Outlook Email Templates That You Can Download for Free

For tasks like sending a newsletter, event invites, announcements, email templates are useful and serve every purpose, rightly. With outlook, creating email message templates and sending the same is quick and simple. The functions are easy to decipher and useful for all. Users just need to compose an email message template and save it. To use the template, the user just needs to select the saved email message template, check fields and click send.

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There are millions of free Outlook email templates available for download. However, Outlook is a Microsoft product and offers complete email suite for users. Downloaded free outlook email templates work on all types of tech devices.

Why use an email template?

When a user is sending messages through email templates, they are investing comparatively less time. Email templates remove the challenges of having to type repeated and lengthy text messages. It also allows the usage of an interactive email format.

In internal and external communication, where in, an email message must be sent to list of recipients, the usage of an email template is cost-effective. It also saves a lot time, which helps in enhancing the quality of messages. Email templates are comparatively more engaging from the user perspective. They leave a lasting impression on the user and present a neat look. An email communication appears more professional and attractive with a template.

The use of responsive has gained popularity, amid the increasing usage of digital content. In a responsive email template, it is easy to capture user responses. Such responses are driven to get a number of subscriptions, offer details, and new product launches.

Downloaded email templates and the benefits attached

Among many features sought by the users today, an important aspect is the level of optimization and mobile readiness. In an era of amplified mobile user traffic, an email template should be capable of working on different devices, such as desktop, mobile, tablet etc. The free downloaded outlook email templates are mobile and web-optimized to suit the diverse needs of users. Inspired by change in technology, these templates can be riding the digital wave through their flexible design.

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About 60-70% of companies prefer to send email campaigns through downloaded or pre-designed templates. No doubt, they have turned imperatives of the digital world. Aside to this, many other benefits are attached to sending an email communication using a downloaded template, some of them are as below:

  • Streamline email-sending process, makes it fast.
  • Compose email message templates and save for future use.
  • Saves time and scheduling of email campaign easy.
  • Provides an option to manage multiple templates in one place.
  • Graphic creation to make the template look attractive.
  • Ideal for branding and promotion of company.

User created vs. downloaded Outlook email templates

All of us make use of the email templates on several occasions. An email template can be used both personal and professional purposes, alike. Some of us still prefer to create email templates according to our choice. While many have shifted gear and want to download free from available resources.

To understand what works best in today’s modern scenarios, let us see the difference between user-created and downloaded template:

  • User-created templates require more time to design and place text in comparison with the downloaded ones.
  • Downloaded templates are graphically richer than user-created ones.
  • User-created templates are naive to the usage of links for landing pages, while downloaded ones can have integrated links for tracking in marketing purposes.
  • User-created templates may not generate user interest as good as professionally designed downloaded templates.
  • Important fields like call-to-action buttons can be designed better in downloaded email templates, better than in user-created ones.

Downloaded outlook email templates

Users can create as well as download free outlook email templates from a number of online and web resources. While an email template can be created easily in any email client, including Outlook, downloaded ones have a distinct value. They are easy to use and do not require any designing or and text placement skills on the part of the sender.

For instance, when a content marketer aims to send invites for a webinar, then the email design and content usage are more likely to take precedence. A downloaded email template can prove as a perfect option to shoot the invites to recipients, without any hassles. So, the content marketer, in this case, does not need to have designing skills. They can quickly make use of the free downloaded outlook email template for content and start the campaign.

In a downloaded outlook email template, the content uploaded is placed as per the design. It again saves a lot of precious time of the marketer, which they can invest on strategy making.

Elements in free downloaded Outlook email template

Free email templates serve a multitude of needs. Millions of users exchange different types of emails every day. Generally, most email templates have these elements:

Subject line or headline: A catchy subject grabs the interest and evokes a response.

Text body: The main part of a communication is mentioned in the body in detail.

Call to action (CTA): Users are asked to respond through call-to-action in an email template.

Integrated links: Email templates can also contain integrated links which redirect users to an offer page.

Attractive graphic template: Overall, the graphic supports and accentuates the structure of the email template and makes it workable.

Downloaded email templates are fully customizable and can be changed as per the brand voice and tone. As a reason, email templates are primary tools to carry out email marketing campaigns. There no designing skills required to modify these templates. Integration of links also works smoothly, while clicks can be captured for leads. The elements in a downloaded template are highly agile. They can be changed as per the response generated by the campaign. Moreover, free templates are always cost-effective for business needs.

Some common types of email templates are available for free download – Standard promotional email, Newsletter email, Welcome email, Informational email, Subscription email, Product update email, Event-based email, Webinar invite email, Special offer email, and Transactional email.


Many firms across the world are making use of downloaded free email templates to power their campaigns. The template format has become a hit in small and medium-sized businesses.

Email templates have undergone many changes in the past few years. Users these days prefer to download the free templates. These templates are free and ideal for business needs. From launch to invites, or brand promotion, downloaded outlook templates have a lot to offer. Only placing the content, with body copy, link, and CTA, is all that is required to kick-start a new business initiative. A business can expect flexibility to launch any type of campaign and communication with a free downloaded email template.

An Outlook email template is a great way to launch special campaigns or communication. Some frequently used email templates like Welcome emails, marketing emails, transactional emails produce a high conversion rate as well. The more personalized an email template looks, the higher the engagement rate it gets. Along with the design, personalization through content and mention of recipient name, get more clicks. A personalized downloaded email template increases the success rate of a campaign by 60%.

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