Show Your Appreciation To Your Husband/Wife With A Thank You Note For The Gift Received

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Gratitude is a strong emotion. It has the power to change your world. It instills a great sense of happiness and peace which often rubs onto others around you. When a person displays gratitude, he/she earns the respect of people around him/her.

Gratitude as an emotion relates directly to our ability of feeling and being able to express thankfulness and profound appreciation for life. Historically, the studies relative to emotion of gratitude had often found being relegated towards literary fields of philosophy or theology.

In the year 2007, Robert Emmons, a leading researched and scholar of psychology began to research upon gratitude via the lens of psychology. His research led him to discover that expression of gratitude had numerous psychological benefits. It improved our physical, emotional, relational and overall mental well-being. Our experience of life would get altered once we practiced gratitude. Gratitude impacted our experiences of the world, our happiness quotient, the effects of which would last for a long duration.

Power Of Gratitude In Relational Well-Being

When it comes to relations, gratitude can play big role of creating harmony, respect and love between people. Although it may seem like a small gesture, but appreciation and gratitude works. A token of appreciation towards our partners, siblings, parents or friends can greatly improve our relationship. In this article, we will discuss different thank you notes for gift received between spouses.

Some examples Of Thank You Notes Between Spouse

  • All that I can think about saying is wow! Except for the fact that I’m grateful.

Power Of the Note: The above note is a powerful little letter which conveys amazement. It helps appreciate the effort along with being very grateful for it. A short and sweet little message for your loved one.

  • I am simply blown away by your immense generosity. Honestly, I’m so much grateful for our relationship.

Power Of the Note: The note is an honest remark of the effort shown by the partner. It blends well the appreciation and love between the partners. Its a powerful little message for your special person.

  • Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday gift. Celebrating this birthday with you was so much fun! Sorry that we couldn’t talk more. Let us catch up have lunch soon.

Power Of the Note: The note reflects the deep love and affection. It also cherishes the moment spent together and hopes for more such time in future.

  • Amazing choice of a gorgeous birthday gift! Thanks to you for taking out time in order to make my birthday celebration all the more wonderful.

Power Of the Note: The note is beautiful reminder of how to thank someone for a special gift. Also displaying gratitude for the time and effort taken by a person to make the day special for their spouse.

  • The gift was super awesome. I’m so fortunate to have an amazing friend and partner in you. Everything was just amazing.

Power Of the Note: A beautiful note which lets their partner know how much valued they are. A short and sweet note of mutual love and respect.

Acknowledging The Thought Behind Gifts

  • Your birthday gift was just perfect. I could make out the amount of thought you have put onto it.

Power Of the Note: This note is a special one which goes at a deeper level of appreciation. It provides the notion of understanding the thought process behind a gift and appreciating it. A special note for moments when a spouse receives a special gift.

  • Such an awesome surprise to receive a delivery of such beautiful birthday balloons! Cannot thank you enough for the fabulous gift.

Power Of the Note: The classic birthday balloon gift is truly special. It reminds of our childhood and is truly a special birthday gift. A gesture which needs to be appreciated. Did we just give you a perfect birthday gift for your special partner?

  • Your gifts for me have always been so thoughtful, refreshing and fun. You have done it again for this year as well. Thank you so much.

Power Of the Note: For those special partners who go out of their way to gift each other really special items. These couples are always putting a lot of thought before picking up a special gift. A serious competition for other couples!

  • Thank you so much for such a generous gift. You really did not have to, but the type of kind person that you are, its just a great thing about you. I really appreciate your gift.

Power Of the Note: The classic you did not have to text. It is a sweet form of appreciation, one which has been part of our social culture for years. It really captures the essence of gift giving beyond the mechanical act of buying something expensive. It is the act of giving something special to the people you love that matters the most.

  • Thanks a lot for the wonderful birthday party. I am thrilled as you made time and have brought me such thoughtful and beautiful presents.

Power Of the Note: This note is a beautiful and easy appreciation for those who are often lost for words to appreciate.

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Some More Such Sweet Text Messages Which Can Be Exchanged With friends and family as well.

  • Birthday wishes coming from all those who care for me is akin to God’s blessing. So much love, I feel blessed. Thank you for the wonderful wishes.

 Power Of the Note: Gifts are a blessing of god. Since God cannot physically come and give you something, they use people close to you as instruments to shower blessing.

  • Thanks you so much for the special gift. It was the highlight of the day amidst all the celebration. I will cherish it forever.

Power Of the Note: The special note for the special person. If you could not spend some alone time with your partner during the celebration, this sweet note is a gentle reminder of the special bond.

  • I am just so grateful, from the depths of my heart. You are just too sweet, don’t have words to express my gratitude.

Power Of the Note: When your gratitude is overwhelming and you are lost for words. This sweet text is the right one which captures your gratitude in the most honest way.

  • Your special birthday wish was the most sweetest and kindest little gift of the day. Thanks a lot and lots of blessing to you for making the effort. It just made my day.

Power Of the Note: When the gift is the sweetest thing of the day. Also giving back blessing in return is just the best way to display gratitude.

  • Your immense generosity on my birthday just blew me over. Still stunned by it, happily of course. Thank You so much again.

Power Of the Note: This text is a sweet mix of childlike fun and genuine appreciation. For the times you are stunned by your gift.

Text For Friends

  • Thank you a lot for all the thoughtful, generous gifts. I am yet to decide how I’ll be using them yet. Wanted to let you know I am very happy and grateful for them.

Power Of the Note: This text is apt when you are overloaded with gift. Its just the sweetest thing and you are lost for choice of what to do with them. Share your predicament in the sweetest way with your partner.

  • You are a special friend! Thank you so much for driving me to town and the surprise birthday celebration. Seeing you after so long was amazing.

Power Of the Note: When your life partner is also your best friend. Share your love with this sweet thank you note when you relive your youth together.

  • Thank you so much for your lovely birthday wish, your gift, and all the good time at the party. I will treasure all your gifts and the special memories that we create.

Power Of the Note: This sweet message is a gentle reminder of how important your partner is in your life. Despite all the celebration, it is the special moment with your partner that is your highlight. The note captures the essence perfect.

  • You have made my birthday all the more special. I feel blessed to have you in my life.

Power Of the Note: Short and sweet. The note is gentle, yet captures your emotions beautifully.

  • You showering me with sincere wishes on the special day is the reason of it being more special to me. Thank you so much.

Power Of the Note: This note is a beautiful appreciation for your loved one. It displays the love you hold for your partner and how their gift is most important. When It comes to appreciating your partner, honesty and love are the main element. Be truthful and share your real feelings. It is much more valuable to be real than share something which does not relate to you.

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