How to write an effective letter of intent for medical school

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If you’re looking to enroll to your top choice of medical school. And wonder how and where to get started with your intent letter? Then, you have reached your destination. Our article will inform you about how to write an effective letter of intent for medical school.

The difficulties introduced by medical school acceptance rates put more importance in the application process. Every applicant wants to secure their admission with their dream medical school. The medical school letter of intent is a critical criterion while considering an application.

The letter of intent has become an important part of the application package. It is relevant since the candidate who will attend their school should know about the entire system of the medical school. And how the applicant can contribute to their future and development.

The letter should address and emphasize major points like why you want to attend a particular school which you picked. Also, why are you a good fit and why should you be selected among all the applicants. The letter of intent should have a flow in which should be formal and direct to the point. A maximum of two pages is what a good letter of intent should look like.

That being said, we shall now move on to point-wise description on how to write an effective letter of intent for medical school.

The letter should address the dean or director of admissions or admission committee

Mostly, there are the ones who will read your application and the committee who will place the decision of your application package. A well-researched letter about the medical school and who is the intended people working (especially doctor) should be noted down. This point will make sure, that you know about the medical school and is well-read about it. The most important point to remember while addressing the respected people, use the correct titles and spellings when you write the letter of intent. Make sure that you don’t make any errors in their names.

Don’t send the same letter to many other medical schools

You should always check to the point that, the letter of intent must be tailored made for which and different medical schools. The priority should be given to the way you express your intention of joining the particular school. So, make sure the same letter of intent is not attached to every application that you post. The letter of intent is your promise letter, you must prove your integrity and stand by all the words you mentioned. Remember, you are a future doctor.

Make the point straight and introduce well

Don’t hit the bush. Write points which you can withstand and which is from your experience. You need to be direct with your approach and goals and write like you have be accepted. Mention things which you are confident about and is true to your knowledge. The introduction part is very important since it will be the point of getting a base knowledge about you. Even before the interview, the letter of intent is the sole material for the medical school admission committee. And that marks up the first impression of your application. So, prepare to introduce yourself well and provide apple amount of data to get an overview of you and your experience.

List down reasons you chose the particular medical school

It’s important to mention as to why you choose the medical school. Background research is important to write points about it. Explain why you like the particular medical school like whether it’s their research aspect, world-class doctors or international presence. Clearly mention and tag words which will help them to navigate your intention.

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Tone and length of your letter of intent

Being formal in your letter of intent will help you scale the parameters in your application. Keep a tone which is same throughout your letter of intent. Make sure the words are professional in nature and remember that, you are writing to a respected person. Another point to keep in mind while writing your letter of intent, the length should be kept maximum to two-pages. Not more than that will be read well. The point to remember is, the medical school receives hundreds of application from a prospective medical student. And it becomes a tedious task to read letters with more than two-pages. So write only two-pages which has strong points and well-formed sentences.

Paragraph and Punctuation is important

Write well and write in paragraphs. Don’t write in one go without any break or proper continuation. The purpose of your letter of intent is to provide well-structured information about you and your contribution. So, make sure to split the writings into paragraphs and place proper punctuation wherever necessary. Grammatical errors can kill your letter of intent and will fail to provide vital information about you. And it will be deemed to be of the low quality of writing. Remember to check will editing and grammar tools before submitting your letter of intent.

Write about contribution, accomplishments etc

They look for an applicant who will stand out among other applications. They require someone who will contribute to society, have required and passionate goals, who have the zeal to become a good doctor. This mentions will help you to make a good fit for their school. Besides, you should write about your accomplishments in the field and what gave you done so far. They can elevate your application to the next level and the chances of selecting your application will be stronger. You should prove that your goal-driven, good level of patience, and a committed person. Since these are some qualities they want in a doctor.

Close your letter of intent well

A letter of intent has to see an end and that is whether you should score well. A final remark, contact information, the closing sentence should give the letter a proper structure. Kindly use a professional closing remark such as sincerely, faithfully or best wishes. Your letter should be informative and unique in its own way. Because it’s the impression of you and your work.

Sample Letter of Intent for Medical School.

Dear Dr (Optional)[name of the dean of admission],

My name is “Name”. I am a prospective medical school applicant. I have been following up with the “University Name” School of Medicine from my high school. And now that I have completed my high school education, I would like to express that “University Name” is my choice of interest for my medical education.

“University Name” will allow me to segregate my goals of becoming a doctor in my “Your specialization”. i also wish to become an investigator by its resources and my skills in research, development and patient care. I am particularly drawn to Dr. “name of the person” work on “their specialization”. I hope to contribute and accomplish my experience in “intended study area” to further the field of “your interest” development research by taking a research year experience. The programs through “Universities special course” program will also be an addition. Furthermore, the “name of medical school” providing free services, blood donation banks. And the educational aspect of the program at “name of the medical centre” will multiply my skills to take care of patients from all background. Ultimately, I believe to become a “what will you become” that “University name” will be proud to call me as their alumni.

“Write your experiences and accomplishment here” Be precise and to the point. Make sure you mention all your experiences and accomplishments or certification details. This space is important in recognizing your through intention to join a medical school.

I would be honored to attend “University name”. I know I can make a positive and wishful contribution to the medical school. Hope to get accepted into the “Term you have applied”.

Finally, I would like to provide a list of peer-reviewed publications or my research paper to which I have been accepted since I submitted my medical school application:

“List the papers”

Please contact me via skype (skype name) or email at (email address) if I can answer any questions or provide additional information regarding the application. Regardless of what my application decision is foreseen, I appreciate your time and considering my application.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Best wishes,

“Your Name”

Some quick Dos and Don’ts: Medical School Letter of Intent:

  1. Send a letter of intent to the choice of school where you see yourself in the future. Note the point since its extremely important.
  2. Polish and update letters on any recent accomplishments or certifications you received.
  3. Don’t send a letter of intent to any medical school before they call you for an interview.
  4. Don’t send the same or multiple letters of intent to medical school.

We sincerely hope you the best with your admission process. And you will make it to the choice of your medical school. Make sure to follow these points.

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