Press release email templates for SMBs

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Millions of small and medium businesses or SMBs communicate with multiple stakeholders through diverse means. This communication is essential to maintain clarity and flow for the business. Some key mediums, which are utilized by SMBs for communication, are press releases, press articles, and updates. Such forms of communication help the SMBs define their PR (Public Relations) and remove the load of providing repeated updates to customers, external clients, vendors, buyers and people engaged strategically with the business.

Print, digital, and web sources are used to disseminate the communication. Essentially, such a communication is related to product updates, company market share, new launches, business collaboration or any other form of important information. Forms like press release email templates are also trending which provide a viable means to communicate.

What is a press release?

The press release is a vital tool for media and associated channels to know the current position of the company. These updates help market analysts to form data and calculate essential economic impact in the future. Press releases often contain essential data pertaining to a market share of the company. Also, growth percentages, which help associated partners and analysts develop data for industry research and predict trends.

The format of a press release is similar across every business. They are always categorized as a form of business communication hence, formal language has deemed a necessity in the creation of a release. The aim of the press release is to communicate each aspect of an update in bold and clear.

Some salient features of the press release are:

· Title: A to-the-point title or headline is a must for a press release to communicate.

· Date and location: Press releases should always mention date and location for clarity.

· Body: The body is the main part of the press release where all the information should be written in a crisp manner.

· Official quote: The press release may or may not contain quotes of an official working closely on the product or company update.

· Professional close: Every press release must have a professional close. The close may or may not contain a brief about the company or SMB.

When to use SMB press release email template

For decades, press releases are in use to communicate with the media and the press. They serve as a tool to update potential clients and customers about companies’ important updates. With changing scenarios, press release email templates have increasingly come into use today. They have revolutionized the format in which press releases are written across business verticals.

A press release email template help utilize the best format for publishing business communication. Since press releases are created to send information, an email is also sent with the release to the media. By combining the press release with email template, the length of both the communication can be significantly reduced. The hours of work required to formulate this email template will also be slashed down.

Gradually, press email templates are getting endorsed across businesses. For SMB communication, press email templates make more sense. For product launches, using a press release template will save time and the pressure of creating personalized communication will be less. Also, such a template can be easily modified to fit other needs. Such efforts can cut down costs by keeping the budget for business communication intact.

Elements in a press release email templates

Every effective press release email has some elements in common. These elements enable the reader to get a clear idea about the communication and purpose of the email, as well. Since both press release and email are combined into one, the elements should make the entire email neither too lengthy nor too short on information.

In addition to this, it is crucial to check if all the details are included in the email text. Below elements should be mandatorily included in the press release email template.

· Subject line/headline

· Greeting

· Introduction

· Body

· Signature

· Press release body

The format of the press release remains unchanged while the email can have multiple formats. To send a press release in an email is a certainly time-saving task but to ensure that communication blends well is something to be careful of. The press release email template for SMB is usually sent to media, print or editorials, and digital distribution partners. So to avoid the risk of any error make that press release is error-free. Prepare the press release separately and insert it in the email, seamlessly.

Sample of press release email template

While press releases are sent to media, internally also these press release emails can be sent. For external and internal, for communication of both sides press release email template will matter.

Sample 1:

· Subject line/headline: Press release – Launch of third-gen XYZ component in ABC product.

· Greeting: Goodmorning, Hello, Hello friends, Name of the person.

· Introduction: Write the purpose of the email.

· Body: Clarify what the mail is all about. Mention data if required.

· Signature: Add name, designation, company info.

· Press release body: The last part should contain the verified Press Release.

Sample 2:

· Subject line/headline

· Email purpose

· Email body

· Press release body

· Professional close

· Signature

Sample 3:

· Subject line/headline

· Greeting

· Purpose of mail

· Body of mail

· Signature

· Press release body

One important point to note here is that the format of press releases has not changed in the past decades. The form has continued and the need for innovation in a press release is less. Thus, while creating a press release email make sure to keep the email text as concise yet complete. Ensure that jargon or terms are explained for the understanding of the people in the press.

If the press release email is to be sent for editorial publishing then SMBs should keep the email body as little as they can. The major focus should be on the quality of the press release. Thoroughly check the data and specifications forms, if included in the body. Sometimes, certain special characters appear broken or vanish.

Do these for an effective press release email template

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Press release email templates are found in several forms. When you have decided to use the press release template instead of using a formal email attached with the press release, be precise and clear. Ensure to do the below things for creating an ideal press release email template, which will work for sure:

1. Avoid making grammatical errors and using informal language.

2. Refrain from using lingos and jargons, or difficult words as you stick to the format.

3. Properly brand your email template with company name, address, and official IDs.

4. Don’t attach the press release or any other form of information with the press release email.

5. Keep the text placement and elements aligned and pleasing to engage.

6. Check and recheck if all the information has been covered in the press release email.

Often, senders don’t consider checking the format of the email while sending a press release with it. This can reduce the meaning of your communication considerably. Thus, put equal efforts into writing the introduction and purpose of the email.

Benefits of press release email template

Press release emails are highly beneficial and reduce the task of writing an email for sending a press release to the media. Earlier, when a press release was created it was mailed to the concerned list of senders from media with an introductory email with an attached release.

Now, with businesses transforming at a fast pace and changes taking place at zooming speed, press release email templates have come into form. The press release email templates serve a bigger purpose and combine two tasks into one, efficiently. Writing a press release and adding it to an email is sufficient for the media to understand what an SMB is trying to say. Thus, special care should be given while writing a press release email template.

There are several benefits to writing a press release email.

1. Using a press release email template reduces the workload and makes communication more effective.

2. The combined form of the press release and email template takes less time to create.

3. The template format is dynamic so it can be changed and used for different purposes.

4. Writing a press release email is comparatively easier and makes more sense.

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) engage in multiple conversations across media to create more and more visibility. More than any other form of communication, hundreds of emails are exchanges with different stakeholders. The need for a press release email template arises when specialized communication for public relations becomes a priority.

Therefore, keeping a unique identity through text formatting can help the audience decipher the message mentioned in the communication. Press releases are an ideal way to enhance public recognition and stimulate interest in the business. Even in a digitally-driven world, press releases continue to make their presence felt. The format and preciseness remain impressive and useful than other forms of producing company information.

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