Thank You Letter After Medical School Interview: How To, Templates & Examples

How to write med school interview thank you letter

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Writing a letter of thanks after your medical school interview might seem like a small gesture, but this gesture can have a strong impact. Students often find themselves trapped in the dilemma of whether they should send a med school interview thank you letter or not. However, this little gesture can make a student stand apart from his competition, helping them succeed. It is therefore important to invest some of your time in writing a thank you letter as often as it is possible. It is also a great way of expressing your deep interest in the program, showing your dedication. Interviewers at the same time, appreciate this token of gratitude declaring your keen interest in joining the institution.

What is a med school interview thank you letter?

We were all taught the power of saying “thank you” when we were in school. This habit can once again help you win people over. After your medical school interview, sending a thank you letter can create a good impression on the interviewers. Express your gratitude for getting the opportunity to the panel, including the Dean of admissions and the administrators. 

A handwritten thank you letter in the modern age of digitalization is rare, it can certainly stand out from a sea of emails. Emails expressing thankfulness are just as appropriate but handwritten notes add a personal touch, making them a refreshing gesture.

Thank You letter- Email or Handwritten?

While an email reaches its recipient faster, a handwritten thank you letter has its own perks. Emails come with the possibility of receiving a response. They can initiate a dialogue between you and your interviewer. On the contrary, handwritten thank you letters make the candidates stand out from the rest in this digitalized era. Furthermore, a handwritten letter adds a personal touch, making it a refreshing change for the interviewers. They have their own charm however they do come with the risk of getting lost in the mail.

Emails are easily accessible. Everybody these days are connected incessantly thanks to the boons of technology. Emails are also considered more formal, adding a professional look to the candidate’s efforts. Additionally, they have the certainty of being delivered on time and to the right person.

You can pick any of the two options depending upon your ease as well as on your perception of the interviewers.

Getting admission after med school interview thank you letter

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Who is a med school interview thank you letter addressed to?

You can send a thank you letter to anyone with whom you had a meaningful interaction during your interview. This can include the dean of admissions as well as the interview administrator. A medical school interview thank you letter can be addressed to the members of the interview committee or even a senior with who you had a conversation to express your gratitude. 

The easiest way to get the contact information of the recipients is to ask them directly for it. You can ask the interviewers directly as you bid them adieu after the interview. Most interviewers will proactively offer you this information as they are happy to answer any doubts candidates have. If not directly, you can even seek this information from the interview administrator or the admission office of the medical school. Furthermore, the digital world also offers you the option to look up the contact information of the interviewers online through the official website of the medical school.

When should you send the med school interview thank you letter?

Ideally, you should try to send the thank you letter within the next 24 hours of your interview. This way your letter reaches the interviewers before they have finished their evaluation and taken a decision on the status of your admission. So, the early bird does get the worm. A thank you note is an important part of the admission process and can greatly impact the chances of you getting into your dream school.

Med school interview thank you letter content:

The content of your med school interview “thank you” letter should focus on three key areas that will help you leave a memorable impression on the interviewers. Let us look at what these four areas are:

  • Express your gratitude: It is important to begin the letter by thanking the interviewers for their valuable time. Most of these people, be it the faculty members or the students, have extremely busy schedules. They have taken out time to meet you so it becomes imperative to thank them for their time.
  • Makes references to things discussed during the interview: Doing so will help the interviewers jog their memory, helping them remember who you are. This is also a good way to show the interviewers that you were listening closely and paying attention to the details during your interaction. You come out of this as an engaging candidate who has also taken the time to go back and reflect upon the conversation. This quality is certainly greatly appreciated by interviewers who are looking for an ideal candidate among so many students.
  • Use your past experiences to show how you’ll be a great fit for the school: Numerous candidates apply to medical schools with each one outshining the others. It is therefore extremely difficult for the interviewers to decide between who is most capable of contributing to the school and the society. It thus becomes important to reiterate your past achievements and experiences that have produced exceptional results. Doing so will reassert how you deserve to be a part of the medical school and how you are dedicated to positively impact the community.
  • Express your interest in joining the school: Take the opportunity to once again express your desire to be a part of the school in the med school interview thank you letter. Schools are looking for dedicated individuals and reinforcing your zeal to be a part of the institution generates a positive impression upon the interviewers. This will likely help accelerate your selection. It is an assurance that you enjoyed visiting the school and can see yourself being a part of the institution.
Writing a med school interview thank you letter

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Things to remember while writing med school interview thank you letter:

Since this thank you letter can play a decisive role in your selection, there are a few things that you must remember while writing it. These important points are elucidated below:

  • Try to be unique- You are not the only one sending in a thank you letter, so you have to make yours unique. The letter must leave an impression on the interviewers and they should remember you. Standing out is therefore the only way to get in. Remember the interaction and state the points that you know struck a chord with the interviewers.
  • Keep the letter precise- You have to master the art of saying the relevant things without blabbering on. Remember that the interviewers are busy people who have many letters to go through. So, pack in all the relevant information in the least amount of words for writing an effective thank you letter.
  • Add updates- If during the interview there was a piece of important shared information then update the interviewers of the same. This allows you to convey the gravity of that information. For instance, if you mentioned during the interview that you were looking forward to attending an event, then you can share the outcome of the said event.
  • Highlight your strengths- Not only is the thank you letter a great way to express your gratitude but they also offer you the chance to sell your candidature. Take the chance to mention traits that set you apart from your competition.

Templates for med school interview thank you letter:

Template #1

Dear Dr.___________(Name of the Interviewer), 

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me on ______________ (date of the interview). I really enjoyed our conversation and learned a great deal about _______________ (The school name). I believe it will be suitable for my learning style, my interests, and for continuing my various passions in the medical community. Every person I met during my interview was kind and engaging and I can surely see myself contributing as a student to _____________(Add activities you can contribute to). I am intrigued by the student-run clinic, and I can see myself working there, helping the needy as I hone my clinical skills.

It would be an honor to attend_________________(Name of the school). Please let me know if I can answer any further questions that will help you evaluate my candidacy.


_______________(Your Full Name)

Sample #1 for Thank You Letter After Medical School Interview

Template #2

Dear Dr. __________(Name of the interviewer/ Senior), 

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me during my interview at __________(Name of the School) on ______________(Date of the interview). I greatly appreciate learning about your experiences. Our interaction has enlightened me about areas where I can make a contribution as a future student. I was especially struck by ______________________________(Add topic discussed during interview), that perfectly aligns with the qualities that I am searching for in a medical school. 

The _________________________(Name of the school) continues to remain one of my top choices amidst all medical schools in the country and I would be honored to be able to attend. I hope to see you again in the future! 

Thanks & Regards,

_____________(Your Full Name)

Sample #2 for Thank You Letter After Medical School Interview

Template #3

Dear Admission Office at ______________(Name of the School), 

Thank you very much for hosting an excellent and informative interview day on________________(Date of the interview). Each and every person I met during the interview day was kind and engaging. I especially enjoyed my conversations with__________________,_________________________,_______________________(Add the names of interviewers). I left the _______________________(Name of the School) extremely impressed by the numerous resources offered to medical students. All of it has made me see myself contributing to __________________(Name activities) as a future medical student.

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from the admissions office with regards to my candidature and hope to see you in the new semester!


______________(Your Full Name)

Sample #3 for Thank You Letter After Medical School Interview

Template #4

Dear Dr._______(Name of the interviewer),

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me on___________(Date of the interview). I genuinely enjoyed meeting you and I learned a great deal from our interaction. The school seems to be an ideal fit for my learning style and I wish to pursue my passions in the medical field under the guidance of experienced faculty like yourself. 

I deeply enjoyed learning about your research in _________________(Field of research) and hope your lecture at the _____________________went well. I want to pursue my interests in learning more about this _________________(Field of research). I would thus be honored to learn from you at____________________(Name of the school). 

I hope to get a chance to be a part of this prestigious institution and am looking forward to learning more from you!


__________(Your Full Name)

Sample #4 for Thank You Letter After Medical School Interview

Template #5

Dear Dr._______(Name of the interviewer),

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for taking out the time to interview me on ________________(Date of the interview). It was so nice to meet you and discuss the various expectations of _____________________(Name of the school) from its students. I have previously worked on __________________________________________________________________________(State your past achievements and experiences). I hope these lend more credibility to my candidature. I am really excited to join this program under the guidance of experienced mentors like yourself.

I look forward to receiving word regarding my application.


_________________(Your Full Name)

Sample #5 for Thank You Letter After Medical School Interview

In a Nutshell

Sending a med school interview thank you letter is certainly not necessary. It is completely optional. In a world that is full of cut-throat competition, however, a small gesture like this definitely leaves a lasting impression on the interview committee. A small “thank you” will make you stand apart in a world that is highly competitive, taking you closer to achieving success!

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