Thank You Letter For Job Referral: How To, Templates & Examples

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If you are a fresher-level job seeker or a skilled veteran looking to advance your career, it’s critical to cultivate and build long-term partnerships among peers in your field. Such contacts will help you land a career change, particularly if they are happy to suggest you for a position at their firm.

Another way to strengthen the bond is to express your gratitude in letters to people whose recommendations are for job vacancies at their organizations. The message or notice may also inform them of the status of your submission, which will prompt them to look for more opportunities to refer you to.

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Why should you send a thank-you letter for job referral?

Submitting a thank-you letter to clients or other companies who recommend you are a professional way to improve your professional relationships. It will contribute to much more company references, specifically if you also give people recommendations. Moreover, their contributions must be rewarded with a vote of thanks, and sometimes a gift.

You must send thank you letter for job referral when:

  • Targeting the customers of the company to their friends and families.
  • A company sends you potential subscribers or refers you to a new contract.

It is indeed critical to demonstrate to an organization or person whether you respect and value their trust in your skills. Allowing you to know you appreciate what they’ve done for you will lead to more sales and connections in the prospect. Establishing your corporate partnerships in this manner will lead to beneficial collaborations among your company as well as people.

How to write a thank-you letter for job referral?

While penning down a letter, you might be having a storm of ideas on what to write and what not to write. Follow the steps below and write a thank-you letter for job referral efficiently. The following steps will ensure that the letter follows a professional approach and creates a professional bond.

  • Introduce yourself to the receiver in a respectful manner:

Provide a salutation and use the recipient’s last name to welcome them. Greeting them in this way conveys professionalism and appreciation in your thank-you letter for a job referral.

  • Show your appreciation:

Explain how the referral benefited the company by being clear on the essence of the recommendation. Speaking whether their recommendation resulted in a certain consequence would demonstrate your sincere gratitude.

  • Finish your document by closing it:

Make a succinct inference. Try including a free service or a discount on potential purchases. If your recommendation came from some other company, you should express your gratitude by promising to return the favor with customer referrals.

  • Mention your phone number and email address:

To foster a good friendship, provide your direct phone number and email address. It would result in more recommendations or help you expand your business reputation.

  • Make sure the message is error-free before sending it:

If you’re sending your thank you note via mail, use proper punctuation to ensure it’s free of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. If you’re submitting your thank-you letter for job referral by letter, get a relative or friend to proofread it for any spelling mistakes or other flaws.

How lengthy should a thank-you letter for job referral be?

thank-you letter for job referral can be as short as one or two lines. During the first line, express gratitude to the receiver, accompanied by some short information about the effect of the recommendation. If you have anything else to say, such as giving a recommendation or promoting a potential enterprise, you should provide a second paragraph.

What are some essential tips to keep in mind while writing a thank-you letter for job referral?

It is important to formally thank someone who has taken the trouble and then used their power to provide you with a good recommendation. Here are a few thank-you letter for job referral examples of something you can deliver to somebody who has recommended you for a job. You can write to them via email, mail, or LinkedIn.

  • Give an update on your situation:

Inform the individual of the status of your applications or employment position in the letter or email. In the document, express your gratitude for the recommendation.

  • Mention a specific subject line in your message:

You don’t need to include your return address or your contact’s address if you’re sending a thank you note via mail. Make the title plain (for example, “Thank you from [Your Name]” or “Thank You – [Your Name]”) and include your phone number in your signing.

  • Elucidate Your Letter Properly:

Your opinion on how to address the recipient should be based on your level of familiarity with them.

However, If the recipients were the boss or a college professor in a formal, traditional setting, though, use “Mr. / Ms. / Professor” preceded by their surname.

  • Keep it straightforward:

Maintain the document brief and concise. Be truthful, and not pessimistic. Based upon your friendship with the employee, you might want to share what happened and ask for advice if you believe anything horrible happened during the meeting.

Remember that all these excerpts are given as samples only. Instead of simply copying and pasting them, you can customize them to match your circumstances and tone of voice.

Sample Formal Thank You Letter for Job Referral:

Robert Peterson

Senior Account Manager

July 12, 2020

Mr. Thomas Hopkins

146, Bay Road Area,

Calgary, Alberta, CN – T2M0X4

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I appreciate and thank you once again for recommending me to Stevedores and Sons Private Limited for the Assistant Account Manager spot! I applied for the work this morning at their Montreal office at Mrs. Jane Sullivan, Human Resources, and Ms. Lorraine Grey, Executive Manager.

The interviews progressed great, and I appreciated the option to improve much about Mr. Thomas Hopkins, Founder, and MD. I’m excited about the next phase in the recruiting process.

I thank you again for the help and your assistance with the job.


Thom Yolanda

Junior Manager

Sample #1 for Thank You Letter For Job
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Sample Formal Thank You Letter for Job Referral (when hired):

Donald M Ohara

2344 Oliver Street

Dallas, TX 75201

September 28, 2018

Frank K Koehler

123 Marketing Rd.

Madison City, NY 98249

Dear Frank,

I would like to use this time to thank you for recommending Pioneer Press to me. I was told to return for a formal interview after reaching out to your contact for an introductory conversation. I am overjoyed to inform you that I have been given a job.

I have accepted a full-time Project Management position with Pioneer and am very excited to get started. I can not praise you enough yet for putting me in touch with the connections in that city. I am grateful for sharing your networking services with me, and I am proud that you see me as a good match for this great organization.

Please don’t be afraid to contact me if you think of some way I can repay the favor at any point. I would be pleased to introduce you to all my former or current coworkers. After all, if you ever require a referral letter or advice, I am pleased to assist you.

Thank you once more, and please keep in contact. I will keep you posted on the experiences at Pioneer, and I am excited to learn about your success too.

In gratitude,

Donald M Ohara

Sample #2 for Thank You Letter For Job

Sample Formal Thank You Letter for Job Referral (when not hired):

Jason Duncan

123 Main Street

Anytown, CA 12345

September 14, 2018

Leslie Wolf

Four Seasons Production

Laville Intercom Center

Enterprisers’ City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Wolf,

Foremost, I want to express my gratitude for referring Four Seasons Production to me. I am glad because you saw me as a good contender for the said role of Sales and Ticketing Coordinator. I thank you for taking the time to notify me of the vacancy and to recommend me as a good candidate for said role.

However, I regret to inform you that I am not selected for the role. Mr. Daniels, the Human Resources consultant, praised my dedication and ability to put in long hours in this position. Regrettably, Four Seasons is searching for those who have worked on high-profile events before. And, as you must be knowing that I am experienced in conducting television events. However, I am still on the search for the transition.

Thanks once again for the career opportunity. I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you learn about any other vacancies that could be a good fit. Also, you could convey me if you know of any other opportunities that might help me advance my future. As a Production Supervisor, I hold you in high regard and therefore, would welcome the opportunity to acquire more knowledge from such a beloved colleague.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you think there could be some possibility I can repay the favor. I am still willing to assist in whatever way I can.

Thanks again,

Jason Duncan

Sample #3 for Thank You Letter For Job

Sample Short and Formal Thank You Letter for Job Referral (just after referred):

Gregory A Allbright

1500 Modoc Alley

Uniontown, Idaho, 99179

17 July 2020

Arthur Jones

Executive Officer – Assistant

Amberville and Co.

3729 Mento Road

Uniontown, Idaho, 99179

Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank you very much for recommending me to Amberville and Co. for the Junior Accountant role. I appreciate the time and effort to review my application and nominate me for the role.

I wish to inform you that I’ve been chosen for an in-person meeting with ABCD’s recruitment team, which will take place this week. She typically manifested how pleased she was with the letter of recommendation you sent on my account when she contacted me to schedule this meeting.

Thank you again for the assistance. I appreciate the support you’ve given me, and I’ll keep you updated on how well the interviewing progresses!


Gregory A Allbright

Sample #4 for Thank You Letter For Job

Sample Short and Formal Thank You Letter for Job Referral (just after referred):

Tony Michalak

3235 Main Cross Road

Pennsylvania 39545

25 February

Tim Lighter

4354 Tatous Road

Brooklyn 34031

Dear Tim,

Thank you for notifying me of your company’s new job vacancy and for generously agreeing to make a referral on my behalf to your recruiting panel. MTW Enterprises has a stellar record as a thought-leading brand, and I value your belief in mine.

I believe my meeting with Stella progressed smoothly, and I plan to meet with Lassie for a second interview later this week. Stella’s explanation of the organization, as well as what the roles might be if I were recruited, piqued my interest in joining your company. I’ll give you an update while the recruitment unfolds.

Thank you again for the endorsement- I’m counting my blessings that we’ll be working together at MTW Enterprises shortly!


Tony Michalak

Sample #5 for Thank You Letter For Job

Sample Short and Formal Thank You Letter for Job Referral (after joining):

Celine D’Costa

12114 Huckleberry House

Main Road

Chicago 549434

23 October 2020

Amanda Douglas

123332 House No.

Chicago 343035

Dear Amanda,

I’m writing to express my gratitude for referring me to Tim Evans, the Eckles Hardware store manager. I was not only interviewed for a retail job, but I was also promoted, and my training would begin in six days.

The interview went really great and the panel was amazed to know that I was carefully recommended by you for the position. They are really looking forward to us working in the same team.

Kindly let me know if there is anything I can do to repay the favor. I respect whatever you’ve done for me.


Sample #6 for Thank You Letter For Job

Celine The above letters are samples and thus, they must not be copied and pasted while sending across to the receiver. Make sure you personalize the letters and mention their name correctly. And, even if you are rejected in the interview, their help and support for you must be appreciated. Also, if necessary, you can gift them in joy on selection to show respect and courtesy.

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