Ten Things to Include in Your Next Brand Pitch Email Template

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If you are a marketer trying to survive in the competitive landscape of the present times, then surely you will have n number of things to take care of. You may leverage SEO, social media marketing, and traditional advertising tools (TV ads, radio placements, and print ads). All these great marketing tools to increase your reach and grab eyeballs of consumers. But the modern-day digital marketing scenario requires you to make use of a very critical tool— brand pitch email template.

There’s no doubt in the fact that email has always been an easy, most convenient method of communication after the rise of the internet. Besides promoting products and services, email marketing is used for forging meaningful, long-lasting relationships with both existing and potential consumers. It allows brands to keep their consumers up-to-date with the latest information. The best part: brands can customize their message to add a personal touch to their communication. It’s persuasive, cost-effective and highly conversion-driven.

Let’s take a look at a few numbers here that show the popularity of this marketing tool:

  • The worldwide email users were 3.9 billion in 2019. This figure is likely to hit 4.48 billion in 2024. Also in 2019, the number of active email accounts cross 5.6 billion (Source).
  • About 293.6 billion emails were received and sent per day in 2019 alone. By 2024, this number will reach 361.6 billion (Source).
  • 87 percent of today’s marketers leverage email marketing to distribute content.
  • Marketers can expect an average ROI of $42 for every dollar they expend on email marketing.

The above figures are a clear reflection of the fact that email marketing is here to stay. No brand—whether small or big—will be able to beat the cut-throat competition without keeping email marketing in the loop. In the United States alone, a whopping 350 million dollars were spent on email marketing in 2019 because of its huge revenue-generating potential. This is the primary reason why every brand has to know the nitty-gritty of email marketing and learn how to craft a brand pitch email template.

Coming up with a brand pitch email template that people click on

Creating a brand pitch email template is important for achieving branding success, but it’s also not a piece of cake always to come up with one. Whether you are using email marketing to promote your products and services or to collaborate with influencers, this piece of marketing tool needs to be crisp and all-inclusive.

The ultimate aim of using a brand pitch email template is to get as many clicks as you can and convert these potential consumers into actual ones. But most email marketing campaigns fail to achieve this objective because they aren’t crafted and customized thoughtfully. Irrespective of what you wish to achieve through email marketing, your brand pitch email template should always have the following elements:

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1. A subject line

First and foremost, you need to have a catchy, attention-grabbing subject line for your brand pitch email template. It is because of the subject line that a recipient of your pitch will decide whether to open it or not. Let’s not forget email recipients get hundreds of thousands of emails every day. Hundreds of these emails land up in their spam folder because they had a boring, unappealing subject line. So, your brand pitch email template has to stand out amongst those.

Here are a few tips that can help you craft click-worthy subject lines for your brand pitch email template:

  • Keep the character limit to 36-50.
  • Make use of emojis that adds more emotion to your email.
  • Evoke curiosity in your recipients with a subject line that makes them wonder.
  • Create subject lines by including a “breaking news.”
  • Make use of FOMO or fear of missing out. For example, “last chance to win something,” or “last hour to grab a deal,”
  • Personalize the subject line by including the name, birthday, anything of personal interest of the recipient.

2. A brief introduction

You should not ever forget that you need to focus on winning the trust of your email recipients. Most brand pitch email templates don’t get the desired response is because the sender does not give a proper introduction of the brand. It’s either too generic or extremely self-promotion—something that can be a big turnoff for email recipients.

You should, therefore, include a brief introduction of who you are why you are reaching out to them. Be direct and concise. Don’t beat around the bush. This portion is the first thing that your recipient will see after the subject line. So, you need to be make it impactful enough for them to continue reading your brand pitch email. While there are no one-size-fits-all approach to this, you need to make your introduction as genuine as possible.

3. Body copy

After reading your introduction in your brand pitch email template, the recipient of your email will want to dig deeper into the subject matter. Always remember that a poorly crafted copy can either make or break your brand pitch email template. Hence, try to make it spot on. It should be relevant to your reader and give them enough reasons to consider your proposition.

Here are a few tips to go about with creating an appealing body copy:

  • Personalize your body copy. Such email are seen to have a 32.7 percent higher response rates compared to those that aren’t.
  • Cite examples of other brand or influencers you have worked with to build credibility. Showcase your work and the results you have achieved.
  • Show that you have done a research on your recipients and have a problem-solution approach.

4. Show the way forward

The value proposition that you provide in your brand pitch email template will the core interest-generating factor. You need to clearly explain how your recipient will benefit by buying your product or service or subscribing to your email list. Your body copy should clearly explain the way forward for them so that they are impressed.

You can probably consider the process of buying from you or working with you. Maybe you can talk about sending them a sample of your product or a free-trial of your service. Try to even include the monetary value involved in the exchange because that be a decisive factor for them.

5. Your website link

This doesn’t require much of an explanation because every savvy marketer knows the value of a website in today’s digital world. If you wish to build trust through your brand pitch email template, then you simply cannot miss out the website link.

This is where your recipients will click to know more about you, your offerings and your business as a whole. Your website will convey all additional points that may not be possible for you to include in your body copy. So, make sure you create a visually-appealing and highly-informative website to include in your email pitch.

6. Social proof

Just like the website, your brand’s social presence will also add to its credibility. Believe it or not, your social media profile is very much like your identity card. It not only informs your prospects about your brand but also shows what your existing consumers are saying about you.

So, make sure you choose a social media network—be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn (best for B2B brands) and maintain an active presence on them. Do include a link to your social profiles in your brand pitch email template so that your prospects can visit them to know more about your brand.

7. Media kit

Multimedia content, when added to a brand pitch email template, can add to its entertainment quotient and engagement factor by many folds. These type of inclusions can give your prospects a visual, more detailed idea of what you do and are capable of doing. Be it images or videos, a combination of various media can increase the response rate of your email pitch.

Some example of media kit include conference or event videos, product demonstrations and tutorials. If you are considering video, you can add link to your YouTube channel in the body of your email. It can surely increase the impact of your brand pitch email template on your prospects.

8. Call to action

Your brand pitch email template should be a clear and powerful call to action (CTA). This is something that pushes your prospects to take an action after reading your email—either subscribe to your email list or buying your offering.

Some examples of CTAs include “Contact us to know more, “shoot us an email to take it forward, “Book a meeting with us,” or “learn more about us by clicking on our website.” Your CTA should be prominently placed at the end of the body copy of your email. Make sure it’s not overly salesy.

9. Closing lines

This part will close your brand pitch email template. It’s simple to craft: you thank the prospect for reading your email and wishing them a good day ahead. “Looking forward to a response from you,” “Waiting to have a chat with you,” and “Hoping to add more value to your life,” etc. are few examples of closing lines that you can add to your email pitch. Try to make it as personal and emotional as possible to touch your prospects’ hearts.

10. Signature and contact details

Lastly, this goes without saying that any email you send should have your digital signature and your contact details. A signature at the end of your brand pitch email template makes your communication more credible before your prospects. They will know that it is from a genuine company. Moreover, your contact details—be it a phone number or an email address—will make it easier to them to get in touch with you. Creating a brand pitch email template may sound like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be so. Make sure you keep the above elements in mind while crafting your next pitch to see good responses coming in.

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