When and How you should Write a Thank-you Message for Wedding Gifts?

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When you’re getting married, the last thing on your mind is the “thank-you note”. Nonetheless, you have to think of wedding thank-you notes as they are an integral part of your wedding planning. There’s no doubt that you will get a load of gifts. You have to show your appreciation at the end of it all—besides, i’ts good wedding etiquette. If you think it’s a daunting task, have no fear. It’s not as difficult as it apparently appears. The faster you think about getting them written, the better it’ll be for you.

Well-written Thank-yous

When you analyze a thank-you note, you will discover three simple variables. You should say “thank you” in a not-so-elaborate way, name the gift that you received, and say something important about the actual gift. That’s it. Writing a wedding thank-you card or a note may seem overwhelming, especially if you are not savvy at such things. The generation that is “now” depends on social media and texts to write all messages, including thank-you messages for things. Still, thank-you notes for wedding gifts or guests attending need to be personal yet succinct.

Getting Organized

The best way to go about the job of writing out wedding thank-you cards or notes is to do it in a systematic way. Getting organized will help you immensely. While arranging your wedding, you must have had a guest list to begin with. Creating a spreadsheet of the guest list while you are planning your wedding is a good idea. If you think that’s too early, its not! It helps you to maintain your sanity when you have load of wedding thanks cards to write later. Try to put in addresses as well, as people may travel a distance for your wedding and leave as soon as its done. You will likely have to mail the thank-you notes/cards.

The spreadsheet is a great organizer, and helps you to track who is giving you what gift. You may receive some gifts without guests being present, so your file should make a note of those too. Ideally, your spreadsheet should have information about what you received from whom, when you received it, and the date you posted the thank-you card.

Start Writing ASAP

Most bridal planners will recommend that you start writing those wedding thank-you cards as early as possible, after you receive the gifts. As a result, you will prevent the avalanche of work that you may have to do later on. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you may not receive gifts very soon, or some guests may choose not to attend your wedding, yet send a gift. Also, there may be invitees who may not be able to attend your wedding, but you may want to send them a note to say they were missed. Remember, you don’t want unnecessary delays, as the sooner you write the notes, the quicker you can mail them. Postal delays must be accounted for as well.

Plan it All

If you think that your schedule of thanking guests should work like a well-oiled machine ready for battle, you are right! Without a system to aid you, you will get lost in the bulk of gifts you’ll probably find yourself in after the festivities are over. While we all realize that unearthing gifts in plenty can be an exhilarating experience, resist the urge to tear at them with an almost animal-like instinct. Wedding thank-you cards are difficult to write with information that gets muddled up.

Be methodical and make a note of each gift as you open it. Your work starts now, as you will need to tally names of senders with your guest list. If you don’t want to ruin all the fun, keep the information that comes with each gift carefully, making a note of what was given on each of those. In the happiness and excitement of things, its easy to lose senders’ info or misplace it.

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Split Up Gifts

Everyone understands that you are just married, and the furthest consideration is to write tedious thank-you messages. What’s more, you may be whisked off on your honeymoon almost immediately after the wedding celebrations are over. Don’t worry too much about this. The guests will likely know your plans, and don’t expect you to rush about conveying your thanks. Nonetheless, its common decency to start on your wedding thanks cards when you do return from your honeymoon. As it is a seemingly difficult task, writing the notes in batches is the easiest way to tackle it. Split up your work, so that you have a designated time per day, say one hour, to write. An alternate way to do it is to fix a number of cards that you will write per day, say twenty or thirty.

Sharing the Workload Helps

After you’re married, you are no longer alone! You can divide the workload with your partner so you don’t feel the burden all by yourself. Your partner may know some guests better than you, so you can let them do those, and you do the ones you’re familiar with. Reward yourselves later by spending a romantic evening together. The activity won’t seem like that much of a task! Romance aside, if you have a best pal or relative close by, get them to chip in too. 

Getting Down to Actual Writing

The basics of wedding thank-you etiquette require that you write your notes by hand. This is a more personal way of showing your appreciation. Remember to include all the names of gift givers of a particular gift in the thank-you note. If a couple has given you a gift, both names should be mentioned in the thank-you card. Here are some handy pointers for when you actually get down to writing your wedding thank-you cards:

  • Stationery must be on theme – If your wedding had a particular theme, stick to that while writing your note of thanks. If you have the budget, you can order personalized cards and write in those – something that matches your invitations. If you don’t, don’t worry too much, stick with colors or styles that match your wedding.
  • Specification is great – Write the specifics of the item, while saying your thank-you. What you like about the gift and how you will use it/enjoy it are good ways to begin. You may enjoy a nice hot coffee every morning before work with a new coffee maker, for instance. This kind of wording makes your not more personalized. You show how sincere you are and let the giver know you appreciate their generosity.
  • Monetary gifts – If you have received a gift in monetary form – either a check or cash – you must specify the amount. There’s nothing embarrassing or untoward about doing this. You are letting givers know you received it, and informing them how much you received. Senders may need peace of mind if they’ve sent the amount by post or digitally.

Send Them On Their Way!

In case you received gifts before the wedding, there’s no harm in sending out wedding thank-you messages as soon as you get them. Additionally, if you are writing out thank-you notes by splitting gifts up in batches, you can send them out in batches too.

The Words that Matter

Many people may experience writer’s block cases when the time comes to thinking of wedding thanks wording. Don’t fret, there’s no wrong or right way to do it, and all it takes is a little sensible wording. Depending on the gift, here are a few samples of the choicest words you can offer up in your cards:

  • For people who give you an appliance, say a coffee machine – Mention that this is just what you wanted/needed, and show enthusiasm:

Dear [Guest’s Name],

Thank you so much for the lovely espresso machine! [Partner’s Name] and I have turned into coffee addicts, and are excited to make our own coffee at home. We’d love if you could join us so you can have some too! Thanks again for being part of our joyous day.


[Your Names]

  • For people from whom you received a monetary gift – As is the case with physical gifts, make sure you mention how you will use the cash that’s been given:

Dear [Guest’s Name],

It meant so much that you celebrated our wedding day/big day with us. We are thrilled with your thoughtful and generous gift of $200. With this, we were able to book the dinner cruise on our honeymoon. Looking forward to seeing you when you’re nearby next.


[Your Names]

  • For people who didn’t attend your wedding, but still sent you a gift – You must mention how much they were missed:

Dear [Giver’s Name],

Thank you so much for the wonderful beer mugs. You are kind to think of us. We wish you could have been with us on our special day – you were sorely missed. Here’s hoping we get a chance to celebrate things together soon!


[Your Names] For those who didn’t give you a gift, but still attended – You still have to thank people for being with you in your moment of joy, despite not getting a gift in return. You can thank them for being with you and tell them that their presence and blessings meant so much. 

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