Declaration of Independence to Break Up Letter: How To, Templates & Examples

Declaration of Independence to break up

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The Declaration of independence is considered a literary masterpiece, where Thomas Jefferson used the power of language to take forward certain persuasions. The declaration of independence, in its essence, is a breakup letter written by the thirteen colonies against Great Britain.

A breakup letter resonates better with teenagers, as they understand how to list out the various factors that lead to the breakup. A great piece of history, written in a new world relationship letter helps evoke the same set of emotions, albeit between countries rather than individuals.

Writing the declaration of independence as a breakup letter helps bring out salient aspects of why the thirteen colonies could not be together. It draws on facts and then highlights how as independents they could grow.

How will writing the Declaration of Independence as a breakup letter help?

Writing the Declaration of Independence as a breakup letter will help in improving writing skills. It will help in understanding rights, identifying problem areas and formulating a voice of reason, through effective letter writing sessions.

What is the Declaration of Independence?

In U.S history, the Declaration of Independence is a document that was approved on July 4, 1776, by the Continental Congress to announce the separation from Great Britain. 13 North American British colonies were now declared separate from Great Britain.

The declaration of Independence was unanimously voted by 12 colonies (with New York, not voting), with the resolution that “these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be Free and Independent States.”

Though the date of official voting was on July 2, the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4th. July 4th is celebrated as a national holiday or as American Independence Day.

Tips for writing an Effective Declaration of Independence Break up letter

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Use the following guidelines to write an effective declaration of Independence break up letter

1)   Begin with the main message: Address the main aspects and keep it interesting. Highlight the important factors that led to issues and the reasons for the breakup.

2)   Organize the letter: Include sufficient information that flows through the letter. There should be an introductory paragraph and then details.

3)   Choose the right tone: This is a casual and funny take on the declaration of independence letter and should impress with the ease of language.

The Declaration of Independence Break up letter sample 1:

The year 1776

Dear King George,

I regret letting you know we have grown away from each other and that you have become a different person. To be very frank, I don’t quite like you, and I would like to let you know it is over between us.

There are soldiers who have been posted in New England, though the French war and Indian war ended in 1763, with the soldiers overstaying. It is not respectable to have these soldiers here.

Your actions seem to indicate that you are over-possessive. Since actions speak louder than words, it is proven without a doubt. You seem to worry more about losing money than about me. You wanted me to look after the soldiers by enforcing the Quartering Act that now forces me to house and feed these strangers. I do not have the required money to do that, nor am I comfortable being treated this way.

You have become untrustworthy, and money has changed you as an individual. You have also tried to levy additional taxes on me, without consulting with me. There are plenty of hidden taxes as well, like the tax paid at ports. Though you have taken back many takes, the tea act remains. When you drink your wonderful tea tax-free, I see no reason for why I should have my tea taxed. The Boston tea party was meant to stand up to people like you.

There were innocent friends who were killed by you soldiers at the Boston tea party, 5 people killed with no apology from your side, which makes you highly unsympathetic and nasty. These people have families who depended on them. There has been a lot of pain caused during the past few years and our bitterness has only grown.

It makes no sense to continue this way and I think the best way forward is for us to break all ties and to go our separate ways. We will remain friends over the long term, however, we need to work on our separation first.

Yours Truly,


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The Declaration of Independence Break up letter sample 2:

“It’s OVER George!” – Declaration of Independence Break up Letter

Name ____________________________________________________

George, we need to talk it out here and let each other know how we feel about things. We can’t keep pretending that it is all fine.

Please don’t call or text as it is over!

Here are some reasons why I feel that we should break up for good

1) you have deprived me of the benefit of trial by jury

2) You have had soldiers stand guard at all times

3) You have prevented me from trading with the rest of the world

4) There have been takes that have been imposed without consulting with me

5) You have oppressed me and forced me to lead a life that I do not like

I am sorry, but I really need to tell you that this has to end. We need to look ahead from here.

Signed ___________________

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The Declaration of Independence Break up letter sample 3:

Dear George,

I really don’t know how to start but then again we have to speak to get it over with. Things have been very upsetting lately, though they were wonderful at a point. We were made for each other at one point, and everything seemed so perfect.

Things have changed a lot as you seem to be taking more from our relationship than I do. You have become focused on draining me of my money while making sure that your coffers are filled to the brim. There are a lot of unnecessary taxes that I have had to pay. You enjoy the benefits of the taxes, unmindful of the pain and the burden that it has caused me.

You don’t seem to even consider the pain that I am going through. Or the amount of work that I have had to put into the relationship and to pay the taxes. It is highly depressing for me to have to work so hard while you sit around to enjoy the benefits of my hard work. There is no emotional support from you as well.

You have been highly dictatorial off late and have been micromanaging my schedules. You always choose where I should go and what I should do, unmindful of my needs or requirements. This has made me feel that you no longer care about my feelings or what I want to do in life. You are focused only on yourself, which makes it difficult for us to be together anymore.

I have tried to fix things between us many times and I have approached you directly as well. However, you don’t seem to acknowledge my needs or preferences at all. It is only your way all the time. There are no second thoughts to getting things done your way, even if it means that you will be highly inconveniencing me.

There have been times when I noticed that you have been trying to fix my issues and problems. However, they are clouded by some of your most glaring personality issues that keep cropping up. This has been on my mind quite a lot lately and I have been trying to find the right way and time to end this. I am extremely sorry but we cannot go on further like this and have to part ways. Let us try to remain as mature as we possibly can, considering the current situation.

It is with a bit of grief that I have to announce that ‘The US’ is no longer what it seemed to you.



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The Declaration of Independence Break up letter sample 4:

Dear George,

I am not really sure how I should begin writing this letter, though I have been thinking about this all the time. It has come to a point where things can no longer be taken as lightly as they are, and it is time to look ahead. I have tried reasoning with you multiple times. However, you have not given me the time or space to explain how I feel about everything that you have done. You have become most presumptuous and have not taken any time out to work things with me.

You have started to take me and my feelings for granted and have begun making your own decisions, without considering how I feel about a lot of things that you do. What’s more, you have also become very money-minded and are more inclined to raising your savings rather than considering the toll it is taking on me or in our relationship.

This has been on my mind for quite a while, and I don’t want to hurt you in any way. However, it has come to a point where a breakup will do both of us good. I need some time to be with myself and to work on building my resources and managing my own welfare. Both of which have taken a big hit while I was with you.

I want you to know how strongly I feel about some of your measures that have resulted in this breakup. You even have laid taxes on the tea that I drink, while you continue to drink tea that is tax-free. To add to it, your soldiers killed 5 of my friends at the Boston tea party. This is inexcusable and speaks of how little you care about my feelings or my interests.

I am thoroughly shocked by a lot of your actions, but you continue to make it worse by avoiding all time with me and refusing to see things from my side. You have been stubborn in continuing to do things your way.

I have to let you go now if I wish to move ahead in life. Since we will no longer be together, I hope you understand your mistakes and make suitable changes. You have been a bully and I hope that you will change that about yourself.

I am sorry that I have to let you go, but you have left me with no choices.



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The Declaration of Independence Break up letter sample 5:

Dear George,

 It is with heartfelt sadness that I need to let you know that I have decided to let you go your way. It is not just about you, but about me as well. I can’t handle this long-distance relationship, separated by more than 3000 miles.

I feel that I am not built to handle this, and you are plain mean and crazy! I am not able to deal with someone like you, who is self-obsessed and crazy!

I did my best to deal with you, even letting the stamp act go for a while but then you took me for granted. You wanted the colonies to provide supplies and bunks for other soldiers as well. This shows that you are not bothered about anyone other than yourself.

By putting forward the Townshend Acts you have tried to get me involved with more killing, which I must resist! The last straw has been the First Continental Congress, though I asked you to stop nicely, you did not stop. There is no need for us to ask you to do this, you should have stopped on your own.

I did my best to put up with you, but it is getting impossible day by day. How can I have a relationship with someone who has taken away my tea! This is the limit and you have reached it long time back!

Let us hope that we get to be friends someday if you stop some of your weird ways.


The 13 Colonies

Sample #5 for Draft Compelling Demand For Payment

The Declaration of Independence Break up letter sample 6:

My ex-king George,

This is not as easy as I thought it would be, considering that you have been acting pretty strangely off late. I think we should go our separate ways as things have been rough for me. You are not doing anything to sort our issues but you have been putting in a lot of effort to make things hard. You have been mistreating me for a while now, and I have no say in anything that happens. I don’t see any reason for us to be together at all.

 There have been multiple instances where you have been extremely cunning and manipulative. Judges now depend on your will alone, which makes my situation very precarious. You don’t let anyone think for themselves, instead, you have been working hard to get everyone to listen to you, and you only.

You have been consistently ignoring my needs to make your life easier.


The 13 Colonies

Sample #6 for Draft Compelling Demand For Payment

The Declaration of Independence Break up letter sample 7:

Dear King George III,

 I am not really sure how to begin with this, but things have not been all rosy lately. In fact, I have been having a miserable time, and things just seem to be getting worse all the time. According to natural rights as the American Colonies, all men are equal and have been created this way. God has endowed us with non-alienable rights, that include life, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness.

Everyone in the colonies is suffering because of the ill lashed on us by Great Britain has done to us.

You have been extremely cruel in many ways, and so we have realized that we have to let you go. You taxed us too much, without realizing that we will not be able to pay for the same.

We want to move away from you and do not want to be your 13 kids anymore. Instead, we will begin as “US”, without you in it. We want happiness and not violent disturbances.



The 13 American Colonies

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