Professional Sick Leave Email Template for Medical Staff

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Whether you are a health care professional or a corporate employee, we all have our fair share of sick days and medical emergencies that call for unplanned work-offs. Though we hardly see medics taking sick leave, it is best to take a work day off in case you are dealing with an illness that requires proper rest.

But what’s the best way to put across a medical emergency that is refraining you from performing your regular duties at the hospital? What are the details that you should include in the sick leave letter to make it inclusive and what information you should keep up to yourself? What is the best sick email template to follow? So, if you are looking for a sick leave template that can help you draft a professional-looking, straight-forward sick day email, we can help.

In this article, we discuss why it is important to always send across a sick leave letter when you are taking a work day off due to medical reasons. This includes what information that you must add and the sick email template you should follow while drafting a sick leave letter. Read on.

Why Should You Send a Sick Day Email?

A sick leave letter helps you to document your medical leave at your organization and serves as a proof for future action. It also allows your seniors and supervisors to understand the exact medical reason behind your leave and the time for which you’ll be away from work. It also helps them access your work responsibilities and if you will be available for work, in case the need arises. It also helps them prepare the team for additional work responsibilities that they need to manage in your absence.

What Information Should You Include in a Sick Leave Email?

A well-written professional sick leave email should be inclusive but not overly expressive. There are a few things that you must mention in your sick leave email and some that you should refrain from disclosing. Here are some points that you must include in your sick leave email:

  1. The reason for your absence from work: You must clearly mention the reason behind your sick leave in your leave application. Specific illness, symptoms and diagnosis – mention everything for an easy flow of information among your seniors, subordinates, and staff.
  2. Time for which you need sick leave: Predictable short-term illnesses like flu, cold, etc., take a day or two to subside. However, for various other diseases, you may need time to recover. While drafting a sick leave application, inform your supervisor the exact time you’ll take to resume your duties.
  3. If you’ll be available for official communications: While drafting a sick leave email, do inform your supervisor if you’ll be pitching in for work from home. You can also mention if you’ll be able to provide on-call support during medical emergencies. However, if your health doesn’t permit you to respond to calls or emails, inform your supervisor/team that you will be unreachable during your leave.
  4. Include doctor notes and medical documents: In case you are suffering from a severe medical condition, you might be required to attach pertaining medical documents and doctor’s notes for leave sanction.
  5. Person who’ll take over your work responsibilities: Try to include the name of a team member who’ll take over your duties, appointments or patients during your absence from work.

Sick Leave Templates That You Can Safely Rely On

Here are some of the best professional sick leave templates that can help you easily and effectively put across the message:

1. A simple one-day sick leave template

With minor health ailments like cold and fever, you usually feel better after a day of complete rest. Such sick leaves do not require lengthy emails or a lot of details to be included. You can use this template to let your supervisor know you’ll not be able to log in for work for a day or two.

Dear [name],

This is to inform you that I’m down with [your illness] and will not be able to make it to work today, [date]. I’ll be available for urgent help via [e-mails/phone]. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification regarding my duties or sick leave request.

Thank you for understanding.

Yours sincerely,


2. Sick leave template for multiple days sick leave

Medics are prone to infections that either occur naturally or while treating patients in the hospital. To avoid infection from spreading to other patients and staff, it’s better to stay at home till you fully recover. You can use this template if you are suffering from an ailment that requires rest for multiple days.

Dear [name],

I am writing this to inform you that while [treating/nursing/attending] a patient, I have contracted [disease name]. I am experiencing [symptoms], which are contagious. To avoid infection from spreading to other patients and staff, it’s best for me to take [number of days/week] off from work. This will also help me recover quickly and completely.

I’ll be available for help via phone and e-mail for all your urgent needs. During my absence, my colleague [name of the colleague] will take care of my work responsibilities.

I request you to kindly approve my leave.



In case none of your colleagues are ready to pitch in during your absence, or if your duties can only be re-assigned by your supervisor, you can edit the phrase.

3. Sick leave template for indefinite leave

At times, medical emergencies require you to stay off work for an indefinite period. This could happen during complicated pregnancies, a major health problem or prolonged health treatment. At such times, you need to inform your employer and supervisors in a more responsible way. This would also require you to attach all medical prescriptions and documents for hassle-free approval of your medical leave and easy processing of your salary.

You can use this sick email template and tweak it as per your individual requirements.

Dear [Name],

I am composing this email to bring to your notice that I am not feeling well since [last night/yesterday/ 2 days] and experiencing symptoms including [headache/light headedness/vomiting].

I have consulted the doctor, and he has diagnosed me with [disease/ailment] for which I need to undergo a comprehensive medical treatment. He has also advised me [complete/partial] bed rest for [x days/months]. Though I am feeling a bit better after the first dose of medicine, it will take me time to fully recover and resume my duties.

I would request you to kindly grant me leave for [x days]. I’ll try my best to resume my duties at the earliest. Herewith, I am also attaching my doctor’s prescription for your ready reference.

Let me know if you need further information regarding my medical treatment or duties.

Thank you for your help!

Warm regards,


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4. Sick leave email for your team

As a health care professional, you need to inform your team about your sick leave so that they can efficiently handle all your responsibilities in your absence. You can use this template to inform your team about your leave.

Hi Team,

Sorry, but I’ll not be able to make it to work [today/ for 2 days]. However, I’ll be available for help through phone/email. During my absence, my [work/OPD appointments] will be managed by [colleague’s name].



You can also ask your team to cancel/ reschedule your appointments for the day. It is also a good idea to set up an out-of-office email to keep everyone informed.

Important Points to Keep in Mind While Drafting a Sick Leave Email

Want to draft a professional sick leave email? Here are some points that you must always keep in mind.

  1. Notify your supervisor early: When you are taking a day off from work, it is best to inform your supervisor as early as possible. This helps them prepare for alternative arrangements and schedule work accordingly.
  2. Keep your email clear, concise and to the point: When you write a sick leave email, keep it simple and effective. Include all the required information like why you are sick and how long do you expect to be off work. Don’t be overly formal, but also do not add any flowery language or unnecessary content into your email.
  3. Highlight important tasks that need immediate attention: Patient appointments, ward visits, or upcoming surgeries, there are a lot of tasks on your sleeve on any particular day. Check your schedule and let your supervisor/ team know about your tasks so that an alternative action can be planned.
  4. Express your gratitude: Do express your appreciation for your supervisor for understanding your health emergency and approving your medical leave. Also, you may add in a line or two of apology for staying off work on such short notice.

So, here you go. Use these sick leave templates and draft an effective email that can help you take a rest day from hospital and still keep the work going in your absence.

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