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Graduation, at both school and college level, is a special event for students. It marks the end of an era and the beginning of a brand new one, with more surprises, challenges, and responsibilities than ever before. To congratulate students on their special day, friends, family members, and relatives tend to shower them with gifts, and if you’re about to graduate soon, you can expect the same sort of thing.

While it’s definitely amazing to receive an amazing array of gifts from your loved ones and well-wishers, it’s also important that you acknowledge the people who showed how much they love you and care for you. The best way to do that is by writing graduation thank you message. In this post, we’ll go through all that you need to include in your thank you message and how you can best express your thankfulness and gratitude. However, let’s first talk about why graduation thank you note or message matters so much.

Graduation thank you messages: Why they matter?

Picture this. Your aunt, who you haven’t met in years, gets news about your parents’ graduation and takes time out to buy a really expensive watch for you. She does the gift-wrapping herself and makes it look as beautiful as possible before sending it to you. Similarly, several other people who really like and love you take time out from their busy schedules to handpick gifts that are befitting of your graduation. After you receive their gifts, how would you like to respond to them?

Today’s youth typically take to different social media platforms to express their gratitude and it is met with warmth and respect, especially by fellow youngsters. However, think about those who are from the older generations. What do you think they’ll like better; a social media post or a dedicated graduation thank you message? The latter is the best way to show your genuine respect and gratitude for the gifts you receive from your elders.

Things to keep in mind

  • Response time: If you send a gift to someone for a special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding anniversary, would you like it if they responded a year after receiving the gift? No,  right? Similarly, when you receive gifts for your graduation from someone, remember to respond to that person within a few days.

Don’t keep delaying it, because the more you delay, the less heartfelt the thank you message will become. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll end up forgetting to write the message altogether.

  • Individual messages: Social media platforms have made it easy for us to thank a lot of people by simply writing a single post, but if you really want to let your heartfelt gratitude to be expressed through your graduation thank you message, you have to write individual messages for all those who have sent their gifts and good wishes.

Just because you have to write individual messages doesn’t mean they have to be long and elaborate either. Keep them to 50 – 60 words and that should be enough. Remember, the point of a thank you message is not to go on and on about why you’re thankful, but just the fact that you are.

  • Recipient’s address: Thanks to greater mobile connectivity than ever before, we very rarely care to keep track of the physical addresses of people we don’t mingle with regularly. However, when you write thank you notes for different people, you have to know their physical addresses, because you have to send them across, right?

    If you want to thank a relative, ask your parents if they have the address or not. If not, don’t be afraid to call up the relative and ask for the address over the phone. If the relative asks you why you want the address, just say that it’s a surprise. If it’s not too much trouble, you can also visit some of the people who’ve sent you gifts with your thank you note/message if they live in the same city.
  • The use of language: How you use the English language in your thank you messages depends completely on the individuals you’re sending them to and what kind of relationship you share with them. If the gifts came from an elder that you can be very casual and comfortable with, feel free to be humourous in your writing.

    However, if you’re writing a message that’s to be sent to someone you share a very formal relationship with, it’s best to keep the language formal as well. Using informal language with people you’re generally very formal and courteous with is not recommended, as they may take offense, completely defeating the purpose of your graduation thank you message.
  • Writing schedule: If you’ve received a hundred gifts from a hundred different people, you’re going to have to write a hundred thank you messages and just the thought of it may make you feel weighed down. But hey, you don’t need to be too hard on yourself, right? After all, these are thank you messages that you can take your time with, not some project that you have to submit in adherence to a strict deadline, right?

    The best way to not feel bogged down by the thought of writing thank you messages is to maintain a schedule. Fix an hour or two every day to compose your messages and don’t go beyond the timings you set. Writing thank you messages should be a fun task for you and not one that gets you all worked up and stressed out.

Different parts of the message

  • Acknowledgment: In the first part of the message, simply acknowledge the gift. For example, if you received a brand new smartphone for your graduation from an aunt, you could start the message like this:

Dear Aunt Erin

Thank you so much for the smartphone you gifted me for my graduation.’

  • Explain why you like the gift: In the second part of the message, go into why the gift will be of great value to you in the future. For example:

The smartphone is going to be really convenient for me to access academic resources remotely. Plus I can also play games, watch my favorite movies, and listen to my favorite music.

  • Create a personal connection: In the third part, create that special connection between yourself and the giver of the gift. You could write something such as:

‘Even though you could not make it to the graduation ceremony, I appreciate the fact that you kept in touch with me and cared to congratulate me for my graduation.’

  • End with another thank you: In the final part of the message, include another ‘thank you’ to complete your message.

So, let’s take a look at the following sample, where we’ll be using all the four parts mentioned above:

‘Dear Aunt Erin

Thank you so much for the smartphone you gifted me for graduation. It’s going to be really handy for me for accessing academic resources remotely and I’ll also use it a lot to play games, watch movies, and listen to music. I wish you could have made it to the graduation ceremony, but I appreciate the fact that you still cared to send me this delightful gift even though you didn’t. Thank you once again for your love, care, and support.


James’ So, there you go, all the ideas you could want for writing a graduation thank you message! We hope you make the most of it and remember to thank those who deserve your gratitude the most.


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