Introduce Your E-Commerce Business to Customers with These Intro Email Templates

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E-Commerce has me a long way in terms of market share. With the rapid urbanization and digitalization of the world, fast-evolving 5G infrastructure and faster internet speeds have made it possible. The recent pandemic has further exaggerated the importance of e-commerce when people are cooped up at home. The comfort and flexibility to order at one’s own convenience, a wide range of products to choose from and easy return policies are some reasons to cheer.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that businesses across the globe are fast switching to e-commerce mode. The ability to sell easier and quicker online, a robust accounting system and logistical support has enabled sellers to make the jump. Businesses globally have understood the benefits of e-commerce over the conventional brick and mortar setup. It helps cut unnecessary costs, improves product reach, audience and boosts sales.

Here in this article, we will discuss few intro email template that are popular and effective in promoting e-commerce business. Email promotional templates offer value for money, and are effective tools for marketing your ideas to potential clients. Daily around 270 Billion emails are exchanged globally. This clearly indicates the mass appeal and popularity of email campaigns across the globe. However, due to the high traffic, whereby an average individual receives around 15 to 20 emails a day. The need for effective templates to differentiate an email from another is highly important. Not just effective, but also unique and creative email templates are being introduced every day. So, businesses must be up to date with all the new methods and always strive to evolve and improve their marketing campaigns.

Let us look at some really effective intro email template, ideal for promoting our e-commerce business to customers. We also look into the different crucial tips to follow while drafting such mails.

1. Telling a Story

Human beings are hardwired to engage in storytelling and compelling stories. It is basic nature of ours, we all like a story that follows a rather dramatic narrative. Storytelling engages the imagination of the audience and stands to seek better attention. There have been studies which conclusively prove that human beings are 22 times more likely to remember a well narrated story. This human nature can be utilized by introducing yourself to your new subscriber in the form of a gripping story. A story which defines the core ideas and beliefs of the company in a storytelling manner.

These forms of narration surely stands out amidst the barrage of emails an average consumer receives in a day. It provides an impetus to remember and recall the brand name. The story also forms a great way of re-narration by the consumer to others which further allows for organic growth. A story also lets the consumer connect with the brand. A warm and beautiful story would immediately help influence the consumer to form a bond with the brand in lieu of the story.

2. Showcase Your Values

Another unique and effective method to garner consumer attention would be to focus on the core beliefs of the company. This especially works when the company has a goodwill cause as it helps build consumer trust. There is no better promotion than a really good cause which can give back to society. Such good cause promotion triggers something called the noble-edge effect. This is the effect of improving people’s perception about being involved with the brand.

A genuine cause adds value to the overall introduction of a brand. It helps the brand set itself apart from the rest of the competition. The consumer would relate with the cause and it establishes a unique connection with consumers. A far as organic promotion goes, value branding is right up there along with all other forms of marketing.

Businesses looking to create a fan base and increase subscribers must use the value showcase system to further improve their marketing campaigns.

3. Recommending Unique Products

Once we introduce our consumers to the brand and its core values and beliefs. Additionally, another very important step to further improve consumer engagements is recommending products. This method is especially useful when recommending unique products in accordance with consumer age and demographic. It helps create a close bond with consumers, as they feel special when a brand makes effort to understand the consumer needs. An example of this would be to recommend beauty products for women aged 25 to 40 years in age. This demography is most likely to use beauty products and thereby creates a direct and customized email promotion directly catering to their need.

This email template also presents the opportunity to introduce new products to loyal or regular customers. The regular consumers are more than likely to try a new product by a brand they trust, so exclusive access to new products helps build greater brand loyalty.

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4. Welcoming Email

A welcome email works really well in establishing a brand reach and connection with new subscribers. A welcome mail can include the latest information pertaining to the brand and its products. It can showcase all the above-mentioned pointers along with other more real time data. The latest offers, upgrades and bonus details can be part of the welcome email as well. The idea behind a welcome email is to share detailed information of the brand with the consumer.

Welcome emails can also include exclusive offers to the new subscriber. Offers such as 10% off for new subscriber works well in pushing for sales. Consumers feel welcome and special with exclusive offers and it also provides an impetus for subscribing to the mailing list. A welcoming email is a must-have e-commerce promotional email template for new businesses.

5. Cart Abandonment Emails

On many instances, consumers often start a process of purchase and abandons the purchase after choosing their products. This could be due to various reasons such as emergency, change of mind, lack of fund, and so on. This provides a unique opportunity for businesses to send an email to the consumer.

Cart abandonment emails serve multiple purposes. It serves as a reminder email for the consumer to the products left in their cart. It can also serve as a sales email that can push the consumer to complete the sale. The email can also provide further discounts and offers on the cart so as to enable the user greater incentive to complete the purchase. Cart abandonment emails are really effective in converting the potential sales into actual sales. A simple reminder works well to achieve the goal. Cart abandonment emails can also display similar products that are lower in price than the ones added by the consumer. This help provide alternate options for the consumers which they may not be aware of themselves. Do make use of cart abandonment email templates in your marketing and consumer retention campaign.

6. Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are also another very popular form of email communication template. Once a consumer completes a transaction, they can be sent a transaction email for the same. A transactional email normally includes information pertaining to the sale completed, such as transaction id, reference number, invoice, and so on.

But apart from transactional details, a transaction mail can be used to also include more information. Due to the fact that the same consumer has completed the sale, the chances of the consumer reading the transaction email is quite high. This provides a suitable opportunity to further push additional offers for future reference. Based on the type of sale being done by the consumers, similar products can be showcased in the transaction email. This helps the consumer refer to products for future purchases. Also, offers based upon current sale, such as carry over discount, or promo code can be marketed through transactional emails as well.

7. Order Confirmation Email

Similar to transaction emails, there is the order confirmation email. It is a form of an acknowledgement email which confirms the status of the order. It mostly serves as written proof of the sale being made and helps consumers keep a tab on their purchases. Like transactional emails, the probability of an order confirmation email being opened and read is high as well. As it follows up after a sale is being made, consumers would likely open the mail to confirm the details of the purchase. This presents the opportunity to further promote and showcase other products and offers.

Therefore, order confirmation emails can also include similar deals like the transactional emails to carry over discount, promo code for next purchase, and so on.


In conclusion, it is important to note that email marketing is constantly evolving. Businesses globally are deriving newer and more efficient templates to differentiate their business from the others. Therefore, it is important for any new business to always evolve, think out of the box and create unique templates. The efficiency of a marketing drive is boosted by a constant research and development of the medium in accordance with the consumer patterns and habits.

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