Special offer email templates for the Holiday season

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Christmas is a time to rejoice and make merry with friends and family. It is one of the most awaited year-end events, celebrated throughout the world and across the US. The best part of this occasion is the opportunity to enjoy an extended holiday break, away from the daily bustle.

Festivities in the air, millions throng to shop for Christmas shopping and gifting. Therefore, the Holiday season is a time for offering goodies, discounts, and deals on products. The promotions also kick-start during this time since, next in the list of events is New Year. Everything happens within an interval of a few days, giving an opportunity to prepare customer promotional packages. It is a great way to give a boost to sales and make the brand stand out in the crowd. Many businesses roll out ‘Holiday season special’ offers for customers.

Holiday season promotion

Promotions during the holiday season are exclusively planned. Christmas is one of the biggest occasions around the world, plans for increasing sales and promotions to reach marketplaces peak. Businesses chalk out different plans to attract more and more customers.

Businesses plan and take various initiatives to market for bringing in customers, onboard. Many new customers turn into loyal customers, in the long run. That is why there is no replacement for Holiday season promotions.

Here are some more reasons behind Holiday season promotions:

  • Retailers can benefit from demand for shopping and mint the opportunity to get new customers.
  • Customers buy in bulk and hence, the Holiday season is a great chance to boost sales.
  • Most promotions easily reap results since people are already looking for good Christmas gifting deals.
  • The holiday season is part of the culture and tradition of people and provides a good opportunity to grab offers and deals.

Ways to promote special offers

Christmas, in itself, is the perfect way to share happiness and many people make purchases without promotions too. Promotions help in attracting meaningful customers for the business during this occasion. And as a ritual, it is followed by small, medium, and large business owners.

Businesses are not limited to selling gifts. Diverse businesses like restaurant owners, intimate wear shops, toy manufacturers look forward to increasing sales during Holidays. While, promotional strategy is devised around the Holiday theme, evoking customer interest, and purchase the product or use service requires a targeted approach. Listed below are some innovative ways to the promotion of Holiday specials offers.

  • Holiday special promotional email
  • Christmas keepsakes
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Holiday gift vouchers

In the times that we live in, most people like to read about offers and deals over their smartphones and other electronic devices. The trend to do everything online is nothing new. As a reason, send a Holiday special through email sounds like the best option to execute.

Doing promotions through promotional email has viable benefits. Thanks to the digital age, people, notice and read emails and come across social media promotional posts more easily. The impact is larger than any other form of promotion. Thus, promotional emails have become a common aspect of digital campaigns and promotions.

Types of promotional email template

More than 80% of business owners rely on email marketing promotions during special occasions and for promoting general offers. The return on investment or ROI is also plausible on promotions through emails. Creating Holiday promotional email templates can help attract the right customers to your business. Additionally, promotional emails work best for bringing new customers on board.

Defining the elements of a promotional email is what you need to be careful with. Every element should be strategically placed to make customers promptly sign up and check out the offer.

Some good-looking promotional email templates have the following elements:

  • Subject line
  • Pre-header
  • Tagline
  • Header
  • Logo
  • Offer name
  • Offer details
  • Call to action
  • Signature
  • Offer code
  • Website link
  • Footer (social media link, business address, customer support details)

These elements, combined with appealing and graphically rich Holiday special email provides leverage to business during the season. They can also be placed as per user experience or the category demand of the business. Most promotional emails for Christmas have the same necessary elements for customers.

Promotional email sample for Holiday season

To help you figure out, effective promotional email templates, some samples are given below:

Sample 1:

  • Header/tagline: Opportunity to grab the best offer this Holiday season
  • Offer name: Christmas bonanza, Christmas special deal, etc.
  • Offer details with graphic (information and terms and conditions etc.)
  • Call to action/Offer code
  • Footer (business address, customer support info)

Sample 2:

  • Offer name: Foodie 25 Christmas Deal, Make Merry Offer, etc.
  • Offer details with graphic (information and terms and conditions etc.)
  • Title/tagline: Opportunity to grab the best offer this Holiday season
  • Call to action
  • Footer (social media links)
  • Website details

Sample 3:

  • Header
  • Logo
  • Offer name
  • Offer details with graphic (information and terms and conditions etc.)
  • Call to action
  • Website details
  • Footer

Promotional email for different businesses

All sorts of businesses do promotions during the holiday season. And why not when the customer’s mood is on an upswing. Christmas increases the opportunities to attract new customers, who sign up owing to the promotions. These customer bases help grow the reach and marketplace presence for the business. Majorly, the newly-developed customer following can be later utilized for offers and to run reward programs.

Be it any business, special occasions add special meaning to promotions. They heighten the purpose of reaching out to customers and provide them value through a discount or offer. In the long run, such initiatives serve well in building brand experience and retain customers. One of the biggest advantages of promotion and sending emails is retaining the recall value.

The recall value of the brand or product can be build using email marketing. A simple email to a customer, by the company which provides services, can make the customer feel special and valued. Offers and promotions keep the bond of trust intact.

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