Press Release Email Templates for Sports Franchises

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A conventional press release email template, is the official form of announcing news. The news is then sent across to journalists, most often as a measure to create publicity. It does not matter if you are a new company which is ready to announce and launch their products. Even if you are merely hosting an event or looking to hire new talent pool, there is always a choice of pre-made template for Press Release for everybody. Press release is also very effective in interacting with your customer base. It also provides fodder for media coverage around your business. This makes press releases an important tool for many new businesses looking to increase their customer base.

The press releasing templates are a good choice for new emerging companies. By merely selecting a template which is the best one for your particular need. These pre-made press releases have the option of customizing them, with the help of using a PDF Editor. Following the same focus of the changed entering of details accessed through the corresponding form to instantly generate your own PDF form of press release. You can also download the custom PDF, use it to publish onto the company website. You can also share your company press release using email or the social media by just a few clicks. This article will discuss various types of press releases that could be applicable for sport franchises. We will also look at what to avoid while drafting your first press release.

Press Release For Sport Franchise

For sports franchises, press release are the perfect tool to showcase the franchise to the world. It is always important to customize any pre-made press release templates with details pertaining to your business. This is especially important as the press releases are a representation of the company/franchise. The press release of a company/franchise is their image that is shown to the world.

The ready-made templates should be edited using any form of PDF editor and make the required changes. There are custom choices of press release email templates that we will discuss in detail below. These, along with various other templates as available on the internet must be personalized. The impact of a well-made press release can have a substantial impact upon the sport franchises popularity. The franchises vision, goal are what makes them so popular among their followers.

Why Use Press Release Email?

The main reason for any business to conduct press release would be to promote and showcase something specific and significant for their business. Another important factor for a successful press release is the ability to do it clearly. Beyond these basic factors, a press release strictly adheres and formatted a document that serves three key promotional and marketing needs. These are:

  • Notification to the media and masses regarding an upcoming event in hopes of generating interest behind the project and spread the news.
  • Sharing stories in relation to your business and hope a reporter comes across the story through the press release and publishes a news piece as an article about it.
  • Promoting the look and feel of your business and its appearance over the internet. These could in forms of websites, social networks and blogs.

There is always a debate regarding the viability of the last approach. The argument is that if the last approach more fits in the category of “news release”, which is said to be the more appropriate word. But whatever be the case, the social media provides an opportunity for a more directly linked connection with the customers over other traditional media platforms.

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Press Release Email Templates

1) Product Launch Press Release – The product launch press release email is a popular choice for those looking to launch their product into the market. The initial press release for a product is important for the success of the brand in the market. Therefore, it is essential to make the product launch press release email template as creative, unique, and appealing to the customer as possible. For sports franchises, release of new accessory, jersey or other custom made items are a great reason for a product launch press release.

2) Event Press Release – Event press release email template is another very important form of communication for companies. The success of an event is largely dependent upon how many people are aware of the event. Also, the event press release really need to inform the customer regarding the important factors of the event and what makes it special. The language and tone need to be well-formulated which appeal to the customer. For sports franchises, many fan connect events are a great way to increase the audience’s franchise engagement.

3) Music Press Release – Music Press Release are another very popular template for press releases. Important music-related announcements such as new music releases, album releases, and art releases can be made using a music press release email template. A successful music press release would have details regarding the music launch such as date, time, and other details. Additional details include artist name, contact details, and record label details. The language, cover art and the overall layout should be attractive. For sports franchises, a music press release email template is a great way to launch their anthem to the audience.

4) Social Media Press Release – Social media has become a great platform to directly associate with the audience. Therefore, social media press release is an important tool for sports franchises looking to further boost their audience reach. It is the most cost-effective platform to directly engage with their audience.

5)New Hire Press Release – Human resource is probably the most important asset in a company. Therefore, whenever a new hire is made, it makes for a good opportunity to connect with the audience and let them know about it. This press release is probably an important tool for sports franchises. Franchises may take the opportunity to let the fans know whenever a new player, coach or executive hire is made. It is specially important whenever franchisees get a really special player into their ranks. The press release helps create hype and excitement around the newly signed players.

Tips To Follow When Composing A Press Release

A typical press release would ideally start with the city name where the press release is originated from along with the date of the press release. The language used should be made creative and unique which seek customer attention. A headline that stands out amidst all the other data is of paramount importance. The language used should always be in third person. This helps in capturing a perspective which is non-local and allow for customer to connect better with it. Third-person is the language typically used in conventional media for the very same reason.

What To Avoid

1) Creative and Unique

If you find the message isn’t exciting enough while composing your email, you should take a moment and compose the idea in your head first. This could be the right time to further look into the details of the press release and work out additional details which could make it more interesting. It is important to remember that a press release needs to excite the customer to take a call-to-action.

However, never really use details that cannot be delivered by you. That would further undermine the efforts of the press release in establishing a positive image of your company. Using an advantage of a current trend can further help consolidate your public outreach efforts.

2) Avoid Serious Words

Avoid serious and rigid use of words in your press release email template. You do not want your customers to lose interest reading the initial few details of your press release. If the event in consideration is not interesting enough, the press release would convey the same. Therefore, a press release could also be used as a parameter for planning the event in reverse as well. You would want the media to chase your press release and the event in consideration.

3) Avoid Mere Statements

A typical press release must avoid a mere recitation regarding the facts of the event in question. The most effective forms of press releases work to always use effective quotes from significant someone. Adding a quote from a senior executive of the company, such as a corporate executive or another representative of any charity/mission which benefits from the said event is a good example. However, do not get bogged down if you do not posses an effective quote. In most cases, the press release would use a quote which is the idealized version of what the executive actually said. The idea is to focus on what should be conveyed and by whom, over other details. Anything which could further the agenda set forth in the press release would work. The final objective would be to raise interest around the press release.

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