Happy Holidays email templates to wish your customers professionally and personally

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Emails have been around for years now and stood the test of time amidst the fast-evolving world of digital marketing. The market has moved rapidly with the global penetration of digital technologies. Global exchanges of emails are set to cross a whopping 320 billion by 2022. This makes emails one of the most sought after methods of promotion and engagement with customers.

There are various reason for emails to stand out amidst the evolving world of digital, some of these advantages of email blasts would include:

1) Low Cost-High Volume: A major advantage of email would be affordability. Email campaigns cost less and can be exchanged in bulk numbers. This provides a low-cost advantage for emails among other modes.

2)Non-Invasive: A reason for emails to be popular among digital marketers is the low invasive nature. While telecommunication or direct sales pitch seem to invade the privacy of individuals, emails provide a convenient non-invasive mode of communicating. It does not disturb the peace ad tranquility of the consumer and ensure no pressure for decision-making.

3) Customized Templates: Customized template option of emails make them very effective tools of marketing. The variety of templates provides unique and creative mails, which help draw the recipient’s attention. Use of images, screenshots further make emails lucrative and easy to understand. In this article, we will explore the holiday email templates and what makes them so attractive.

Why Use Email Templates?

The global email exchanges are on the rise exponentially. Owing to its advantages, more and more businesses prefer email communication as safe, affordable, and convenient forms. This makes the email marketing space very competitive with brands competing with each other for attention. Businesses are always on the lookout for creative, unique, and out-of-the-box emails to help their business. The human attention span has reduced to a mere 8 seconds according to recent studies. This has contributed to the immense popularity of email templates. The email templates provide preordained email patterns that help deliver the right message to the right audience.

Email templates have been categorized based upon the need of the sender. From cold sales pitch to information-based, there is a template for all. The most popular email templates have been tested extensively in the market and have delivered the most optimum results. An average individual receives around 15 to 20 emails per day. The chances of being read or getting any attention from the recipient are very low. That’s where templates can come in handy. Unique templates help set an email stand apart from others. They draw the consumer interest from the moment the consumer opens up the mail. The consumer would make a decision within seconds of whether to give any importance to the mail or not, so the initial impression goes a long way establishing an engagement.

Now that we understand the importance of email templates, let us take a look at some email templates which are very popular among marketers.

Happy Holidays Email Templates

The holidays are a very joyous and festive occasion. Consumers are always looking forward to upcoming holidays as that implies leave from work, shopping, vacation, and an overall festive mood. Holidays are a highly anticipated affair among world cultures across the globe. This joyous and festive occasion also presents a great opportunity to engage with consumers. Even the consumer has more time in its hand to check emails and read them due to low work pressure. So happy holiday email templates are a popular choice among businesses. Consumers are also looking to invest in the holiday season. There is a surge in sales across various sectors such as tourism, hospitality, electronics, and food and beverage. So to make the most of the moment, here are some popular happy holiday email templates that can definitely help businesses.

1) The Season Greetings Email Template

Simplicity is often characterized as the biggest virtue. The season greetings email templates are considered the simplest yet effective ways to create bonds with consumers. It is a human tendency to accept warm greetings and with the devolvement of a greetings card, the season greetings emails are a great way to warm up to the recipients. The season greetings help build engagement with the consumer as it makes the recipient feel special. This helps provide leverage upon further email communication.

A typical season greetings email template would comprise an image corresponding to the holidays in reference followed by a warm wish of well-being and prosperity. It helps establish brand awareness and build respect.

2) The Holiday Checklist Email Template

For businesses struggling to keep up with their customers during the holiday season, the holiday checklist email template can work wonders. It is a simple, non-pushy, and effective way of scheduling the activities of the consumer with a detailed report including dates and deadlines. This helps companies prioritize consumer time in a non-invasive manner.

The holiday checklist email template also works as a reminder for the otherwise engaged consumer. It helps reduce the workload for the consumer specially in terms of ending payments or purchases. The template is ideal for current customers and helps in saving time and effort.

The holiday checklist email templates generally include a date and activity-based report. The idea is to help in managing his upcoming transaction without the consumer spending his time to plan it. Save the consumer time and effort.

3)The Season’s Sale Email Template

The most popular form of email template specially during the holidays. The Season Sale trend is quite popular among retailers and businesses. So the season sale email template is reflective of the same level of popularity. The notion of holidays implying sale and discount is imprinted amidst consumers. The season sale template helps in tapping the same, by creating unique emails. Email templates with special offers, exclusive deals, coupon codes, referral links work great in drawing consumer attention.

The season sale email templates are very popular during the holidays and register some of the highest sale pitch to conversion ratio. A major reason for the success of the season sale email template is the consumer expectation of discount during the holiday.

A typical season sale email template would include graphical promotional materials with exclusive offers with deadlines. The idea is to promote immediate sales.

4) The Introductory Email

This email template is specifically for new brands and companies. The holidays are also a great time to build relationships and bonds with potential clients. Though for a new company, directly promoting a product, a service or an offer would seem rather difficult considering the mood for reliability and trust. But that may not defer a new business from using this time to build connections. As the holidays provide extra time for the consumers where they are at home or vacationing. An introductory email template that introduces the business, its motto, and ethics is a great way to use the festive time. Consumers are usually in a less critical mindset in the holidays, which provides a very great opportunity to build new connections.

An introductory email would comprise introducing the business, its workspace, its services. The email could focus on the good will associated with the business. Connecting with consumers in the holidays is another great way to stand out from the competition where other brands are usually looking to sell something or the other to the consumers. So a simple “hi” can go a long way in imprinting the brand in the consumer psyche.

5) The Upsell Email Template

The holidays are also a great opportunity to upsell regular customers. Revisiting old customers, getting in touch with them with new offers, loyalty discounts, unique upgrade offers are some great ways to reconnect. This helps build upon established connections. The upsell email templates also help strengthen loyalty among old customers. The exclusive offers and loyalty bonus or discounts are effective tools for consumer’s exclusivity. It tends to provide perks to the consumer for sticking with the business. This helps in consumer retention and also compete with other brands looking to increase influence in the holiday season.

A typical upsell email template would include congratulatory messages to the customer for being a part. The email would include special offers, exclusive deals, and new services for the consumer. It also contains information about the benefits of the new services and how it can help consumers with better value for money.

The above email templates are some of the most effective holiday season email templates which can really help businesses make the most of the season. In email marketing, unique and exclusive goes a long way in getting the desired results. The market is evolving daily and businesses need to upgrade and come up with new ideas to always excite and draw consumer’s attention. Constant research and development along with real-time analysis of email campaigns can go a long way in establishing the brand reach and make the most of the festive season.

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