Job Confirmation Email Templates for IT Companies

Effective formal communication is an art and a skill that takes practice. It is not surprising that the confirmation email template and other online templates for formal letters, applications, notices etc. are so popular. With a readily available written structure, individuals can save time, energy and labor. A simple matter of copying out a template and filling in with relevant details can generate positive response and feedback. However, it is still important to have a clear understanding of the various requirements of formal communication. Especially, if terminology is confusing or there are no clear-cut instructions as to what written material is expected.

For example, many individuals get more than a little confused during the process of recruitment. After all, landing a good job is no mean feat, and the entire process involves formal communication at various stages. First, there is the business of job application, which is constructed in response to job availability. The advertisement for vacant positions in a company is different from a job offer. Then, there is a call for interview and a requirement to confirm the meeting in formal written language for the best impression. A successful interview means a formal job offer from the company and the requirement for drafting an acceptance or confirmation mail/letter arises.

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What is the Difference between Job Offer, Job Acceptance and Job Confirmation?

A common query among individuals with a job offer is regarding the response. Does a confirmation email template serve the same purpose as an acceptance email template? Should I sign on the offer letter as confirmation of my position? There are many more such questions that leave successful interviewees in a lurch. To get to the bottom of these conundrums, let us first understand each term:

· Job Offer: A job offer is a written or verbal offer describing all the relevant details of the position offered to a potential employee. In case of IT sector companies, it contains details such as the position offered, compensation, benefits, details of leave, working hours etc. A job offer is not binding even when it is presented in the written form, commonly known as Letter of Intent. In most cases, however, the company sends a hard or soft copy of the offer letter to the interviewee they would like to hire.

· Acceptance Letter: To confirm the job position and become an employee, the recipient must acknowledge and accept the letter/mail in a formal written note. In the absence of any other documents, that acceptance mail/letter is considered to be a document of job confirmation.

· Job Confirmation Letter: A company may also use a job confirmation letter of employment, which serves as both the offer letter and the confirmation letter.

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The Importance of a Well-Drafted Job Confirmation Email Template

· Convenience: A well-structured confirmation email template makes the process of accepting a job offer more convenient for both parties. It may come from the company to the candidate or may be used by the candidate to accept a job position as offered. In either case, a ready to use template is time and labor efficient.

· Ease of Documentation: A company’s HR and documentation team can greatly benefit from a standardized job confirmation format instead of haphazard mails of acceptance with varied subject lines. From a personal point of view, using a template to accept and hence, confirm a job ensures a handy summary of relevant details.

· Impression: Companies that use a well-designed job confirmation email template creates an impression of employee-friendly, well-structured organization on the new employee. Successful candidates who reply to job offers with great notes of acceptance seldom fail to make a grand impression with the managerial team right at the start.

Essential Components of a Job Acceptance Email for Job Confirmation

There may arise instances where the employer only sends an official job offer in the mail without requiring the candidate to sign on any acceptance form. In such cases, it is mandatory to confirm the employment by writing a job acceptance email.

The following pointers can help you draft an impressive job acceptance mail:

· Note of Gratitude: Begin the written acceptance mail with a note of gratitude for being selected and offered the job.

· Formal Acceptance of Job Offered: It is important to clearly write that you accept the job position offered to do away with any ambiguity.

· Terms and Conditions of Job Position: Clearly specify the most crucial terms and conditions that you agree with, like job position, salary, terms of benefits and appraisal, etc.

· Joining Date: A confirmation/ job acceptance mail must have the date of commencement of work role.

As an example, refer to the job confirmation email template below:

Subject: [Your name] – Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear [Name of Employer/Position of Employer],

Thank you for offering me the position of [Job title] at [Company name]. It delights me to accept the offer formally, and I eagerly look forward to positively contributing to the team.

As per our discussions, I begin work with [Agreed starting salary] per month, with regular increment that comes into effect after a successful period of [Agreed duration]. It gladdens me to be offered [Discussed benefits], and [Agreed number of days] of leave annually.

I commence my employment on [Joining date], as discussed. In case you require any additional information prior to my joining, kindly let me know.

I express my gratitude once again for the opportunity. I look forward to being a part of your team and begin working with you.

Thanks and Regards,

[Your name]

Essential Components of a Job Confirmation Email Template IT Companies Can Use

It is becoming more common for IT companies to use confirmation email templates for employment. In general, the formal job offer is drafted in the email following the template, and an acceptance form is attached with the mail. The attached form is for the candidate’s use. The candidate is required to read the details mentioned in the job offer and sign on the acceptance form as confirmation of employment. Mentioned below are some essential components for drafting a confirmation email template for company’s use:

· Formal Tone: A job confirmation mail has to be crisp and formal.

· Short, Comprehensive Sentences: Long drawn sentences are difficult to read and comprehend. Short sentences help the reader to assimilate facts quickly.

· Description of the Job Position: A description of the job role helps the candidate under the scope of work fully before committing to the position.

· All Relevant Information Related to the Job Position: The most important part of the confirmation mail contains crucial information regarding the position offered. Details include remuneration, payment schedules, structure of reporting, benefits, terms of appraisal, nature of job and terms of dismissal/resignation, etc.

· Company Policies: Policies and rules that must be adhered to by each employee area often mentioned in a detailed job confirmation email template.

· Date of Joining: The date of commencing the job role as discussed is another important feature of a confirmation email template.

· Indication of Succeeding Steps: In case further steps need to be taken to complete the hiring process, the email contains an indication of those.

· Attached Acceptance Form: A downloadable and printable form must be attached. The candidate can sign and mail it back as an agreement and confirmation of employment.

Clarity in communication right at the beginning of a professional relationship is a precursor to mutual respect, growth and success.

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