How to write a thoughtful wedding thank you note

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Weddings can be stressful but a very important step in this process is taking the time to write wedding thank you notes to your loved ones. On this joyous occasion, each of your guest deserves a note of appreciation for all the encouragement and support they provided. One of the best ways to express your gratitude is to pen a heartfelt thank you not for all the gifts and support you received.

In the era of digital media and instant messages, it is nice for a couple to thank each guest who contributed to their wedding day. If the person is someone you don’t know very well, it can be difficult to write a thank you note. It can also be difficult when the gift you received was something you didn’t expect at all. It is easy to get confused about wedding thank you card wording when sending out an appreciation message across to people.

What to be included while writing a wedding thank you note

If you are confused about what to write, make sure that it is kept heartfelt and short. For guests who have gifted money, you can tell them what you plan to do with the gift. Even if the guest did not gift you anything it is still important to express gratitude for their attendance and efforts.

Handwritten thank you notes are the best

Even though social media shout outs and emails are hugely popular, handwritten notes leave a lasting impression on the receiver. It shows the time and effort you put in writing a thoughtful message personally. Most guests won’t be impressed with a typed or printed thank you note as it may be seen as impersonal.

Why wedding thank you card wording is important

As you have to write a lot of thank you notes to ensure you don’t miss anybody out, it is natural to be stressed out about wedding thank you card wording. When in doubt, write from the bottom of your heart. Sincerity is the key and can work wonders. You are not only writing these to thank them for the gifts, but to let them know how much their presence on your joyous day made you happy.

When it comes to wedding thank you card wording, it is a great idea to have common template for all your cards to finish writing them in time. Having a basic template in your mind can not only save time but also ensures that you get in the flow of writing them easily. It is not necessary to write long passages, a few genuine sentences are more than enough.

It is still essential to be specific when it comes to your close friends and family members. Even if the gift wasn’t exactly your favorite, make sure you say something you liked about it in the note. Or you can tell them how the wedding became extra special because they attended it.

Another important tip to remember is to make sure to say thanks and use words like ‘always’,’ much love’ at the end of your note. As a couple, you can tell them that you are looking forward to meeting them soon.

Length – wedding thank you card wording

The thank-you cards or notes don’t have to be very long, although there is no specific word limit that you have to adhere to. The important thing is to express your gratitude through words and for that filling up several pages are not required. A short and beautiful message that comes straight from the heart is likely to make more impact than a long fake one. Just make sure to keep your message personal and honest, while wording these thank you notes.

Keep in mind to adjust the opening as well as the closing lines of the note according to the person you are sending them to. You can keep a basic template ready with you, but when it comes to friends, family or colleagues, make it special by giving it a personal touch. Be a little more specific about the gifts you received, especially if they are from your closed ones.

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What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards?

These are some writing etiquette that needs to be followed when you are writing wedding thank you notes:

Be specific: A generic message that simply says, ‘thank you for the gift’ does not leave a much favorable impression on the recipient. While writing, make sure you are specific and mention the gift you received in detail or how you intend to use it. However, in case of a financial gift, it is best to not mention the exact amount received.

Give it a personal touch: You could talk about the memories you made on your wedding day with the particular person or talk specifically about their gift. This will make each thank you card personal and different. While writing thank you notes, expressing your gratitude wholeheartedly and genuinely can make the receiver happy.

Write clearly and don’t be repetitive: Make sure your handwriting is readable and elegant to show that you took the efforts. Also, do not be repetitive while writing- it can be tiring to write the same thing again and again. For this, you can switch up your wording. Instead of writing ‘thank you’ always, you could swap it with different phrases. Some of them are, ‘we are very appreciative of’ or ‘we were so happy to receive the thoughtful gift’.

Write it together as a couple: Talk it out with your spouse about who is writing how much. This should be done before you start with the writing process. It will prevent unnecessary pressure on a single person. You could divide the thank-you notes on the basis of your family- your partner could write thank you cards for family members while you handle those for your friends or colleagues. Make sure that everything is clear before you start. This ensures that the workload is equally shared among you and your partner.

The bridal party- wedding thank you card wording

All your friends or colleagues who were there for you from the very beginning is the bridal party. They are the ones that helped you pick out the perfect wedding dress. Your bridal party helped you plan the wedding in a way that made it as special as possible. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to pen a heartfelt thank you note to appreciate the efforts they put in for you.

It is better to keep your notes sweet and short as these people are your closest group of friends. You are yourself with them so using fancy language in your note which you don’t use in your daily conversations will make the note seem fake and impersonal.

A financial wedding gift- wedding thank you card wording

If you have received a monetary gift, you could thank them for their generosity. Instead of mentioning the exact amount, you can tell them how you plan to use it. You can go into detail while writing about how you want to spend the money. A basic message can be kept in mind for such thank you notes and then personalize it accordingly for each person.

For guests who were unable to attend- wedding thank you card wording

Don’t forget to write thank you notes to people who were unable to attend your special day but still send a thoughtful gift. While writing them a note, make sure that you are thanking them without making them feel guilty about not attending your wedding.

Some more tips for thank you message

Some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Always make sure to customize the thank-you notes with personal details like the memories you have shared with them.
  • While writing salutations, consider the relationship you share with that particular guest. For your closest friend, you could address them by their name. If it is someone you don’t know very well like your mother’s distant relative for example, you could be more respectful. Add a Mr. or Mrs. before their name.
  • Don’t forget to thank them for their presence with sentences like ‘we were so happy to have you here’.
  • For the closing lines of the wedding thank you note, you can use words like ‘thankful’, ‘with love’, ‘sincerely yours’ and much more. You could also add a more personal sentence such as ‘we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends/colleagues in our lives’.

Writing several thank you notes to more than 100 guests can be time-consuming but it can be an enjoyable process, if you plan well in advance. This is the time to think about all the memories you made on your wedding day and all the funny stories shared at the ceremony. Or just how much you appreciate the guests for travelling so far to make your day special.

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