Questions to Include in Your Custom Informational Interview Email Template

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Recruitment works as per the predefined procedure of an organization. Several rounds of screening are carried out before the candidate is hired for a job role. Email communication is one of the initial steps to get in touch with a candidate and know about them. Recruiters ask for resume and candidate detail over the email. Therefore, a structured email for communicating with the candidates helps in precise evaluation for later stages.

Breaking away from ambiguous email communication, custom informational interview email templates are instrumental in streamlining the interview process. Almost every organization utilizes the custom informational interview email templates. The interview templates provide a uniform structure for HR email communication. They are an important tool to make recruitment communication look professional.

Important sections of interview email template

Companies also aim to ease out the pressure of writing lengthy emails to each candidate prior to screening them. In a scenario like this, custom and also standard interview templates became part of the external communication practice. Complete knowledge of the recruitment process defined by the company must be a part of the email communication for each candidate.

Although an email template is the easiest way, HR managers and recruitment officers should be careful about the information they include before sending the email. In a custom interview email template, the following sections must always be included:

  1. Name of the candidate
  2. Intent of selection
  3. Time and date of interview
  4. Suggested time slots
  5. Name of the HR
  6. Name and position of the interviewer
  7. Address of the company

Job applicant’s perspective

On the other hand, job applicants often can be unaware of the internal communication practices involved in screening. They might expect the company to provide the information in customized email formats. To make this situation in favor of the recruitment manager, an interview email template with personalized touch helps address the applicant’s expectations too.

Most companies mention the candidate’s name to make the template look customized. It enhances the confidence of the candidates as well to appear for screening. Other personalization techniques may include expressing appreciation for job application or iterating candidate’s skills.

Aim of a custom informational interview template

An informational interview email template must be to the point. It can also be used as a tool to increase knowledge about the company and its ideology. And that’s why many companies make use of the email templates to spread information through a short profile at the footer of the email. This short profile helps the candidate to know about what the company does.

Here is what to include in an ideal custom informational interview email template.

Hi <Name of the person>

Thanks for getting in touch with <company name>. We have received your application for the <position>. We would like to confirm the shortlisting of your candidature for this role and would like to invite you for the first round of screening.

Your first round of interview will be conducted on <date> at <time>. You can also suggest any suitable time as per the below time slots:

11.30 am

12.30 pm

2.30 pm

4.00 pm

Please meet <name of the HR> 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Kindly carry your updated resume and ID proof for evaluation. We request you to arrive in formals or business casuals for the interview.

If you have any questions related to the job role, the timing of the interview or to know about the organization, we request you to please call the HR manager and recruitment person. Please call us before arriving for the interview.



<Position><Company name>

<Company address>

<Short company profile>

Questions in custom interview email templates:

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While the interview email template should make interview communication easy to understand, companies may require answers to some questions, before meeting the candidate in person. Answers to these questions can become part of the email templates easily.

There can be both mandatory and optional questions. The right to send questions to candidates is mostly reserved with the company. Questioning can help establish some more facts before the actual interview happens.

Some vital preliminary questions to include in the interview email template are:

  1. Are the date and time suitable for the interview?
  2. Are you a native or an out stationed candidate?
  3. Do you need clarifications on the job role?
  4. How soon can you join us if selected?
  5. Would you like to relocate if selected for the position?
  6. Are you flexible and open to discuss the compensation?
  7. Have you been interviewed by our company earlier?
  8. Is your candidate referred by an internal employee?

Benefits of a custom informational interview template:

A custom informational interview template provides the required clarity without confusing the candidates. It mentions a clear subject line, time, date, contact person name, company address in a concise manner. An interview enhances the email communication process between the candidate and the company. And since the template can be customized, there is greater scope to add personalization too.

List of benefits for using custom interview email template are:

  1. Structured communication
  2. Provides clarity about the screening process
  3. Makes interview process look professional
  4. Presents the company’s image in front of the candidate
  5. Saves time for an HR manager
  6. Efficiently conveys the next steps for screening in a personalized manner

Interview procedures are important to fill the position in an organization. Most companies want to keep the screening process fast, simple, and comprehensible. Recruitment departments are required to make extensive efforts to send invitations, conduct face-to-face screening, and shortlist interviewed applicants. A line up of managers and top management people are involved in interviewing several candidates for a profile.

Instead of spending hours in creating templates, interview email templates require less time to create and serve the right purpose. Tools like custom informational interview templates come handy for human resource representatives to interact with candidates. They help gain vital information and ascertain their suitability for the role. In modern set-ups, custom interview email templates have become an unavoidable corporate essential.

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