What are the steps involved in adding or changing an email signature in Gmail?

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Communication over the internet is largely mediated using Gmail, both for small as well as for large business houses. This email service provider began modestly, providing only 1GB of space, on an invite-only basis, testing user curiosity and encouraging users to use the medium. However, it has fast grown to become an important mail provider, transcending competition from many similar service providers.

One of the main reasons for the immense popularity of Gmail is its ease of use and the array of features offered. The Gmail email signature feature is one of them!

Benefits of using a Gmail signature

A single source for contact information: When sending out an email, it is important to include contact information. This will help recipients get it touch with you a lot faster, if they wish to! It is difficult to sieve through long e-mails to get the necessary information, instead, a Gmail signature acts as a ready reckoner.

An e-business card: Apart form contact information, a Gmail signature could also include a brief description of who you are, or your designation. This way, your recipients know who they are corresponding with. Such inclusions will help further your interests among customers, leads, prospects, and even among friends.

Gets you better access to the recipient’s inbox: Most people are wary of spam. Moreover, most mails are filtered by Gmail and sent to the spam folder, if found to be repetitive or unsolicited. A Gmail signature may help in reaching the recipient’s inbox, instead of the spam folder.

How to add or change e-mail signature in Gmail?

Adding a Gmail signature is a simple process, but you could get a little creative and make it attractive, based on your needs and your audience.

Step 1: Get onto Gmail: This is the first step! You need to log into your Gmail account by typing in your username and password. Once inside your mailbox, you will notice an icon of a wheel at the far-right corner. Click on that, that is the settings button.

Step 2: Click on Gmail Signature

As the next step in adding your Gmail signature, choose the general settings option from the list of options provided in the settings tab. Within this option, select the Gmail signature section, this is the place you want to get to.

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At this juncture, you need to decide on the type of Gmail signature that best reflects the work you do and the audience that you will be reaching out to. A creative artist will be ‘expected’ to have a very creative Gmail signature too, while a senior surgeon could opt for a more routine signature.

The content needs to be added into the box provided, but there are plenty of options to include a bit of style into it.

Step 4: Including your signature style

The step may be simple, but the final design has to be put together with a little bit of thought. You may not want a plain vanilla, but you do not want to go overboard with the styles and design options as well.

Gmail lets you change the font, size and text color, which leaves you with plenty of design options.

Step 5: Add a link to your website

Most people stop at designing their Gmail signature with interesting fonts and persuasive use of colors, to add interest to their signature. However, once you have caught the attention of the recipient, it may be wise to lead them onto your website. This will help in increasing traffic to your website and encourage your recipient to learn more about your services and credentials.

A simple way to do that would be to add the name of your company and hyperlink your company website.

Step 6: Add a tagline or even a quote

A tag line or even a quote can go a long way in helping your recipient understand your views. It also serves to catch the recipient’s attention.

The more interesting your quote, the better the chances of your Gmail signature being noticed.

Step 7: Add your photo or an image

An image can speak a thousand words! Use a good professionally taken photo of yourself to add interest to your email signature. Not only will this make the email a lot more personal, but it will also help in building you as a brand.

Get a good photo of yourself and upload it onto your computer. Next, select the image icon, present next to the icon meant for hyperlinking. The image can be inserted by uploading it from your computer or from your google drive.

Ensure that he image inserted is pleasant and at the right size. There is an option to resize your image for smarter visibility.

Step 8: Save: This is an important step. You need to save your changes, else risk losing out on all the hard work of creating a perfect Gmail signature.

The “Save” button is present at the bottom of the page. Once you do this, all the emails that you will henceforth send, will include your Gmail signature.

How to change the way the Gmail signature appears in an email?

There are plenty of options to design the perfect Gmail signature, and there are options to change the way it appears.

If you don’t want a standard signature being sent out every time you mail, then you have the exciting option of changing it.

For this, you will find that below the signature option, in the general settings tab, there is a checkbox. This box includes the text “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it.”

This box should be selected to enable you to change your Gmail signature in all your replies.

How to add your company logo to your Gmail signature?

Gmail gives you the option of adding your company logo to your Gmail signature as well. The process is like how you added your photo. All you need to do is to add your company’s logo from your computer or Google drive, or provide the URL. Remember to resize your logo to suit the rest of the Gmail signature.

All changes carried out should be saved, otherwise, you will lose all the effort put into designing it.

Steps to add Gmail signature using the Gmail App on an Android phone

Mobiles are fast surpassing the use of laptops in sending and receiving mails. It is not surprising to find people using their mobiles o respond to official mails while on the move. Therefore, it becomes relevant to understand how to use Gmail signature using the Gmail app on an Android phone.

Step 1: Open the Gmail app

Open the Gmail app and go to the Gmail account for which you wish to add the Gmail signature.

Step 2: Select the Email signature option

Click on the three horizontal lines that are present at the far right of the Gmail. This will open the settings tab., choose the mobile signature option.

Step 3: Design the Mobile signature

Using your mobile keypad, type in the content of your Gmail signature. This could include your name, designation, your company’s name and your contact details.

There are plenty of design options to choose from. Select an catchy Gmail signature, that is mobile friendly and reflects your line of work.

How to add a Gmail Signature using an iOS?

The android phones and the iOS phones have their own ardent fans and supporters, but the inclusion of Gmail signature is simple on both types.

Step 1: Select the app on the iPhone or iPad

Download the necessary Gmail app from the Appstore and click on the three dots at the right corner.

Step 2: Select the Gmail account

Once you click on the three dots, scroll down to the bottom of the page to reach the settings option. Select the Gmail account for which you want to add the signature.

Step 3: Gmail signature on iOS

You have reached the most important step in the process, designing your Gmail signature. Ensure that an effective description that includes your designation, name of your company and the services offered are added. After all, a well-designed Gmail signature is your business card and your doorway to better visibility.

Troubleshooting steps

Once you have designed your Gmail signature, remember to first test it out before you send it to your customers. A simple test mail to yourself or to one of your close aides will help you understand how your signature will look to a recipient. Critically analyze it to ensure that you have made the best use of your space, without making the signature too large, text heavy, or image rich. It should download fast enough for your recipient to view it, on the laptop and on the phone.

Make final changes, if you have to. It has to be aesthetically appealing, while lending it a unique sense of purpose.

If your Gmail signature is not showing up in the test mail, it could be due to the ‘no signature’ option being turned on. Turn it off, and then you should be able to see your Gmail signature being sent out.

The simple process involved in designing the perfect Gmail signature will go a long way in creating unique personal branding material that recipients will begin to connect you with.

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