Thank You Letter To Doctor From Patient: How To, Templates & Examples

Thank you letters to doctor

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Doctors are the saviors of mankind. In various societies across the globe, doctors are considered next only to God. Not many people will dispute this claim though.

In our modern world, the lifestyle and the change in our surroundings have made us more vulnerable to diseases. And with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole medical infrastructure has gained a new respect and veneration from everyone. Every day, the world wakes up to see heart-wrenching pictures of doctors, giving more than they could to save the lives of total strangers. Being a doctor is the most selfless job there is.

Outside the family, a doctor-patient relationship is the only relationship that comes above the relationship of a Teacher and a pupil. It often happens that the patients, who visit a doctor for longer periods for their treatment, develop a personal relationship with them. Doctors become more than just doctors, they become their friends and confidantes.

What if a patient wants to thank the Doctor for his services?

My best bet is, a thank you letter to doctor from patient.

But not all of us know how to write effective letters. It can prove to be a hindrance when you want to deliver your feelings meaningfully. This article provides you with tips and a few samples to help you with that. You can use the sample letters as templates too. Fill in the blanks and you are good to go.

What is a thank-you letter?

A thank-you letter is a letter that is given as a token of appreciation and gratitude. It shows the receiver that you look at the efforts they made and that you are grateful for them. It generally is an informal letter, which may or may not be accompanied by a gift.

What makes a thank-you letter special is the intimacy it offers. It can include anecdotes and moments that are limited only to the sender and the receiver. It literally, is a package of goodness and warmth.

The honesty in these kinds of letters makes them scintillating object.

Why is a thank you letter to doctor from patient important?

As the saying goes, the body is the temple for a human. If any part of the body starts to function improperly, living becomes a very difficult task. You then need to put a lot of effort into doing even the simplest of the tasks.

But what if a person mends your body in such a situation? What if he takes away all the pain and suffering? What if he makes it a little easier to breathe?

That would make you grateful, won’t it?

That is what thank you letters are for. They show how grateful you are to a doctor. They may even prove to be a piece of motivation for the doctor. And believe me, a motivated person can do wonders.

Why is a thank you letter important?

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The thank-you letters help a person in establishing a relationship with a doctor out of the hospital too. It is never a bad time to have friends. And a doctor always understands you better.

So, pick your pen and start writing a thank-you letter to your doctor. Maybe he has had a bad day at work today and needs some words of comfort. The article will help you in writing a meaningful letter.

Tips to write a thank you letter to doctor from patient:

We all know that writing a letter can be an overwhelming process. There are a lot of feelings that one wants to convey but very few words to do so. Don’t worry, we will make it easier for you.

Given below are some tips that may be used to write a thank you letter to doctor from patient.

–     Select the mode of sending the letter: In these times, there is more than one way to send a letter. It can be done digitally. It can be done in the old-fashioned way of writing a letter by hand or it can even be done via any third party that specialises in writing letters (YES! These companies exist.) In my opinion, the letters written by hand have a different feel to them. They are more intimate. They are more meaningful. They make the reader feel more connected. Of course, it will take more effort to write a letter and post it but it will mean so much more.

–     Typed letter vs Hand-written letter: If you decide to send the letter by post, you need to figure out if the letter would be a handwritten one or a typed one. Handwritten letters show effort. They show how much you value the other person. There is more scope for creativity in a letter written by hand. You can use different types of inks and stickers. You can even use a scented paper. 

–     Selecting the stationery: If you are writing by hand, you must select the stationery beforehand. You must choose the kinds of markers or pens that you will use. You must choose the size and colour of the paper you will use. Also, there are papers of different textures that can be used in the process. You need to finalise all that before beginning.

–     The language: It is very important to find out the language in which you will write. The letters in the native language are more touching. They convey a deeper connection. But if that is not possible, you can always go for English or any other language that you and your doctor understand.

–     The words that you will use: The language of such letters should not be too tough. There must be simplicity and honesty to the language. You can include one or two personal instances too. You can also share about your anxieties before visiting your doctor and how his care helped you overcome them.

–     Attach a picture: It is always better to attach a happy picture along with the letter. Pictures give a personal touch to the letter. Although there may be chances that you do not have a picture with your Doctor. Try to click a picture or a selfie on the last visit.

–     Send a gift: Find a gift that you can send as a token of love and appreciation. The size or the cost of the gift does not matter. What matters is the fact that you went out of the way to find a token of gratitude.

–     Be Honest: Honesty brings out the best in a person. Write what you honestly feel. The more you try to fake it, the more the reader will feel disconnected from it. It is best to write what you are actually feeling. Love, Hate, Sadness everything must be visible in the letter. 

–     Be Informal: These letters are meant to be informal. Avoid using too much formal language. Be easy on the vocabulary and write in the simplest way possible.

Sample thank you letters to help you

Given below are some sample letters that will guide you in writing a thank you letter to doctor from patient. You can use some of them as templates too.

Just fill in the blanks and you are good to go.

Sample 1

Dear Dr. ___________ [Name of the Doctor],

Thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful doctor. If I be very honest, I was terrified when I heard that I would have to get my appendix removed due to Appendicitis. The pain was really severe and I was very sceptical about the whole process.

I am grateful to you for doing the surgery in the most professional way. The incision is very small and the pain has almost disappeared. I feel so much better now.

I would also like to thank you for the warmth and assurance you gave me before the surgery. That is all that a patient looks in his doctor. All the best for your career, doctor. May you save a million lives.

Yours lovingly,

__________ [Your Name]

Sample #1 for Thank you letters to doctor

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Sample 2

Dear Dr. ___________ [Name of the Doctor],

I would like to express to you, my sincere gratitude for saving my wife’s life. From the very start, we knew that her pregnancy was full of complications. All these months have been full of anxiety and sleeplessness for both of us.

Thank you for being the guiding light and being calm in every situation. During her delivery, I was broken when I heard that the complications have increased. But I am so glad that you were there to be the saviour. You are not only a good doctor, but you are a great mentor as well. Our little princess and my wife both are now healthy and doing fine.

I wish to invite you for a dinner at our house this Saturday. [Wife’s name] wants to thank you for your service. It will be really great if you come. I am attaching my whole address with the letter.

Looking forward to your visit.  

Yours lovingly,

___________ [Your Name]

Sample #2 for Thank you letters to doctor

Sample 3

Dear Dr. ___________ [Name of the Doctor],

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks for being the human being that you are. You not only pulled me out of the pool of hopelessness and depression, but you also gave me hope. And hope is one of the most precious things that you can give to someone.

I am thankful to you also because of the fact that you helped me overcome my depression without the medications. I was particularly scared about them. I cherish the wisdom you shared with me during our sessions.

To spread the word about Mental Health, I have started talking to other people about it. As you always say, it is always better to seek help. I am now encouraging more and more people to do so.

As a token of gratitude, I am sending a small gift for your son/ daughter. My wife has personally selected it. Hope he/ she likes it.

Once again, thank you for all the kindness and co-operation.

Yours affectionately,

___________ [Your Name]

Sample #3 for Thank you letters to doctor

Sample 4

Dear Dr. ___________ [Name of the Doctor],

Thank you for your compassion for my father. The entire family was concerned when he fell sick last month. In the COVID-19 pandemic, it takes no time for the brain to think the worst. You really helped us every step of the way. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how I would have handled everything from the oxygen to the medicines.

I wanted to let you know that he is doing better now. And doctor honestly, it’s all because of you. Our family send our love and thanks for your services and compassion!

Thank you for being the pillar of support in these tough times. Please take care of your health.

I am sending a little picture of my father along with the letter. He says, “Hello!”


___________ [Your Name]

Sample #4 for Thank you letters to doctor

Sample 5

Dear Dr. ___________ [Name of the Doctor],

I appreciate your reliable care and guidance year after year. I came to you on this day ten years ago, for the first time, to get examined. Your advice during my annual visits, help me stay in my best shape. I owe much of my good health to you.

The way you spread positivity and care around your patients is very rare and valuable. It is your dedication and humility that made me come back to you every year. I always look forward to your jokes and little anecdotes.

I hope [their wife’s/ husband’s name] is doing fine. I will visit your place soon to meet her/ him.

I am sending a box of cookies my wife/ husband made for you. We hope you like them.

Thanking you,


___________ [Your Name]

Sample #5 for Thank you letters to doctor
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