How to write a thank you note for a high school scholarship

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High school is probably the most important part of a student’s education. It decides the trajectory of the student’s educational journey. Hence, getting into a good high school is paramount. But a good high school can also be very expensive and something not everyone can afford. This is where donors who are selfless, caring and generous people who value education, come in. They offer scholarships to deserving students.

If you are one of those students who have received a scholarship then you must write a heartfelt thank you note to your donors. They expect nothing in return and a genuine “Thank You” note will remind them why they got into this wonderful habit of offering scholarships in the first place.

Things to consider while writing the scholarship thank you letter:

To whom is the letter addressed to?

A “Thank You” letter should be sent to the donor or the organization which presented you with the scholarship. You can address them directly and express your gratitude. The “Thank You” letter must not be addressed to the high school selection committee.

Should the letter be an email or handwritten?

Handwritten letters have an old world charm. But they do run the risk of being misplaced. Nowadays everyone has access to emails. So, you can make use of this global access and send a “Thank You” email. Handwritten notes are more personal while emails tend to be more formal. Also, you have a guarantee of the email being delivered to the concerned donor as opposed to a letter. So, choose the medium of the thank you note very carefully.

Keep it short and crisp

Use easy language and consider the reader’s time when writing a scholarship thank you letter. The donor probably is a very busy person and may only be able to spare a couple of minutes to read your letter. So, keep the letter short and concise. Get to the point straightaway and ensure your gratitude comes through in the letter. Do not be overly dramatic in your “Thank You” note.

Say something about yourself

Since it was your achievements and traits that actually won you the scholarship, you can mention some of these in your thank you note. You can talk about your academic and extra-curricular achievements, your GPA, any sports you might have played, any clubs you might have been part of etc. You can mention what you did that made you stand out and the reason you won the scholarship.

Ensure the grammar is on point

While you may be very emotional about winning the scholarship, ensure that your thank you note does not contain any grammatical errors. This is something that goes without saying but is very important. Such errors really take the importance away from the idea behind a “Thank You” note. So being extra vigilant and double check.

Talk about what your future plans are after high school

It is important to convey how this scholarship has brought you one step closer to your dream. Any plans you might have made, be it in academics or sports or any other vocation, can be shared here. Be sure to elucidate how this high school scholarship is going to help you in making those plans a reality.

Step by step guidelines to writing a perfect high school scholarship thank you letter

– Greet the Donor

Address the donor respectfully. The donor could be an individual or an organization. Double check the spelling of the donor’s name. The scholarship notification letter should contain the donor’s name. Your letter should start with a respectful greeting.

– A display of gratitude

Include reasons for your show of gratitude without being dramatic. Be precise and clear when stating your point. You can convey the need for scholarship by mentioning your family’s financial status. But do not ask for additional financial support. You can thank the donor or the organization for their time spent in reviewing your candidacy for the scholarship. Be sure to include the name of the scholarship. Below are some examples:

  1. I would like to thank you for your generosity.
  2. It is a genuine honor to be chosen among so many eligible candidate for the XYZ family scholarship.

– List the impact of the scholarship

The approach to listing out the impact depends on whether you have already joined the high school or are about to join. If you have already joined the high school then you can mention how you are enjoying your time there. You can mention how the school is different from where you had been going previously. You can list out the subjects you have chosen. You can also mention any community services you have involved yourself in and also any awards or achievements that have come your way during your time at the school.

If you have not joined the school yet, you can mention what you are most looking forward to once you join. You can also mention how you are preparing for the impending joining. You can mention the interests you plan on pursuing.

Some examples are:

  1. I am very happy to share with you that I was awarded the “Excellency award” by my high school.
  2. It gives me great pleasure to share with you the news that I have won the inter-state Guitar competition.

– Future plans post high school

Here you can list out your plans for the future once you complete your high school. You can mention your hopes and dreams. If you plan to pursue higher education, do mention how this scholarship is going to help you to achieve your goal. If you plan on pursuing some sport you can mention how your interaction with the coaching staff has been and how you plan to play professionally once you graduate. If you plan on taking up a job then you can mention how this experience is going to help you in getting a job. Also, list out anything else you are doing to set your plan in motion.

Some examples:

  1. Once I complete my studies here I am planning to pursue a career in teaching.
  2. Upon graduating from high school I plan to play for XYZ team as a professional basketball player.
  3. I want to continue studying and I plan to enrol myself in a specialized course to further my knowledge.

– Thank the donors again for the scholarship

Express your gratitude for the high school scholarship again. This is a conclusion to your “Thank you” note. Even though it might sound repetitive but what you are essentially doing is leaving the reader with the final thoughts of your expression.

Some examples are:

  1. Once again, I would like to thank you for your time. I look forward to my tenure here and to working with some esteemed professors of this renowned institution.
  2. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude. It is my honor to have been chosen for this scholarship.

– Sign off

Conclude your letter with a proper sign off. You can use “sincerely” or “warm regards” or “with sincere thanks”.

Finally, retrieve the address of the donor or the organization and forward it to them. If you are sending an email then you can find the email from donor’s or the organization’s website.

An important opportunity a thank-you letter presents is a platform to express your gratitude. Not only this, it also presents a platform to express your desire to be part of the prestigious institution you have qualified for. The donor’s panel would most likely comprise of people who know the value of education. And one thing they love is students who want to learn more than anything. Even though it is difficult to express all this in writing there is no harm in attempting enthusiastically and wholeheartedly to do so.

If you are sure of joining a particular institution, you can state your commitment in the thank you note. All donors and organizations value students who are focussed and committed to their goals and vision. Such commitments can yield positive results.

Sending a “Thank You” note to the donor is not mandatory. It is completely optional. However, it does leave a lasting impression on the donor. Not every student sends an email or a note, so it makes a big difference in this highly competitive world. It also reminds the donor or the organization of the good they are doing and will re-infuse the drive to continue to do so. It will also further the candidature of all future scholarship candidates.

Finally, a “Thank You” note is graceful gesture towards people who are selflessly helping society. There is a lot of effort, hard-work required on both the student’s part as well as the panel reviewing the candidates for the right fit. So, put in that last final effort to write a thank you note and make sure that it leaves a lasting impression. We hope you are able to pen a genuine “Thank you” note using these tips.

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