Customizable Interview Thank You Email Templates for Interviewees

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If you’re fresh off being interviewed for a job that you’d like to be offered, you might want to consider sending the recruiting manager who interviewed you a thank-you note. It will not only help you make a good impression on them, it might increase your chances of actually landing the job. Good interviewee etiquette demands that you send your interviewer a thank-you email after interview. You could send this email to the HR manager who conducted your interview and even send one across to other individuals who were present during your interview, if you were subject to multiple rounds of interviewing.

If you are wondering how to write the perfect thank-you email after interview, we suggest you read on below. In this article, we provide you with post-interview thank-you email templates which you can customize according to your requirements and use to separate yourself from the crowd.

Thank You Email After Interview Sample Templates

  1. Subject Line – Thank You [Insert Name of Interviewer]!

Hello [Name of Interviewer],

I would like to thank you for making the time to meet me and discuss your vacant position of [Insert Name of Job Position] yesterday. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity.

I feel even more enthusiastic at the prospect of getting to work at [Company Name] now. I would like to mention [Insert New Information You Learnt about the Company] in particular, which reaffirmed my decision.

I was recalling what you said about [Job Challenges the Interviewer Mentioned]. I believe I am adequately skilled to handle these well. For instance, in my previous/current role as [Mention Current Job Role], I learned that [Refer to a Similar Problem and How You Handled it]. I am sure my experience will prove similarly helpful as your [Mention Job Title You Interviewed for] as well.

In case you require further information from my end, feel free to get in touch. Will be looking forward to hearing from you again.

Thank you again for your time!


[Your Signature]

  •  Subject Line – Appreciate Your Time, Mr/Ms. [Insert Last Name of Interviewer]

Dear Mr/Ms. [Last Name of Interviewer]

I am writing to you to thank you for the time you spent talking to me about [Insert Name of Job Role You Interviewed for] at [Insert Company Name] yesterday. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I learnt a lot about [Job Niche] from the interaction and plan on putting these insights into practice.

I am convinced after our conversation that this job will be a good fit for me professionally and personally. In addition, I also believe I will be able to make a valuable contribution to the company with this job if I am extended the opportunity to do so. I was particularly happy to learn that [New Information You Were Provided During the Interview] since [The Reasons You Decided to Pursue this Job].

I would also like to take this opportunity to share details of some of the projects that I have previously worked on. You can also find attached documentation supporting their business impact.

Kindly feel free to contact me if you need any further information from my end. I would be more than happy to assist you with the same. I look forward to speaking to you again on [Date Discussed in the Interview].

Thank you once again.

Best Regards,

[Your Signature]

  • Hi [Interviewer’s Name],

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. It was a pleasure to learn more about the job position and the team I would be working with, if extended the opportunity. I feel excited about the prospect of joining [Name of Company You Interviewed at] and being able to [Add the Skills You Would Be Offering in the Job Role].

I look forward to hearing from you again about the next steps of the application process. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any added information from my side.

Warm Regards,

[Your Name]

  • Hi [Name of Interviewer],

I am writing to you to thank you for inviting me to your office today. It was great to be able to learn more about [Insert Company Name]’s vision and goals for growth. [Company Name] seems like a great workplace, and not simply because you mentioned [Employment Benefits Offered at Company]. I really admire the fact that [Company Name] believes in [Company Values Shared by the Interviewer]. I can see myself being a value addition to your company and look forward to being offered the opportunity to do so.

Do let me know if you need anything else from my end to move the application process forward.

Have a great week ahead,

[Enter Your Name]

  • Hi [Name of Interviewer],

Thank you so much for making the time to interview me today. I really enjoyed our interaction and believe I learned enormously from our encounter. It was heartening to know about your career growth in [Name of the Company] and about the company’s overall mission and growth objectives.

I would like to suggest [Strategies You Believe Could Prove Helpful] for the [Potential Problems Clients Could Face Mentioned by Interviewer]. I believe it would be effective in resolving the issues. We can discuss about this further at a time convenient for you, if you see fit.

I can tell that [Company Name] is a fantastic place of employment and I would be ecstatic to join such a [Insert Relevant Adjectives] team. Please let me know if you need any further documentation from my side to move the hiring process along.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

While these thank-you email after interview samples should help you write a thank-you note your interviewers will appreciate, you can use the following tips to help you write a thank-you email after interview from scratch.

Thank-You Email After Interview Writing Hacks

Follow the steps listed below to draw up an effective and impressive thank-you email after interview –

  • Start with a clear subject line. You want to ensure your recruiter opens your e-mail. Being direct in your subject line is the only way to achieve this.
  • Open with an informal greeting. You can address the hiring managers and whoever else you have interviewed with, by their names.
  • Express your gratitude. You can open your thank-you email by thanking your interviewer, there’s nothing wrong with that. Try to be sincere when expressing your appreciation. You want to put across how much it meant to you, for the interviewer to have spent their time interviewing you.
  • Restate your interest in the job. Simply telling your interviewer how much you’d like the opportunity to work for the company during the interview is not enough. Remember to remind them of your interest in your thank-you email after interview as well. Incase, you didn’t feel like the job was a right fit, let them know via this e-mail. They will appreciate your honesty as well as the resources you save them in the process.
  • Talk about information you gained during the interview. When you recall details the interviewer shared from the interview, you let them know that you were an active listener and reaffirm your interest in the job. You can mention skills you possess which you believe could resolve potential problems that you encounter in the job.
  • Don’t forget to remind them of the response deadline they’d mentioned in the interview. Also, offer to supply any added information that they might require from you.
  • End with a professional sign-off.

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