Thank You Letter To A Friend For Always Being There: How To, Templates & Examples


As per an old adage, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. This expression never gets old as we all have depended on our friends, at many points in our lives. Friends are the reasons many of us have been able to face life’s worst challenges. Life’s sorrows and hurdles become less poignant if there are trustworthy friends to support us. That is why, thank you letter to a friend for always being there is an ideal way to express the emotions and gratitude for them.

Thank you letter to a friend can be of different types and multiple formats. The tonality can also differ depending upon the purpose for which the letter is being written. A thank you letter for a friend may or may not be objective-oriented but should be well-structured for clarity.

Tips for writing thank you letter to a friend for always being there

We often have bunch of friends clinging to us. Some of them are close while others may not be. You may also have a best friend who has stood by you in the trials. To write a thank you letter for a friend who has stood by you can be one of the best token of appreciation. Writing letter isn’t as difficult or complex as it may sound. However, it can be the perfect form of memorabilia to cherish for years.

Expressing emotions in written form can give interesting twist to your friendship too and thus writing a letter to express gratitude will make sense. Here are some quick tips to follow while writing thank you letter to a friend for always being there.

  1. Understand what you wish to convey in your letter. Do some online research before starting to write.
  2. Start with a draft and put your words in proper way to make the letter look well crafted. Use a pen and paper or make it using a digital tool.
  3. Give a suitable title which explains the bond between you and your friend. You may also give a headline or include a quote in the letter.
  4. Be cautious and avoid spell mistakes. Take special care while writing and use short sentences.
  5. The letter should clearly state the strong bond you share with your friend. Mention why you value them in thank you letter to a friend for always being there.
  6. Edit the letter before pressing enter to send in haste. Pick out redundant sentences, be clever with the narration.
  7. Give the letter proper start and finish. Structure what is needed and remove instances which make the letter read too long.
  8. Include memories in the form of pictures. This will make the letter interesting and attract nostalgia.
  9. If you are sending through digital channel, you can put some interactive graphics within the letter. And balance it with the text.

Be it school, high school or college friends, we always wish them well in the respective journeys of our lives.  With so many memorable moments spent with friends, our friends often act as families. A silent bond of trust and care builds which often becomes irreplaceable, over a period of time. We learn to value relations and understand the place of people with friends who we can count on.

Creating extraordinary thank you letter to a friend for always being there will not require you to make any extraordinary efforts in writing. Simply focus on the expressions and write down how you have felt for them in all these years. It is always the simple expressions that leave a great impression on our loving pals.

Samples of thank you letter to a friend for always being there

Sample one: You have been a valuable friend

Dear Rosie,

This may surprise you a bit. I have to confess that I still remember when we shared our lunch for the first time in high school and became inseparable friends, on day one. Our goofy plans and trips, those shared mischief and girly-gossips are some of the most cherished moments of my life. Finishing high schools years with you was such an incredible experience for me. It’s in your company that I learned sharing, caring and supporting a friend in all times, for all needs.

Here’s a big thank you (with a bigger hug) for always being there for me. I am thankful to you. Grateful for listening to my blabber and still, coming up with suggestions for every problem that I faced. Words can’t explain how much I cherish your presence in my life. Now that we have moved in different directions for pursuing our interest, hope my letter is able to convey how much I miss being with you and value you as a person.

Rosie, you will always be my closest pal.



Sample #1 for Thank You Letter To A Friend For Always Being There

Sample two: Our first meeting was bizarre

To my dearest pal Jonathan,

I met you at the Sam’s café. I remember how we hit it off in very first conversation that we started. The café was empty and we both were reading the same bestseller book. That one question started our conversation and since then our discussions haven’t stopped.

Your company has added immense value to my life. Thank you for being such a brutally honest friend who always speaks the harsh truth to me. Your attitude has kept me grounded and I have always looked forward to your opinions on important matters. As we pursue our interests in the next phase of our lives, I accept that your presence will remain cherished in my life. I will miss our conversations on deeper topics and the zeal to find a solution in worse case scenarios of life.

Hope to meet you soon Jon.


Patrick (Pat)

Sample #2 for Thank You Letter To A Friend For Always Being There

Sample three: Let us remain best friends for eternity

Dear Cathy,

As I write this, hoping that this letter finds you in pink of your health. We have not met in the past 8 years almost and I miss the time we have spent together during the university. As I was attending the alumni function at our varsity, last week, I met bunch of other friends there. We all discussed how our lives have shaped up in these years after completing our respective degrees. Your presence was deeply missed by me and I understand why we are best friends for years.

The trust, honesty and accountability you add in our friendship is incomparable. On the occasion of our friendship’s 10th year, I am writing this letter to say thanks. My gratitude is just an expression of how much I treasure our friendship. I wish you all the best in every endeavor that you take. I would be very happy to be part of efforts in life; whenever you need me I will just a call away. Hope we spend many more years together and make great memories, until we grow old.

Love you,


Sample #3 for Thank You Letter To A Friend For Always Being There

Sample four: Only you were there for me

To Meghan,

To write you a letter is not something I thought I’d be doing. But the trustworthy relationship we share has left with no choice but to express how attached I am with you. You understand me inside and out. As a person, I trust very few people and the day we became friends, I never had to look beyond. Your care and concern have helped in shaping my self confidence. Often, we have hit it off so well that many have got jealous of our bonding. But, instead it has strengthened our friendship even stronger.

You understand me more than my family members can. And, saying thank you would be a small gesture to express the importance you hold in my life. Yet, today I want to reiterate how our friendship is an essential part of my life. Thanks for always being there for me, especially when I wanted support. You heard all my rants and yet stood there to provide me reliable advice.

Cheers to our friendship.


Sample #4 for Thank You Letter To A Friend For Always Being There

Sample five: We are friends for life

Quote – There are millions of friends in the world. Only we belong to a special breed.

Headline – This letter is for Christian and Sam for always standing by my side.  

Dear Chris and Sam,

It is difficult to believe that I am writing a letter to you both. Infact, may sound hilarious to you. But along with those occasional hugs, I wanted to express my gratitude in words as an ode to our friendship. The real meaning of being friends came true only when I met you guys. Some of the best adventures of my life, I did with you both. We as a trio shared simple and sorted relations and that’s why year on year, we have come closer as pals.

From standing by each other to hearing those dramatic events of my life, you both have stood like a rock by me, helping me through every thick and thin. Let us take a pledge to be on each other’s side, and stay connected now and in the future, wherever we are.

Keep rocking and rolling!


Sample #5 for Thank You Letter To A Friend For Always Being There

Sample six: I can count on you my friend

Dear Amanda,

After moving to Canada, we have been kind of disconnected for long. It has been long time since we have met. Yet, I miss our companionship during our stay in the same neighborhood. Many fond memories are attached to the moments we enjoyed and went on weekend road trips. Our relation has been a special one for all these years and I am happy to share my deepest secret whenever we meet.

The adventure in Ohio is still close to my heart. It was the moment when I realized that I can trust you with all my heart. Since, we are not together I miss your company here and the support that you always offered me. I feel blessed to have found a dependable friend like you. Our friendship holds a cozy place in my heart. Not merely you, but our families have shared cordial terms over the years. It makes our relationship even more special. I wish you were here to have one on one chat with me. Hope to see you soon here and relive the best of our days.

Thank you for your incredible friendship.

Sample #6 for Thank You Letter To A Friend For Always Being There

Advantages of writing thank you letter to a friend

Many of us may think that writing a letter can be difficult and take that route of writing across the message is time consuming. However, the best appreciation is always expressed through kind words, put together with emotions. And thank you letter to a friend for always being there is a perfect example to let the communication between friends stand out.

Some of the advantages of writing a thank you letter to a friend for always being there are as below:

  1. In the digital age, writing a letter to express the thoughts will stand out and create a differentiation.
  2. Writing is a primary tool of communication and letter will greatly help in putting together words in structured way.
  3. One can send the letter anytime and from anywhere they want to; there’s no external dependency except for the ability to write what they feel.
  4. A letter whether on paper or through a digital tool will be less consuming in comparison to walking to a store buying exclusive gifts.
  5. Images, quotes and trendy emojis can be included in the letter to make your friend relate with your situation and feel the real vibes of friendship.

Concluding notes

Appreciation strengthens relations, be it friendship or our family ties. The trust and support shown to us by our near and dear one should be reciprocated in an organized manner. Every once in a while, if we take out time and appreciate people around us then it increases their worth in our life and vice versa. Writing letter may seem old-fashioned first but it is one of the most valuable ways you can convey the true feelings. 

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