It is not too difficult to see such people around you, who have been so broken by splitting up that they keep searching for reasons for that. And often they end up finding the wrong ones. This may even lead to self-harming behaviour.

So, a reply to a goodbye letter would mean that you have made peace with the decision. It, generally, ends on a positive note and thus is reminds you that whatever be the case, you both must try to be happy.

The reply will not only act as a relief to you, but it will also act as a relief to your sweetheart.

Tips to write a heart-felt reply to your sweetheart’s letter of goodbye-

Before starting, always remember that it is an emotional process. It can be too emotional at times. So, remind your brain and heart to not go too hard on yourself. It may take a few days to write a reply if your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye. But always remember, it is probably for the best. Always search for the silver lining before sitting down to write the reply.

–     Select the mode of reply: In these times, there is more than one way to send a reply. It can be done digitally. Or it can be done in the old-fashioned way of writing a letter by hand. Oe it even can even be done via any third party that specialises in writing letters (YES! These companies exist.) In my opinion, the letters written by hand have a different feel to them. They are more intimate. They are more meaningful. They make the reader feel more connected. Of course, it will take more effort to write a letter and post it but it will mean so much more.

–     Typed letter vs Hand-written letter: If you decide to send the letter by post, you need to figure out if the letter would be a handwritten one or a typed one. Handwritten letters show effort. They show how much you value the other person. There is more scope for creativity in a letter written by hand. You can use different types of inks and stickers. You can even use a scented paper. 

–     Selecting the stationery: If you are writing by hand, you must select the stationery beforehand. You must choose the kinds of markers or pens that you will use. You must choose the size and colour of the paper you will use. Also, there are papers of different textures that can be used in the process. You need to finalize all that before beginning.

–     The language: It is very important to find out the language in which you will write. The letters in the native language are more touching. They convey a deeper connection. But if that is not possible, you can always go for English or any other language that you both understand. It is better to go with the language in which you received the goodbye letter.

–     The words that you will use: The language of such letters should not be too tough. There must be simplicity and honesty to the language. You can include one or two personal instances too. But it is utterly important to avoid such a language that will act as a barrier and lead to miscommunication. 

–     Attach a picture: It is always better to attach a happy picture along with the letter. Pictures give a personal touch to the letter. They remind you of the happy moments and intimacy. Choice of the picture should be such that it makes the letter more meaningful. Out of context photographs should be avoided.

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–     Send a gift: Find a gift that you can send as a token of love and appreciation. The size or the cost of the gift does not matter. What matters is the fact that you went out of the way to find a parting present. It will always be appreciated if your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye and you reply with a cute letter and a gift wrapped in love.

–     Be Honest: Honesty brings out the best in a person. Write what you honestly feel. The more you try to fake it, the more the reader will feel disconnected from it. It is best to write what you are actually feeling. Love, Hate, Sadness everything must be visible in the letter. 

–     Be Informal: These letters are meant to be informal. Avoid using formal language. Be easy on the vocabulary and write in the simplest way possible.

Here are 5 Sample letters to help you write a reply if your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye:

Sample 1-

Dear ________ (sweetheart’s name),

I received your goodbye letter today. I will not lie; it was hard to read it. I choked up a couple of times while reading your letter.

What we shared was special. It will be hard to live without you. I am pretty sure that I will miss you.

But what comforts me, is the fact that you are an independent man/ woman. You know how to take care of yourself. You have always been better at it than I have been. I wish you all the best in your life. As you would say, rock it!

I will always love you!

Your truly,

_______ (your name)

Sample 1 for Sweetheart’s Letter of Goodbye

Sample 2-

Dear _________ (sweetheart’s name),

From the moment I opened your letter, I knew it was going to be tough. You were the person who completed me. You were my solace. Just the thought of meeting you for the dinner would often give me the strength to pull through a tough day at work. 

It is so sad to realize that we could not make it work. Will it change the fact that I love you? I don’t think so. I will always love you. I will always remember the walks with you. How you held my hand in a protective way. How I would look at you and think, “How can someone be so caring?” It makes my heart fill with a lot of emotions.

I know it must have been hard for you too. But I am glad you had the courage to tell me the truth. Farewell, my support system. I am sure we will meet in a world where we will not fall out of love.

I am attaching a picture of us at the movie theater. I hope you keep it as close to you forever as I do.

Yours always,

___________ (Your name)

(Attach your picture with it)

Sample 2 for Sweetheart’s Letter of Goodbye

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Sample 3-

Dear __________ (sweetheart’s name),

We are at a stage in our lives where our professional lives are affecting our personal lives. It must have taken a lot of courage for you to accept it and write a goodbye letter. I am glad you did that. I could never have gathered the courage to do that.

It is so strange that sometimes even when you want to stay with a person, you cannot. You will always be the part of my life that I loved to my core. It is sad to see you go. But by walking away, you became the bigger person. I will gladly accept that fact. You have always been the bigger person between us.

There will always be a part of you in me.

I wish you all the success in life. I love you.

Your lovingly,

___________ (your name)

Sample 3 for Sweetheart’s Letter of Goodbye

Sample 4- 

Dear ___________ (sweetheart’s name)

There were times when I thought how it must feel to see your loved one separating from you? When I saw ____ (your friend’s name who broke up recently), I would often wonder how difficult it must be for him/ her. Who knew that destiny had similar plans for us?

You were my first love. Everything you did for me was special to me. Do you remember how you took me out for an ice cream every time I felt low? Or how you would drop little notes for me and how I would find them at odd places throughout the day? You cared for me and I loved you more in return.

Well, it is sad that we could not make it work. I wish you all the best in your life. I will miss you. I will always keep your letter close to my heart.

Yours always,

__________ (your name)

Sample 4 for Sweetheart’s Letter of Goodbye

Sample 5-

Dear ________ (sweetheart’s name),

Nobody ever told me to be prepared to write back if your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye. I never thought that I would stand at such a crossroads in my life. But I will write today because it would help both of us to end this on a good note.

I am not so happy to have received your letter. But I am glad that you had the strength to write it. We were inseparable. All our friends always thought that we were the personification of a happy romantic relationship. You made my world more beautiful.

But we cannot deny that things have been somewhat off for a while now. Is falling out of love even a thing? I never knew it could happen to us. But it is wise of us to part rather than sticking with each other forcefully. You have a beautiful life waiting for you, So do I. 

I will love you, always. But I will miss you more. Your crooked smile and your unkempt hair. I will keep the good memories with me till my end.

All the best for your life baby.

Yours lovingly,

__________ (Your name)  

Sample 5 for Sweetheart’s Letter of Goodbye

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