Thank You Letter To ESL Teachers: How To, Templates & Examples

Thank You Letter To ESL Teachers

An ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher is a teacher who specializes in teaching English to students who speak other languages and may be non-native speakers of English. They help students improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing and teach them about the culture and customs of English-speaking countries. Based on a case study, ESL teachers contribute to the student’s achievement.

Saying thank you to your ESL teacher may be quite challenging, but you don’t have to worry as MailToSelf prepared instructions and templates of a thank you letter for your teacher, mentor, or coaches.  

What Is The Importance Of An Esl Teacher?

  • Providing language instructor: An ESL teacher plays a vital role in providing language instruction to non-native speakers of English. They help students develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Cultural awareness: ESL teachers help students understand and appreciate the culture of the country where they are learning the language. They also teach students how to communicate effectively with native speakers.
  • Adapting teaching methods: ESL teachers are skilled at adapting their teaching methods to meet the needs of their students. They use various techniques, such as visual aids, games, and group activities, to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Building confidence: ESL teachers help students build confidence in their language abilities. They provide positive feedback and encouragement, which helps students to feel more comfortable speaking and interacting in English.
  • Promoting academic success: An ESL teacher can help students achieve academic success by providing them with the language skills they need to succeed in their studies. They help students understand and participate in class discussions, complete assignments, and take tests.
  • Preparing students for future opportunities: ESL teachers play an important role in preparing students for future opportunities, such as college or employment. They help students develop the language skills they need to communicate effectively in English-speaking environments.

What Is It?

A thank you letter for an ESL teacher is a written expression of gratitude to a teacher who has helped students improve their English language skills. It is a way to show appreciation for the time, effort, and dedication the teacher has invested in the student’s education.

Why Is It Important?

Sending a thank-you letter to an ESL teacher is important because it shows appreciation for the teacher’s hard work and dedication in helping the student learn a new language. It is a way for the student to express gratitude for the time and effort the teacher has invested in helping them achieve their language learning goals. 

Furthermore, it can encourage the teacher to continue providing high-quality instruction and support to the student. It can also help the student reflect on their progress and the impact the teacher has had on their language learning journey. A thank you letter can positively impact the student and the teacher. Also, it is a significant method to express gratitude for the influence instructors have on the lives of their pupils.

Writing Guidelines

Here are some guidelines on how to write a thank you letter to an ESL teacher:

  1. Start by addressing the teacher by name and using a formal salutation, such as “Dear (Teacher’s Name).”
  2. Express your gratitude for the teacher’s efforts. Mention specific examples of how the teacher helped you, such as providing extra support during class, giving you extra practice materials, or providing feedback on your assignments.
  3. Explain how the teacher’s instruction has helped you improve your language skills. Share any specific accomplishments or milestones you have reached, such as passing a language proficiency test or giving a presentation in the target language.
  4. Reflect on the teacher’s impact on your language learning journey and overall learning experience.
  5. Close with a polite and heartfelt expression of appreciation and a formal closing, such as “Sincerely” or “Thank you again.”
  6. Sign your name at the end.

It’s also good to proofread your letter before sending it to ensure it is free of spelling and grammar errors.

Remember to keep the letter concise and to the point. Your teacher will appreciate the time and effort you put into writing the letter.

Templates of Thank You Letters for ESL Teachers

Template #1

Dear (Name of the Teacher),

I am writing to indicate my deep gratitude for the guidance and support you have provided me during my time in your ESL class. Your dedication to helping us improve our language skills has been truly inspiring, and I have greatly appreciated your effort in providing us with extra practice materials and feedback on our assignments.

Through your instruction, I have improved my speaking and writing skills, and I am proud to say that I have passed the (language proficiency test). I appreciate the chance to collaborate with you and absorb your knowledge.

Thank you for being an exceptional teacher and for being a positive influence on my language-learning journey.


(Your Name)

Template #2

Dear (Name of the Teacher),

Please accept my sincere appreciation for the guidance you provided to me when I registered in your ESL course. I appreciate the time you spent to provide me more practice materials and feedback on my projects since your guidance and assistance have been important to me.

I’ve developed my language abilities and increased my comfort level speaking the target language thanks to your instruction. I liked how you made the class interesting and enjoyable, and your motivating remarks kept me going all semester.

Thank you for being an excellent teacher and an important part of my language-learning journey.


(Your Name)

Template #3

Dear (Name of the Teacher),

Thank you for your outstanding guidance and support during my studies. Your commitment to teaching English as a second language is truly inspiring, and I’m grateful to have had an opportunity to learn from you. 

Your patience, encouragement, and willingness to go above and beyond to help me understand the material have been invaluable. I have grown so much under your guidance, and I’m confident your teachings will continue to benefit me.

Thank you for being an exceptional teacher and making my learning journey enjoyable. I will always think back to my time in your class and your positive impact on my life. 


(Your Name)

Wrap Up

Overall, the importance of ESL teachers in improving English speaking skills lies in their ability to provide a supportive learning environment, teach necessary grammar and vocabulary, and use various teaching methods to cater to different learning styles. They play a significant role in helping non-native speakers overcome the language barrier and improve their communication skills in English. 

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