Thank You Letter for Gift: How To, Templates & Examples

Thank You Letter for Gift

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Thank you are the first words that people utter when they receive a gift. But is that enough? Or, what if the gift was not delivered in person? An oral thank-you is all right but a thank you letter for gift received is a gesture of politeness, gratitude, and appreciation.

Nothing can beat the happiness of receiving a loving gift. It may be a birthday gift, a wedding gift, a Christmas gift, or a surprise gift from someone, but the feeling is always euphoric and joyful. When someone takes out time to get you a gift, to treat you, and to spoil you, the normal feeling is wanting to thank them for their generosity. When you feel the need to express your appreciation after getting a gift, the best way is to write a thank you letter for gift received.

Reasons for writing a thank you letter for a gift?

There are some good reasons for writing a thank you letter to people who care for you and made an effort to get you a gift.

The first reason is, it is good manners and considered an appropriate thing to do.

A thank you letter for gift makes the gift giver feel happy and appreciated as it reflects sincerely expressed sentiment.

This letter is like an acknowledgment and shows you have taken notice and value the gesture of the gift giver.

When just two words ‘thank you’ are accepted as a gesture of thanks upon receiving any gift why write a letter? A letter, especially a handwritten and personally signed letter demonstrates how much you appreciate the gesture of the gift giver. Often, handwritten thank you letters also serve as a keepsake for people who are close to you. Plus, a handwritten letter is a classy way of communication, not everyone would do it! It will come as a pleasant surprise to the receiver when they find it in their mailbox.

To whom you should write a thank you letter for a gift?

A gift can come from anyone. Patents, uncles and aunts, boss, colleagues, friends, anyone can give you a gift on different occasions. A thank you letter should be sent out to anyone who shows the kind gesture of giving you something. However, the language, tone, and salutation will be different depending on your relationship with that person. Even, in the case of a handwritten note, the stationery that you are using may be different based on whom you are writing a thank you letter to.

When sending a thank you note to your boss, the language should be formal and the letter should be brief and to the point. If it is your parents you are writing to, the length of the letter does not matter. It can include memories, some funny incidents, emotions, and the language can flow freely. For a thank you letter to a friend, the paper may be printed, or colored to add some fun and cheer.

When is a good time to write a thank you letter after receiving a gift?

The best time to write a thank you letter is within a few days after receiving the gift. The longer you wait to pen down your feelings, the more it loses its essence. Sending a thank you letter after three months will never have the kind of effect a letter sent within a week will have. Moreover, with time, your emotions will also fade away, making your words sound less sentimental and more routine.

When you sit to pen down a thank you letter for gift within a couple of days, your memories are fresh and you are still elated to get the wonderful gift. As the days pass by, the humdrum of life reduces the initial excitement of receiving the gift. Before you reach that state, make a little effort to express your sincere gratitude and your heartfelt thanks to the person who gave you a gift.

Thank You for Gift

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Tips of writing an effective thank you letter for gift

The matter included in a thank you letter after receiving a gift will depend on the occasion, relationship with the giver, and various other things. No two letters may be similar due to differences in situations but there are certain dos and don’t. Following these tips will help you write a lovely thank you letter to express your feelings in the best possible way.

Begin by saying thank you

Say thank you right away! The sole purpose of writing this letter is to express your gratitude for the gift you received. Get straight to the point so that the recipient of the letter knows what this is all about.

Choose your words carefully

How well you will be able to communicate your heartfelt thanks will depend on the kind of words you use in your thank you letter. Select thoughtful yet simple words that are easy to understand and express your gratitude.

Examples of some appreciative phrases you can use are –

  • Your surprise gift made my day!
  • I am so grateful for the lovely gift.
  • I am so thankful for our sweet present.
  • I can’t thank you enough for the sweet present.
  • I was really touched to receive your thoughtful gift.

Mention the gift in your thank you letter

Was it your wedding or a grand birthday celebration with a long guest list? Mentioning the gift in your thank you letter allows the person to know you are aware of what gift did that person give you. That reflects you have made an effort to express your genuine feelings and it’s not a routine thank you note sent out to all the guests.


  • Thank you for the exquisite lamp. It’s one of the kinds I always wanted to have in my house.
  • Thank you so much! I cannot express how happy I was to find such a beautiful flowering plant on my porch tied with a bright red ribbon. It’s the best birthday gift ever.

Mention how useful the gift is

A thank you letter for gift should include much more than just words of gratitude. It should reflect sentiments, emotions, and a personal touch. The best way to express your feelings is to write a letter in a conversational tone. Tell the gift giver how much the gift means to you and how you are going to use it. Whether it’s money, a kitchen gadget, a clothing item, tell the gift giver how much you like it. It may be the color, how convenient will the gadget be, how it will help you save time, and so on. The idea is to make the gift-giver feel good about the selection of the gift and to express how much you like it.

End with a proper closing statement

End your letter by thanking the person once again for the generous gift. Use expressions like –

  • Many thanks
  • Thank you once again
  • Can’t thank you enough
  • All I can say is wow!

Do you want to compose a thank you letter for a gift and don’t know where to begin and how to end it? Here are some sample thank you letters that will give you a fair idea about how to word yours.

Writing Letter

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Thank you letters can be formal or informal and both kinds will have a different format.

Here are some sample letters telling you how to thank different people on various occasions. Every letter should

  • Begin with a proper salutation
  • Followed by expression of thanks
  • Include words about how much you appreciate the gift
  • A pleasant closing

Keep the tone of a formal letter short and sweet. For family and friends, make it sound more emotional and express your heartfelt, sincere thoughts.

Informal letters are simple to write, and need not follow much of a format. However, if you plan on writing a formal thank you letter, depending on the recipient, you will have to follow a format. A formal letter should be used for figures such as professors, business associates, or your boss. Here is a widely used format of a formal letter.

Address of the Sender


Name of Receiver

Address of the Receiver

Subject: Thank You Note

Dear/Respected ______ (Name of the Recipient)

(Body of the Letter)



Sender’s Full Name

Here are some sample letters that you may use as a guideline when thanking your family, friends, and colleagues.

Sample 1 – Thanking your father for a gift


Dear Dad,

Let me begin by extending my heartfelt thanks for the best gift ever! I want to tell you how grateful I was for the new bike you bought me. It has made my everyday travel to and from college and work, so much easier! Earlier it would take much longer, and I would have to change buses too, but it has become extremely convenient with my bike now.

It’s fascinating how you knew exactly what I needed, without me telling you! Thank you for the helmet as well. I’ll be sure to drive slowly and safely. Now I can drive down to the nearby hills over the weekend with my friends as well. It was a truly touching, and much-needed gift. The bike is very appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With love

XYZ (Your Name and Signature)

Sample #1 Thank You Letter for Gift

Sample 2 – Thank you letter for a wedding gift


Subject: Thank you note for wedding gift

Dearest aunt Mary and uncle Bill,

I want to thank you for the wonderful wedding gift. I truly loved the sandwich maker, and it was just what I needed! How did you know exactly what I wanted to buy for my new home?

Waking up and going to work in the morning usually gets really hectic for both of us, so we don’t always get the time to make a proper breakfast. However, this sandwich maker has been an absolute blessing! It makes my job so much easier and makes sure we get a proper start to our day. It’s essential to get the breakfast right, isn’t it? Those sandwiches keep us going through the day and it’s really easy to make one for a quick snack too.

I could see how much thought the two of you put into buying the gift, and I am truly grateful for it. Your thoughts and the gift are very appreciated. It will surely be something we treasure forever!

Warmest wishes

Sender’s Name and Signature

Sample #2 Thank You Letter for Gift

Sample 3 – Thank you letter to grandmother for a birthday gift


Beloved Grandma,

Thank you so much for the birthday money! I truly did not expect you to travel from a different city for my birthday, I felt so touched. I had been wanting to buy a new skateboard for myself for some time now and had been saving up for it. Now I can finally buy it, and some accessories too! I loved your gift because it let me buy what I wanted to buy, for myself. Tomorrow I’ll go to the shop and send you pictures of the one I will buy!

I am so excited to go show off my brand new skateboard to all my friends. I was the only one without one, and now I’ll be able to join them at the skatepark, and even pick up a few cool tricks! I am so thankful for the money, and feeling so spoiled!

With lots of love

Sender’s Name and Signature

Sample #3 Thank You Letter for Gift

Sample 4 – Thank you letter to colleagues for a farewell gift


Name of Receiver

Address of the Receiver

Subject: Thank you note

Dear Alice,

I wanted to tell you how grateful I was for the going away party you and the rest of the office threw me, and for the gift! I was so touched, I never in my wildest dreams would’ve imagined I would get such a grand farewell.

I was feeling so emotional when I opened the box and saw a coffee maker! You guys truly do know me so well, I never could start a day without my cuppa! All of you must have put in so much thought for my gift, I never would’ve thought you guys noticed my morning habits that much! It’s truly something I will cherish forever. Now every time I go to make my morning coffee, I’ll be reminded of you guys and how amazing it was to work with all of you.

I am genuinely so thankful I was able to work with such incredible people for the past two years, and my experiences here will be something I will carry forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful gift!

Warm wishes and farewell

Sender’s Name and Signature

Sample #4 Thank You Letter for Gift

Sample 5 – Thank you letter for a baby shower gift


Subject: Thank you for the wonderful gift

Dear XYZ (insert name),

I wished to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for attending my baby shower and for the absolutely gorgeous gift you gave! The baby stroller looks adorable, and it was just what I needed.

I was planning on buying a stroller soon, but now I won’t have to. It’s such a cute stroller too! I could see the time and effort that went into choosing it! It looks like such a comfortable stroller, I plan on making good use of it. You do always know the best gifts to give!

It is truly a wonderful gift and one that will be of much help. Thank you once more, for such a thoughtful gift. Your gift selection abilities never cease to amaze me!

Many thanks

Jude (your name and signature)

Sample #5 Thank You Letter for Gift

Sample 6 – Thank you letter for a Christmas gift


Subject: Thank you note for the lovely Christmas gift

Dear (Insert name),

Thank you so much for the beautiful crocheted blanket and the delicious, mouth-watering cake! Your gifts made my Christmas, truly! All the guests at the Christmas party were asking who brought the cake, and that blanket is a precious gift I will appreciate for years to come.

It will find much use during my Netflix binging afternoons! Every time I look at that gorgeous blanket, I remember you. How many hours of effort must have gone into the making of it. I hold it very dear to my heart, and I could not have asked for a better gift. Handmade gifts have a special place in my heart. Even if I tried, I could not express in words how thankful I am for such a thoughtful gift so full of love.

I am grateful that you are my friend and hope our companionship continues like this till we grow old and wrinkly. I wish everybody would be fortunate enough to have a friend like you!

Lots of warm hugs and tons of thanks

XYZ (Your signature)

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