How to Create An Email Flyer

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An email flyer is a marketing promotional material sent through emails. Marketing can be done effectively through email if you have a database of customers. You can send messages to customers on new product launch, product updates, sales promotion offers, customer loyalty offers, etc. Instead of sending information through text, you can send an attractive flyer. This will help you catch the attention of customers. It will help in getting more clicks that can lead to purchases.

How to create the email flyer?

You can use a flyer maker software to do it. You can even do it with a simple image creator program or can even use software like Word. It all depends on your objective and target audience. If your objective is to generate more sales, then you need professional design software to create the best effect.

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Here’s how you can go about creating the email flyer.

  1. First, make a rough draft of the flier on paper. Discuss with your colleagues and boss. Brainstorm and take suggestions to create a good draft. You can even take a look at flyers that your competitors have designed. Never copy anything but just understand how they have approached the flyer design.
  2. Once the draft is ready, you can start the design. Select the best flyer maker program and use it for the design. Use software that gives you ready templates. This makes your work easy. The software should ideally have images, text blocks, and other options available. All these make your work easier.
  3. You can either do the design yourself or get it done by a professional designer. Make sure you select an experienced designer who has created such flyers before. Review samples of the designer’s work before going ahead. Also, brief the designer on your objective and target audience so the work becomes easier.
  4. Decide the layout of the flyer. Organize the flyer into a banner/heading block at the top followed by image and text blocks. Decide how you want to arrange the contents. Here is where templates will be helpful.
  5. The first thing to do is to select the images. You can either use images provided in the flyer maker software or create an image. You can use images related to your brand/product, add text to it, and use effects to enhance it. Let the images be attractive.
  6. Preferably, use one large image instead of multiple images. Even if you need to put different pictures of products, create a collage of the images. This looks better.
  7. Make sure your logo is prominently used in the flyer. You should promote your brand in every flyer. Use elements of your brand like brand colors, text style, etc.
  8. The headline is the key element in the email flyer. Create a headline that generates attention. The headline must be thought-provoking. It must be eye-catching. The idea is that the customer should understand what the email is about and want to read more. The headline can be placed within a banner. You can even consider using the CTA in the headline. This depends on the objective of your flyer.
  9. Use text in blocks and intersperse with images. Don’t put too much text in one block. It looks monotonous. Keep it short and simple. Use language that is simple and free from jargon. Let the text be short. Bullet points would be ideal once you give a brief introduction. Each paragraph of the text should not have more than two or three lines.
  10. Use an engaging tone in your text. Have a conversation with the customer and tell him what benefits you are offering. Use the second person (you/your) in the content.
  11. Avoid using too many fonts. Use a maximum of two fonts. One for the headline and the other for the rest of the text. Too many fonts make the flyer look clumsy.
  12. Use white space effectively. If the entire flyer is filled with texts and images, it can look overwhelming. Use white space (blank lines or space between image and text) to make the flyer look neat.
  13. Once you finish composing the text, transfer it to a word processor or any other tool. Do a spelling and grammar check. Having spelling mistakes or grammar errors will ruin a good design. Where possible, get the content written by a copywriter who knows how to play with words to create the desired effect.
  14. Make sure the flyer has your contact information displayed prominently. A link to your website is a must. Create a separate landing page on your website. Clicking on the flyer should take the customer to the landing page, which provides specific information. This will also help you track the effectiveness of your email campaign.
  15. Your call to action can include something of value to the customer. It can be a discount coupon or voucher code or a free gift. This would create a desire in the minds of the customer to take action.
  16. Once the design is ready, you can test market it. Send it to a few customers with whom you have a good rapport. Ask them for their feedback. As them specifically if they would be interested to take action after viewing this flyer. Based on the feedback from the test customers, make necessary changes.
  17. Once the design is ready, you can include it within the email by copying from the flyer maker software. You can even convert it to an image file (jpg is the best format) and include it in the email. Make sure image sizes are small. Large images don’t load and your customer may not view the email if the image doesn’t load fast.
  18. Use your regular email software to send the email. Insert the flyer in the email body. Avoid attachments as customers may not open them.

An email flyer can help you boost your sales. Make sure that it is well-designed and appeals to the recipient. The right use of design elements will ensure that your email flyer will attract attention and lead to action by the recipient.

Why send email flyers?

There are many benefits to sending email flyers to customers and potential customers. These include:

  • People check their emails regularly. Sending an attractive flyer ensures you can get people to read your email.
  • A flyer contains an attractive design with an eye-catching message. This helps catch the attention of the reader. Well framed content can create an interest in your product. If you include an effective call to action, you can motivate the email recipient to click on the link given and make a purchase.
  • Studies show that for every dollar you spend in sending email flyers, you can get returns of up to $38. This is a method with a high return on investment.
  • Once you have a database of email IDs, you can keep sending flyers regularly to boost online sales.

Key elements of email flyers

You can create an email flyer easily using flyer maker software. While creating the flyer and planning the email campaign, there are certain things to keep in mind. These key elements of email flyers will make it an effective marketing tool.

Decide the objective of making the email flyer

You need to decide why you are sending the email flyer and what you want to achieve. It could be to introduce your brand and product. It could be to promote the product. Brand building could be another objective. Decide the objective so you can plan accordingly.

Who is your target audience?

This is important if you want to get the best results. You need to have a demographic profile of your potential customers. Know the age group, income group, social status, etc. Keep this in mind while drafting the email. If your target audience is youth, then your message should be in the language they connect with. If your target audience is business executives, then your message should be drafted in a professional way.

Balance text and images

Don’t get carried out by having too many images. Let there a balance. This is not a poster you are sending but a flyer. While using the flyer maker software make sure you include both images and text. The images attract and create attention. The text should inform and generate interest.

Have an updated email database

The base for your email flyer campaign is the database of email IDs. Ensure that the database is updated. Having an old database and seeing a lot of bounced emails is not a good thing.

Have a clear call to action

The most important element in your email flyer is the call to action (CTA). Let it be clear and unambiguous. Make sure it stands out and is not hidden. Create an urgency that will compel the recipient to click on the email. Have only one call to action. Do not include too many CTAs, it can confuse your customer.

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