How to write a professional thank you note for the opportunity received after internship

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An internship is the beginning of your career. It is the first step in your professional world where you get opportunities to build your networks, gain first-hand experience of work, besides getting an insight into the industry. Your internship maybe for a month or two, but it is of paramount importance when it comes to taking your career to the next level.

Once you complete your internship, remember to show your gratitude to the concerned person for the opportunity provided. An internship thank you letter goes a long way in building strong professional bonds, while the action displays your humbleness.

This article talks about why you should write a thank you letter after an internship and provides tips to craft an attractive note.

Reasons to write an internship thank you letter:

  • A thank you note allows you to express your gratitude to all those that helped you through your internship. These people may include leaders, managers, employees, and other support staff. When you appreciate them for all their patience and interest in guiding you, your message is sure to make a lasting impression. A thank you note doesn’t take much time to write. It is only important you draft it right.
  • When you thank all the people that helped you learn new skills during your internship, things start working for you. Your impressed friends will start recommending you in their work networks, and you will have huge scope to expand your reach and grow.
  • You can thank your internship supervisor or mentor in particular, which may boost your professional relationship. This further makes way for your career progression.
  • Writing an internship thank you letter is a sign of positivity. It shows you care for the people that supported and assisted you. Chances are also high they remember you for positive reasons in the future. Sending a well-written thank you note you stay on top of these people’s minds, possibly for months or even years.

After learning the reasons to write a thank you note after an internship, let us now focus on how to write it.

Tips to write an internship thank you letter

Begin by showing gratitude

You may have tons to say, but begin the note by thanking the people that helped you grow professionally and personally. Express your sincere gratitude to all those that stood by you through the time. Do mention the minutest of things and thank each of them for the love and guidance. Your words should be carefully chosen and full of positivity. Let them know how grateful you are and how the internship helped you grow.

You can begin by saying ‘Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. It was a pleasure to work for this esteemed firm, and become one among all you wonderful people…’

If you intend to work for the company in the future, you can mention it as well.

Pick the medium

How do you want to send your thank you note? If you want to personally meet the people and thank them, prepare a handwritten note and hand it over to one of them in person. However, if that’s not possible for some reason, you can choose to write an email. That’s perfectly fine. Writing an email thank you is recommended if you want your message to reach easily and quickly. The medium doesn’t matter, as long as you make your intentions clear.

State what you learnt from the internship

This is important. Mention all those things you learnt and gained from working under them. These things may be related to the projects you worked on, or the workshops you attended. Write about how you felt when working with them and how the values you learnt are now helping you grow professionally. Mentioning these things in your internship thank you letter shows your interest in learning new things and commitment towards work.

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Be specific

After thanking them, get into the specifics. What are you so grateful for? What teams would you like to work with again, if given an opportunity? What projects you enjoyed working for? What advice helped you expand your mind?

When you talk about each and every thing you experienced during your internship, the employees and leaders will surely appreciate your interest. You will more likely be chosen to be hired for the company, and chances are you may get to work with the same team that you appreciated.

Be concise

You got to get into the details but do not add fluff content. Do not make the note too lengthy. Be straight to the point and concise. Talk about all those things you enjoyed when working as an intern but keep it short. The managers and employees may not have enough time to read a 10-page thank you note!

Don’t forget to add your contact details

After including all the internship details, do add your contact information. An email address would be fine but you can also mention your social media and phone number at the end of the letter. Let them know you would like to stay in touch.

Note that an internship thank you letter is not a platform to ask for a job. You can however make a point stating that you would love to be a part of their team, of course, if that is what you want. You can probably make it like this: This year has been fantastic for me. I learnt new skills and gained industry knowledge working with awesome people in your organization. If anytime your firm wants to hire new people, please let me know. I would be excited to apply and come on board as a full-time employee.

If you plan to write separate thank you notes to different people, ensure to make each of them look unique. Personalize each letter, specifying instances you shared with that particular person while you worked for the company.

Make it humorous

If you made good friends during your internship, and you got along with them really well, add a bit of fun into your note. An internship thank you letter need not always be too formal with a serious tone. You can make it humorous to make it appear more personalized. For example, you can say ‘I really miss those weekend lunches and birthday cakes. Hope we can get together one more time the next time I am in the city!’

Be professional

Remember, you are not an intern anymore. You may be out of college, or probably placed elsewhere. So make your note professional, and ensure to not include anything irrelevant or unwanted. Say whatever you want to, but make sure all those things are related to your internship at the organization. Nobody misses a point when you make it short, relevant and interesting.

Highlight your knowledge

When writing an internship thank you letter, try to highlight your skills gained by working for the firm as an intern. This makes your note even attractive and catchy. People that guided you can quickly make out such skills, and tend to appreciate your IQ. They will also feel proud to have mentored you, and look forward to working with you again. A thank you note after an internship is, therefore a great opportunity to getting a job.

No errors

After writing the letter, go through it. Read each line and check for possible grammatical errors. We suggest you check more than once to be sure of having written an error-free letter. If you come across any mistakes, correct them immediately and read again to check for the flow. Your message cannot be conveyed appropriately if your letter contains even one or two mistakes.

Do not delay

Write the thank you note as soon as you complete your internship. If you delay, even for a couple of weeks or months, people might simply not be interested to read it. They might even think you are writing seeking a job, and not really expressing your gratitude. So, be quick and act fast. A delayed thank you letter is as good as not writing the letter at all.

Now you know why writing a thank you letter after an internship is important and the tips to be followed, why wait any longer? Keep in mind all the points stated in the aforesaid paragraphs, draft the letter and proofread. Once you are confident that the note is perfect and error-free, write/type a final copy and deliver it to the person/persons you want to thank. ‘Thank you’ is a sweet word. Use it in the right manner and at the right time. When rightly used in the professional world, it can work like magic and take you places.

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