Tips to Write a Touching Thank You Message for Your Boyfriend

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You love your boyfriend and he loves you back. Life couldn’t get any better, could it? However, have you ever thanked your boyfriend for being there for you when you needed him the most? If not, read on to know some of the most amazing tips to write a touching thank you message to tell your boyfriend how much you appreciate his presence in your life.

Why write a thank you message?

You might be thinking, “I’m already in a relationship with my boyfriend and I tell him that I love him every day. So why do I need to write a thank you message elaborately?” Well, the truth is that writing a thank you message is in no way a compulsory affair. However, if you do write one from your heart, it can be a source of great inspiration for your boyfriend. Why? Because it’s not every day that we are appreciated for being who we are, which can eventually lead to a person doubting himself and his nature.

So, put an end to all your boyfriend’s doubts and insecurities, and apart from telling him that you love him, spare some time to write a touching message that tells him why you love him and why you’re so thankful to have him in your life.

The elements to include in the message

Your sweet thank you message for boyfriend must consist of a few elements without which the message won’t really have much of an impact. You might want to keep it short and concise by just writing something like ‘Thanks for being there’ but is that really how you want to thank someone you love dearly? No, right?

So here are certain elements that can help you write a thank you message for your boyfriend that feels complete:

  • Mention the qualities of your boyfriend that you love: Think of all the qualities in your boyfriend that you came to love and list them down. To create a more elaborate message, it’s recommended to list the best of his physical and emotional qualities separately. While writing this section of the message, you should focus more on his emotional qualities to remind him that it’s his soul that you eventually fell for and not just for his body.

This particular section of the message can be something like:

‘<Boyfriend’s name>, your eyes, features, and height were what attracted me to you initially, but as I got to know you better, I understood what a beautiful human being you are on the inside as well. Your kindness, compassion, and strength to make the right choices are inspirations for me.’

  • State a particular incident that made you fall for him: Every successful relationship is built on a pivotal moment that transforms two lives forever and your relationship with your boyfriend is no different. Even though the two of you may have been together for a long time, it’s important to keep that pivotal moment in your hearts to remind yourselves of what it was that made you fall for each other.

In this section, you could write something along the lines of the following:

‘I still remember that night when we were returning home from a movie. It was pretty late and even though you didn’t have to, you still decided to walk me home. That was the moment I knew that you were the one and you will be the one to always protect me.’

Of course, this is only an example. Feel free to experiment with words to come up with something that will have a lasting effect on your boyfriend.

  • Highlight some of his weaknesses that you’ve accepted: Perfection is an illusion and no human, irrespective of his/her claims, is perfect. For every positive, there’s a negative and this principle of duality extends to all things. There must have been moments in the past when you felt that your boyfriend needed to change certain elements of his personality. However, as your relationship blossomed, you learned to accept your boyfriend’s positives, along with his flaws.

At times, you were quite short-tempered and there were moments when I seriously felt that you had an anger management problem. However, in time I realized that you are extremely passionate about the causes you support, and every time you did get angry, it was in support of a cause that you genuinely believed in. Now, I feel like you are one of the most honest people I have met and I’d like you to stay this way for the rest of your life.’

Again, this is just an example. So think of any personality trait of your boyfriend that you used to perceive as a weakness or flaw and tell him that despite the flaw, you still love him and accept him completely.

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  • Add a dash of humor to make the message fun and entertaining: Just because you’re writing a touching and sweet thank you message for boyfriend doesn’t mean that it has to be all serious and sentimental. Add some humorous elements here and there throughout the message so that reading your message doesn’t turn into a tear fest for your boyfriend.

You could also add a dedicated section that mentions your funniest moments together, something like:

‘You also gave me so many things to laugh about. I remember that one time when you were quite late for our dinner date and I had become really impatient and angry. However, when you did arrive finally, you had got a bouquet of the freshest roses just to calm me down. Even though I was very angry at the time, now I laugh when I look back at that moment. You’ve always tried your best to make me smile and laugh, and I can never be grateful enough for that.’

  • Mention your shortcomings: Your boyfriend’s not perfect, but neither are you and there must have been times in your relationship when your boyfriend has had to deal with your issues and you should be thankful for that as well. Sometimes, our worst moments can reveal to us the people who’ll stand by us through thick and thin and if your boyfriend stood by you during your difficult moments, you should mention that in your message.

A few years ago, when I was going through one of the toughest phases of my life and was having severe mood swings, you were calm and patient with me throughout and stood by me when so many others who I had called friends stopped calling me. You didn’t just love me when it favored you, you loved me through my highs and lows.’

In the last section of your sweet thank you message for boyfriend, you can mention how you would love your relationship to continue for a long time to come.

‘I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to experience this crazy life with, so thank you for being there, and I hope we can be there for each other for as long as we’re breathing. I love you.’

Yes, signing off with those three magic words will ensure that the message ends with the mention of the one thing that has kept your relationship alive and well; love.

Sample thank you message for your boyfriend

Now that we’ve discussed some of the different sections to include in your thank you message for your boyfriend, it’s time to trim them down and write the full message. Be sure to edit the different sections as you don’t want the message to be too long for your boyfriend to read, right?

After editing the different elements we’ll be including in the message, our sample thank you message looks something like this:

‘My love, I was attracted to you because of your looks, but in time, I fell in love with your heart and its kindness, warmth, and compassion. The night you walked me home from the theatre even though you didn’t have to was the night that I knew that you were the one for me. Yes, you used to get very angry at times, but as our relationship strengthened, I realized that your anger was a product of your passion.

I’m also thankful for the smiles and laughs you have given me over time, especially that one time when you were late for our dinner date and got fresh roses to cheer me up. I’ve had to face certain troubling issues as well, but you stood by me and never left my side, even when so many others that I called friends did. All in all, you’re the best partner I could have asked for and I hope that we’ll grow old together living, laughing, and loving. I love you.’

So, this post has reached its conclusion and we hope that you’ll experiment with different ideas to create a sweet thank you message for boyfriend that he’ll cherish for the rest of his life. Cheers to your relationship and we hope that it grows stronger with time.

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