Thank You Letter After Graduate School Interview: How To, Templates & Examples

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Well, you have agreed to aspire to a graduate school program to start a new and exciting chapter in your education. You will be joining a long list of academics who want to further their studies.

You have progressed in the journey of finalizing an assessment with the university, thanks to an outstanding grad school submission. So, what will be next? 

You might believe that everything you have to do now is wait to see if you’ve been admitted into your desired program. Nevertheless, you might be overlooking the importance of submitting a thank-you email during a graduate school meeting.

What is a thank-you letter after graduate school interview?

The thank-you note for a graduate school interview is a means of informing your gratitude. And besides, the individual invested a lot of time assisting you in achieving an academic or work-related objective. It is an effective reason to follow through on a formal meeting or a casual encounter. Your ability to communicate a thoughtful thank-you letter will impress your academic interview panel.

Why must you send a thank-you letter after graduate school interview?

Numerous potential candidates do not really check through with the institution with whom they have interviewed. 

It is either because they do not think it is appropriate, or the students are unaware of the procedure. You will be on the questioner’s mind as an optimistic candidate if you take the extra precaution of writing a warm thank you note during your graduate school interview.

In addition, the interviewer may notice that you are sincerely involved in their degree program. Also, they will notice that you have been taking the meaningful and significant. Reaching above and above could be the difference between acceptance and rejection.

When should you send your thank-you letter after graduate school interview?

Within 24–48 hours of finishing your grad school interview, send an email thanking them for their time.

In preparation for the next semester, a graduate school interviewer will also interview multiple applicants. If you message them afterward, the interview haze can cause your email to be out of context. At worst, you can give the idea to the interviewer that you are careless or unresponsive.

As quickly as feasible the session, the clock starts ticking, but don’t let this pressure you into sending a horribly worded message. Spend the effort to assess your results and jot down some important aspects to discuss. You may consider the following points to ask:

  • The reasons for which the graduate program piqued your attention.
  • Any of the most powerful responses you’ve offered.
  • Any detail from the questionnaire that has stayed with you.

How to write a thank-you letter after graduate school interview?

  • Start with greetings and salutations in your thank you note. Using an acceptable term (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.) and their last name, welcome the person you want to greet.
  • Appreciate them for taking the time to speak to you. Remember that most academics are very distracted. Thank the person who willingly shared their presence with you.
  • Reassure them about what you said. For starters, the individual you encountered may have met with lots of other people. Inform them of the most important things from the discussion. Assist them in remembering what you are.
  • Let them know what you enjoyed more about the interview. Describe how you chose to be in the program. What makes it unique? What appears to set it apart? What makes you want this?
  • Describe why you think you’d be a good candidate for the curriculum. And, what you hope to do during the program. For example, how can you relate to the program? In a few sentences, explain how your attendance and scholarship can aid the school, department, or service in achieving its goals and missions.
  • The goal here isn’t to “stay loyal” or show your merit. But, it is to establish that your interaction with the project’s purpose and management can be extremely valuable.
  • Thank them once again for their understanding and patience.
  • Consider signing off.

What are some tips to keep in mind while writing the thank-you letter after graduate school interview?

Thank you letters are an essential aspect of the follow-up process after a meeting. In less than 24 hours of your interview, send a thank-you note or text.

  • A fast, energetic thank you letter sent immediately after the appointment can be especially helpful, and should be automatically created.
  • Thank you messages should be written within a day of your meeting.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to send a thank-you note by mail.

The following points should be included in your thank you note:

  • Express gratitude for the questioner’s presence.
  • Make reference to important aspects of the chat.
  • Reaffirm your confidence in the company/position.
  • Inquiries for additional details are encouraged
  • Criteria for follow-up are created.

You have the option of writing a thank you note by hand. If you do, make sure it arrives within a day or two of the meeting.

  • Thank you notes should not be sent to civil servants and their postal system is prone to trigger major delays.


Remember to understand your audience while writing your grad school interview thank you note. 

  • First, the attitude of the individual you encountered. 
  • Second, the department’s environment and culture. 
  • The third consideration is the curriculum to which you have applied.
  • Finally, compose with a genuine tone. It should convey your thoughts and grab their attention from the list of other emails or letters.

What are some of the examples of the thank-you letter after graduate school interview?

Example 1:

Elizabeth Dory

14, Mark Bureau Street

Arizona, 23289

15 July 2018

Dr. Teresa Laville

Language Specialization Department

Northwestern Arizona University

Arizona, 49030

Dear Dr. Laville,

I wished to thank you for taking the time out of your packed schedule to evaluate me for Northwestern Arizona University’s Creative Writing Program. I appreciate the time and effort to go through some facets of the software that distinguish it. Acting with publishing companies in New York is the most enticing aspect of the Creative Writing Program that you shared with me.

Your recommendation that I contribute more of my creative writing to larger magazines inspired me to appeal to a broad demographic. I appreciated your comments on my style of writing, and I feel that because of my commitment to the craft of storytelling, I will be an excellent choice for Northwestern Arizona University’s program.

I eagerly anticipate communicating with you until definitive assessments have been taken. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Elizabeth Dory

Sample #1 for Thank You Letter After Graduate School Interview

Example 2:

Nora Williams

2143 Main Road

Massachusetts, 23434

16 August 2010

Dr. Anu Simpsons

13413 Teacher’s Colony

Department of Biology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts, 34834

Dear Dr. Simpsons,

I wished to express my gratitude for accepting me for the MIT Masters in Biology program. I understand you have a packed life, and I thank you for taking the time to meet me and share some of the factors that make MIT remarkable.

The discussion with you gave me a better understanding of what to expect from the show. I liked the way MIT has genetics testing laboratories on campus as well as research opportunities. Serving in a scientific research lab for the past couple of years, I have observed a few instances. The laboratory has equipped me over the next evolutionary step in my career, which is earning a university degree to research bacterial pathogens.

Thank you again for the time and thought, and I eagerly await your final verdict.


Nora Williams

Sample #2 for Thank You Letter After Graduate School Interview

Example 3:

Rachel Rosse

222 Cuckoo House

Ohio, 35431

19 October 2019

Dr. Fredrick Roderick

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

UCLA, 34930

Dear Dr. Roderick,

I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to speak with me about the possibility of learning math at UCLA’s Mathematics Graduate Program. Your commitment to evaluating me notwithstanding your hectic schedule demonstrates UCLA’s consideration for applicants for their degree programs.

I thank you for demonstrating how the UCLA library has a mathematical tools list that I might use while researching. Due to my undergraduate tutoring experience, I believe I will be able to fulfill my ambition of mathematics instruction at an institution.

I’m glad I know more about the curriculum, and I look forward to hearing from you until final decisions are taken.


Rachel Rosse

Sample #3 for Thank You Letter After Graduate School Interview

Example 4:

Barry Drewmore

43 Grand Avenue

Milwaukie, 23439

23 August 2017

Helen Winston

Wilmore College

Albuquerque, 77302

Dear Mrs. Winston,

This letter is to express my gratitude for our conversation the week before. I enjoyed going to school grounds and seeing the grounds and buildings in person. Everything was very accommodating. I pleasure talking to you because you guided me through one of my first meetings and made me feel comfortable. It was great to learn that somebody enjoys a decent horror movie now and again.

Wilmore College piques my curiosity. It appears to be a good match for me, especially the small classes and individual attention that students seem to receive at Wilmore. That kind of group climate, I believe, would be conducive to learning.

Thank you once more. If I am fortunate enough to become a pupil at your university next year, we can meet again.


Barry Drewmore

Sample #4 for Thank You Letter After Graduate School Interview

Example 5:

Tyson Mikes

323 Middle Street

Bolton, 43333

15 February 2014

Jinny Roberts

234 Michigan Ave

Denver, 39284

Dear Dr. Roberts,

It was kind of you to come back to my house to speak with me. Fortunately, after touring the University of Ohio campus this fall, not having to drive too far was beneficial. I had a nice time chatting with you, and you provided me with some useful facts regarding your time at Ohio University.

If I am admitted, I am seriously considering attending Ohio University. I like the atmosphere on campus, as well as the variety of people and programs available. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to meet any of the academics you described.

I wish you a pleasant rest of your season.


John Bouck

Sample #5 for Thank You Letter After Graduate School Interview

Example 6:

Maddie Devkalra

434 Debbie Avenue

Bay Area, LA, 24444

23 October 2019

Paul Smith

Nicholas Society

SA, 43983

Dear Mr. Smith,

Pleasure meeting the opportunity to connect with me today to discuss my keen interest in Housing Rights Center apprentice. I was interested to hear about the organization’s new attempts to secure low-income renters’ property privileges in San Francisco.

As a native of Los Angeles, I am well conscious of the difficult conditions many residents face, and I applaud HRC’s attempts to counter the city’s pervasive social inequality. Our discussion the other day piqued my curiosity in serving HRC this season.

Kindly let me know if there is something else I can do for you. Thank you once more for your attention, and I eagerly await your answer.


Maddie Devkalra

Sample #6 for Thank You Letter After Graduate School Interview

Example 7:

Jessica McCleary

3414 House Street

Victoria, 46466

19 November 2019

Peter Swarovski

Housing Rights Center

Jubilee Offices

VC, 49585

Dear Mr. Swarovski,

Thank you for taking the time yesterday to interview me. I enjoyed the chance to speak with you and other members of the team to hear more about the internship at the Housing Rights Center. Please express my gratitude to Mr. Anniston, Ms. Perry, and Mr. Trump for taking the time to talk with me about their attempts to combat predatory lending.

My internship at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau for new immigrants solidified my dedication to assisting others who face social and cultural obstacles. I’m very enthusiastic about the prospect of joining HRC in the fall.

Kindly confirm if there is something else I can do for you. I eagerly await your answer.


Jessica McCleary

Sample #7 for Thank You Letter After Graduate School Interview

How should you follow up after submitting the thank-you letter after graduate school interview?

Keeping the individual you met as a potential source for more details or another flow of communication is also a smart strategy.

What is the reason for this?

  • What if you’ve been admitted and want to learn more about the school? What if you’re put on hold? What if you require assistance in planning your curriculum timeline?
  • There are a variety of reasons that you would like to contact another person, such as to emphasize your involvement in the school or to learn more about something difficult to learn about.
  • Individuals are what allow us to break via unnecessary bureaucracy or leave a positive impact.

You might also ask the instructor for advice about how to develop your interviewing proficiency.

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