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What is A Thank You Letter to Ex Boyfriend?

After you part ways with your boyfriend, a thank you letter to him is something you kind of owe to him. This is, of course, in the due course, not immediately. This is the best way to come clean out of a relationship. It helps you overcome any trauma or sense of loss you may feel because of the breakup.

Saying thank you to your ex will remove many of the residual feelings that may have remained untold between you. It sets right all records and perceptions that may look skewed in the eyes of either of you.

When is A Thank You Letter to Ex Boyfriend required?

A thank you letter to your ex-boyfriend is particularly helpful when you have separated from him on a happy note. Sometimes the end of a relationship is rancorous and traumatic. It’s better that you don’t indulge in any communication if that is the case. However, if you have parted ways cordially and amicably, you should take the opportunity and write a thank you letter to ex boyfriend.  

Tips to write a Thank You Letter to Your Ex Boyfriend

This is not an official or formal letter. This goes to your ex with whom you have shared personal and intimate moments. There is little to be formal about though you should not drop all your guards. You should rather sound honest and reflect understanding and appreciation.

You can also let him know what part of his personality hurt and pained you. It’s a thank you letter so the overall tone should be that of appreciation, and not of a complaint. You can be naughty and witty in turns – the way you have been. You know what I mean!

Here are a brief do’s and don’ts


· Keep the tone of the letter personal but not too intimate

· Be honest about what you say because lies will be seen through

· Thank him for all the good he’s done and is capable of

· Do let him know what you didn’t like about him but be soft


· Don’t show affection by addressing him by his name

· Don’t throw cautions to the winds; ex-flames are known to flare up

· Be honest but don’t open old wounds, it’s of no use now  

· Don’t invite him to write back or contact you over the phone


Dear Ex


It’s been a while we haven’t caught up with each other. It feels so strange – and at the same time so liberating. After knowing you so intimately and being part of your life for a good two years, it feels we had met just the other day. Although I am enjoying my new status as a single, I feel I must thank you for the great time we had together. That explains this: my thank you letter to ex boyfriend.

The Good

There are several things I remember fondly about our relationship. One of the things that made me appreciate your companionship beyond any measure is the way you took care of me during my sickness. It made me wake up to the reality that relationships are so much about caring for each other, especially when you can easily look away.

But this is not the only thing I like about you. I greatly admire your taste for music, love for cooking, and passion for work. These are the qualities that will always keep you ahead in life and I take them as a lesson for my life. Thank you for making me realize what it takes to be a good and successful human being.

The Bad

My dear ex, no matter how I liked and loved you, we always knew we were not made to live together under the same roof forever. Was that the reason you were so nice and cute to me all the time? Well, I struggled hard to match up with your perfection and sophistication in everything you did. I should hold you guilty of being too nice for my comfort. But I don’t want to blame you. Even my life was destined to take a new course and I was very sure and confident about it.

The Romance

Though I had relationships previously, the way you held me was contagious in its love and confidence. After separating from you, I feel a strong desire to pass on the same vibes to my next. In some ways, I want to be exactly like you – passionate and consuming. Before meeting you, I knew these phrases but did not know how they can be part of my life. Thank you for being that guiding force in my life.

Final Notes

Well, it gives me pleasure and contentment that both of us have been able to carry on our separate ways without hurting and grieving each other. I wish you all success in your studies and future relationships. Life has been warm and welcoming for me too. As I move on, there are many new and exciting things on the horizon. So, thank you my Ex. You have been such an inspiring presence in my life.

Your Ex Girlfriend

Sample 1

My Dear Ex Boyfriend

I write this letter to thank you for being in my life during one of the most challenging times. Now we are pursuing our lives and career away from each other. It often makes me think about what and how you might be doing. This is also because I have a lot of free time these days. After the college reopens, I will have little time for these things. But let me tell you I think positively about you and feel grateful to you for many things – including the pink gown you had bought for me. 🙂

My Most Memorable Time with You

Recalling the time we spent together, the most enduring moments seem to be the ones that I spent with your parents. I could never tell you this before but I greatly appreciated your decision to introduce me to your parents and also take me to your parents’ home during the holiday. It was an intimate feeling being part of your family and being such an important person in your life.

Please, Check Your Ill-temper

However, I will be grossly wrong if I don’t point out some of the flaws I noticed in your personality. You argued on silly and unimportant things that often made me angry. Of course, you would repent and say sorry later on. But you should not be getting into hot arguments all so frequently. As a girlfriend, I expected more love and tenderness in your behavior. Nevertheless, I knew you are a gem at heart and you intend well for me.

A Lifetime Experience

You are a passionate lover and a die-hard romantic. Even though we have been in a relationship for a short time, it seems long enough to fill an entire life. For this reason, I don’t carry any disappointment now that we are living our lives independently away from each other. I just want to say a Big Thank You for all the beauty and sweetness you brought to my life. For all the anger and shouting, take my thumbs down on your Insta that I don’t visit anymore!

Your Ex

Sample #1 Thank You Letter To Ex Boyfriend

Sample 2

Hello My Ex Boyfriend

I know you would expect a letter or phone call from me now that we have parted ways and happily engaged in our lives. A phone call can be a breach of your privacy and this is something I don’t intend or approve of. So, I am writing a letter – a thank you letter to ex boyfriend.

You Helped Me Recognize My Strength

After we stopped our relationship, there were many occasions when I was thinking about you. My feelings about you are warm and positive. I see you in a positive light and believe you have helped me recognize my strengths. Now, I am able to see my future and purpose more clearly.

Thanks for the Fights Too

Thank you for all the fights when you did not miss to mention my shortcomings. Now that you are not physically around me I recall all my weaknesses that you had pointed out. And believe me, I am working on each of them. I am even taking the help of experts. For example, I have started learning Spanish and now I spend more time on physical exercises. Please, don’t be amazed! This is true!  

Feeling Happy for You

I don’t want to take more of your mind space. It gives me immense satisfaction that you are doing well in your life. I fondly remember the time we spent together and all the happy memories we have of our living in the University hostel. 

For all your kindness and beautiful love, I am sure you will get more happiness and amazing people in your life.

Your Ex Girlfriend

Sample #2 Thank You Letter To Ex Boyfriend

Sample 3

Dear Ex Boyfriend

I write this Thank You Letter to Ex Boyfriend in the hope that it will settle all the unsettled and unspoken issues between us. This should give both of us more peace of mind and strength to approach the next phase of our lives with a clear head and conscience.

Let’s Clear the Confusion

You may think that I was not serious about the relationship in the same measure as you were. I want to tell you that at the moment I am more concerned about my studies and career. I will think about a serious relationship only when I have a secured job and career. Well, this should clear the confusion.

Thank You for Your Love and Support

This thank you letter is also an acknowledgment that you handled this delicate relationship with a large heart and a sense of accommodation. I truly appreciate this and would be eternally grateful to you for all the love and support you gave to me at a time when I needed them the most.

Last but not the least, I will never forget the way you made me feel special, and the way I always found love and assurance in your arms.

It gives me great satisfaction that you have moved on from where we left. The test of any relationship is how you view and treat it when it has ceased to be. I find you an extremely decent and dependable person on this count. Cheers!

Your Ex

Sample #3 Thank You Letter To Ex Boyfriend

Sample 4

Hello My Dear Ex

Today, I want to relive the moments we have spent together and write a thank you letter to ex boyfriend.

A relationship begins when both need each other. This can be the need for physical intimacy, companionship, or just sheer convenience. Over time, we have invested in each other a significant amount of love and emotion.

And this has led to an expectation of reciprocal returns from each other. Due to lack of communication, small mutual expectations can become a mountain of unfulfilled expectations that is too heavy for either of you to carry along. However, thank you for understanding and maturity our love story did not follow this oft-repeated template.

I want to keep it short. Nevertheless, I want to acknowledge that my life has become more beautiful and enriched because of your presence. Stay blessed!

Your Ex

Sample 5

My Dear Ex

Here is my thank you letter to ex boyfriend, YOU!

The Kiss and Part

Our story is an example that the end of a romantic relationship is not always sad. In our case, we parted simply because our ways were diverging naturally. Both of us were happy to welcome the new phase in our personal lives. It was about time we kissed and parted and savored the memory and emotions we had created in our togetherness. That’s exactly how it went.

You Made Me Feel Special

While breaking up a relationship, an important point that should stay in focus is both have gained substance and meaning from the relationship. You made me feel good, beautiful, sensitive, intelligent, and capable. This led to everyone’s expectations, including mine, increasing. Life is no longer on the same plane.

Thank you for holding my hand, and holding it intimately.

Your Ex Girlfriend

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