Emails, letters, and notes have become part of our everyday lives today. All kinds of professional and formal communications are exchanged using emails and letters, regardless of which field of work you belong to.

Considering how commonplace they have become, you would think that everyone is fluent in email and letter writing, right? But that is actually not the case. There are millions of people across the globe who are using the wrong email format or wording, be it a student writing to his professor, an employee asking for a promotion, or a job-seeker looking for employment.

At MailtoSelf, we understand the importance of knowing how to write emails and letters correctly. We understand that following the right format, using the right words, or signing off the correct way can make a huge difference in your email or letter’s impact. This, in turn, affects many of your life choices and decisions.

It is foolish to disregard the importance of knowing how to correctly and fluently craft emails and letters in today’s world. It has become more or less an essential skill that you need to survive in the modern world.

Any type of formal correspondence is carried out through either a letter or an email. Especially as your career advances, there is an even higher need for improved communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. This is where proper knowledge on email writing and letter writing comes in. It is an important step you can take to ensure that you do not miss any opportunities present in front of you.

At MailtoSelf, we know better than to disregard the effectiveness of a well-written email or letter and its ability to create long-lasting impressions on people that matter. That is precisely why we want to do everything we can to help you improve your email/letter/note writing skills.