Tips to Write A Heartfelt Thank-You Message for Gifts Received

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After getting a gift from your loved one, it is a good idea to send a heartfelt thank-you message. At the same time, you could be unaware of exactly how to write thank you message for gifts received.

Many people want to send them. However, it may be a big struggle for some people. They are unable to convert their thoughts and expressions into words.

Objectives of writing a thank-you message

You are not sure to determine what to write after sitting down with a pen and a sheet of paper. However, if you want to thank a person for their generosity or gratuity, this article may come handy. There is no need to use any fancy words to write your thank-you message.

The most appropriate thing to do is to demonstrate how much the gift or hospitality is appreciated. Even if you did not bother about the gift or you did not have a great time, it is still imperative to send a thank-you note. The person, after all, cared for you and sent a wonderful present to you.

If someone makes an effort and sends you a gift, it is good etiquette to send a thank-you message to show your appreciation. There are different occasions when a person receives a gift. Some of these occasions are as follows:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Baby showers
  • Housewarming
  • Religious milestones
  • Anniversary parties

If it is a holiday season, do remember to add an ending line and call out the season. There can be words such as “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, “’ Season’s Greetings”, “Happy New Year”, “Happy Hanukah”, and so on.

An organization can send a gift to another organization if they are in a business to business relationship. Even clients can send gifts to a business or vice versa. If you get a gift and plan to use thank you cards, make sure to add a personalized message so that it looks more meaningful.

A great way to write a thank you message for gifts received is to let the other person know how thankful you are. It is a good practice to state what the recipient sent you. Also, mention that you enjoyed wearing it, reading it, or eating it, and so on. Check out some of our suggestions given below:

1. Thank you for that lovely gift basket! You made my day.

2. Thanks a lot for the gift! It was exactly what I wished for.

3. Thank you for the present! I really appreciate your gesture.

4. Thank you for the wonderful gift! I cannot wait to wear it or use it.

At times, it is a good practice to tell your offspring to send the thank-you message when the gift was sent to them. Alternatively, you can send a note where you also mention your child’s name in it.

Wedding gifts

If you receive a wedding gift, your spouse and you can both send a combined endearing message to all the guests. Thank them for being present on the auspicious occasion and sending those lovely gifts to both of you. For instance:

1. Thank you for coming over on this special day of ours. Your heartfelt adoration, generous words, and the lovely present are highly appreciated to both of us.

2. Thank you for being present at our wedding and a beautiful gift. We are eager to use it or wear it as soon as possible.

Gifts in the professional environment

If a gift is sent in a professional environment, such as a baby shower or the birthday of your organization, you can write in the following ways

1. My husband and I both enjoyed (whatever gift was sent). We are sure our baby will also love it.

2. It feels great to be associated with a caring person like you. Thank you for the wonderful gift.

3. Thank you for my birthday surprise.

4. I am really blessed to be in the company of such great people like you. Thank you for everything.

Business receiving gift from another business

If you are an organization getting a gift from some other business, it may be imperative for you to send them thank you notes like one of these

1. (Organization) really appreciates your magnanimousness. Thank you for this fantastic gift basket.

2. Thank you so much for thinking of (Company). We appreciate the (gift that was sent). It will really be handy for us.

Clients sending gifts

If you want to write thank you message for gifts received, it will be a great initiative to maintain the relationship. The company logo can be included on your thank-you card. Other information, which can be added as a promotion or a discount, pictures of your company, and a gift. Some thank you message ideas are as follows:

1. We are grateful for you to reach out. Thank you for the wonderful gift you sent us. It is a great pleasure to serve a client like you.

2. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift. Our entire team (put the name of the organization) thank you.

Thanking for the monetary gift

You might have received a monetary gift for a holiday, a birthday, or a charitable event. Alternatively, you could have also got a reward for meeting some kind of target at your organization- you may also have to send a thank-you message. A monetary offering may also be considered to be a gift. Here are some recommended lines you can include while writing your thank-you message.

1. Thank you for this generous gift. Your gesture is highly appreciated.

2. Thank you for your generous donation. You are too considerate.

3. I/We appreciate the thoughtful money and card. Hope to meet you soon.

4. It feels good to know you have included me in your thoughts. Thank you for this amazing award.

5. Thank you for such thoughtful consideration. It really means a lot.

6. Thanks for this special gesture on my birthday. The money and the card were simply perfect. I plan to use it for (whatever you want to use it for). While you should not have done this, I really appreciate what you did.

In case your relationship is right and when you are close, you may write a line as mentioned below

1. Thanks for your gift card. You really know me well.

2. Thank you for the cash! I am going to use it for a difficult period.

What are you thanking a person for?

You may need to use your own words at times for the thank you message for gifts received. However, if there is a basic outline, your task becomes easier. You can let the other person know how much their thoughtless, hospitality, or gift is appreciated.

At the beginning of the message, there should be proper clarity on why you are thanking them. It means you should be specific about the gift received. It may be a gift received at the birthday party, shower, and another event, which may include multiple gifts from several people. In such a scenario, take the help of another person to write who gifted what when you open them.

At the beginning of the note, you need to be clear with the person what you are thanking them for and be specific. Is this is for a gift at a shower, birthday party, or some other event that involved multiple gifts from a lot of people? Then, have someone jot down who gave what as you open them.

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Mention the act or gift

Do not take a shortcut and simply mention, “Thank you for your gift.” It is an official thank-you message but lacks the much-required personal touch to make a message look genuine. It should be the first sentence of the 2nd part of your opening line.

Express your gratitude or appreciation

You could be thinking that it is not important to show your appreciation through a message. There are many people who may think in a similar fashion. Although you may not give much importance to the gift given, thank you message for gifts received shows your thoughtfulness to the other person.

State the reason for your appreciation

The line may include how you intend to use the gift or how it came handy. Such a line can be mentioned in the 2nd sentence of the thank you note.

Include a closing line

It could be something, which is particularly targeted to the person who is the intended recipient of your thank-you message. You can write one or a couple of sentences based on what you mean to say. Stay away from writing a generic sentence, which could be sent to anyone.

The thank-you message should be signed

A personal signature puts emphasis on the kind of relationship with the intended recipient. In case there is some kind of friendship phrase, this is where it may be used. Else, mention something so that the other individual feels good.

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