Tips to Write A Thank You Note When You Borrow Money

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It is often tough to get monetary help. So, if a person or an organization lends you money when you are in a severe financial crunch, you should acknowledge the contribution. Express your gratitude to the borrower and offer to return the favor whenever possible. Irrespective of the money being lent to you as a temporary loan or a wedding gift, writing a thank you note for money is a good idea.

Writing a proper thank-you note can also touch the feelings of your borrowers. They will feel nice about doing the favor to you. In the letter, you need to mention how you got their help when your financial need was urgent. Also, let them know how thankful you are to them for getting the money.

Your thank you note for money should be formal yet concise and crisp. There should be a tone of genuineness when you write such letters. However, you might be uncertain how to begin and from where to get started. So, here are some of the tips, which you may follow while writing a thank you note for the money borrowed by you

Tips to write thank you note for money

1. Make sure that you express a sincere thanks to your lender. It is the first thing to mention in the thank you note.

2. You should also mention when you intend to repay the borrowed sum.

3. You should express your feelings in such a manner to make your lender feel special. Also, the person should not feel sorry about his/her decision.

4. Ensure that you let them know you are there to help them if they need your support in the future.

After you have completed writing the thank you note, make sure to check the letter for punctuation and spelling errors.

5. Do not be generic while writing your thank you note. It is hardly possible that you do not remember what was borrowed by you. So, do mention the amount of money you borrowed from the lender.

6. There should be a specific sentence about why you feel thankful to have borrowed the money from him/her.

7. A thank you note after you borrow money should be written to inspire the lender. So, make sure to review the words in the note before you send it across to your desired recipient.

8. A thank you note can be given to your lender while returning the money, after getting the money or you may mail it.

Requirements for writing a thank you note for money

Before you sit and start writing a thank you note when you borrow money, it is imperative to check whether you have all the essentials. Here are some of the suggested requirements to write a thank you note:

1. Buy thank you cards in advance

In case there is no thank you card with you, go and purchase a pack of them. However, you should keep a few things in mind

Opt for a pack of cards, which is suitable for the occasion or your personality. When you want to thank someone for the money lent for funeral expenses, do not use a brightly-colored thank-you card. A brightly-colored thank you card may be appropriate for money given for a birthday or graduation.

Purchase a pack, which is large enough for sending several than your notes. A pack comes typically in sets of eight to ten. However, you may also come across packs of twenty and fifty.

You need to check if these thank you cards come with preprinted messages or not inside them. Most of the packs are not without such messages. You may either want the blank ones or the ones with a preprinted message.

2. Get the supplies required to write a thank-you note

There are not too many things required to write a thank-you note. However, when you have collected them before writing one, you can save your valuable time. You do not have to stop and resume writing the note. Some of the major supplies required are mentioned below:

  • Return address labels
  • Stamps
  • Address book
  • Pens
  • Thank you envelopes and cards

3. Check whether the address of your intended recipient is available with you or not

In case you browse through the address book and find that the recipient’s address is not available, try to obtain it.

  • Get in touch with the lender and ask for their address
  • Contact a friend or a family member who could be aware of it
  • Check whether it is available in other documents or address books to try and locate it

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Why are thank-you notes so crucial?

Whether you like to admit it or not, thank-you notes are not simply crucial to maintain a tradition or etiquette. These notes also help you to achieve many important objectives.

1. It is an easy gesture to show gratitude toward the lender who has lent you the money you needed so badly

Every time a person lends you money in a difficult time, he or she is usually offering it from their valuable savings. They could have used the same amount of money to spend on their family, future, or own selves.

As such, one needs to show their gratitude for any amount of money they get. A thank you note for money is a tangible method to demonstrate your gratitude for the money received. Writing such a note would usually take very little time. At the same time, it permanently and clearly shows your gratitude to the person.

2. Such a note helps in keeping the communication loop between your lender and you

When you write a proper thank you note to the lender, it creates a chance of communicating with that other person. They will remember you so that you can approach them again in the future. It is perhaps for this particular reason that several experts recommend sending a thank-you note after you borrow money.

To put it simply, every time one writes a thank you note, they leave a lasting and positive impression of themselves. Additionally, a thank you note can help in establishing a cordial communication with your lender.

Steps to write a thank you note for money

Here is the step-by-step process for writing a thank you note to your lender

Step 1: A handwritten note can create a lasting impression

It is better to go for a handwritten thank you note rather than choosing a printed note. First, it has a type of elegance, which lacks a preprinted or a typed card/note. Jot down your exact thought after taking out your pen. In case you prefer, draft a letter elsewhere so that the chances of mistakes and errors can be minimized.

Informal stationery can be used for writing your thank you note. Simple cards can make a difference as you can easily personalize them with an endearing message. Although a hand-written thank you note is preferable, there is no harm to use printed labels. It will save you the time to write the addresses on the envelopes. Not only will it save you time, but you can also increase the accuracy and precision by doing so.

Step 2: You should address your note with care

Should you start your thank you note with the word “Dear”? However, there is a possibility of not knowing the lender that well. So, how should they be addressed in your thank you note then?

The solution is not very difficult. If you have borrowed the money from one of your old friends, you may address them by their first name. However, if one of your parents’ pals has lent you the money, you may start with “Mr” and “Mrs.” followed by their last names.

Step 3: The first sentence in your note

Make sure to mention “Thank you for….” while describing the amount you have been given.

Step 4: Show your appreciation

You need to describe your appreciation for the money given to you. You may tell them the money served the exigency you have been facing in your note.

Step 5 Include your signature at the end of the note

Irrespective of what you do, ensure that you end the thank you note for money in a friendly and pleasant manner. It is always recommended to put your signature underneath.

A thank you note for borrowing money from someone is a good practice to follow if you wish to demonstrate your appreciation towards your lender. After all, monetary help is not so easy to find these days. If a person is helpful when you need assistance, you should acknowledge the support.

While writing a proper thank you letter, you could let them know how they supported you when you needed the fund urgently. Let them know how thankful you are for coming forward and helping out. Let them know you will also stand by them whenever they need your help. The thank-you note has to be concise but should have all the necessary details we covered her.

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